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Mar 17, 2018

RUNNING TIME: 1 Hr 52 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 11 (03/13 - 03/19)
Randy Orton, Juventud Guerrera, Kevin Matthews, Sanada, and Zack Gowen make pro wrestling debuts.. Black Man loses his mask.. Mongo brawls with Kama on Raw.. Hogan straps Flair and defeats Vader.. Blacktop Bully and Dustin Rhodes fired after WCW Uncensored match.. Audio: Bret Hart 'bullsh**' Raw promo.. Sting returns to WCW.. The Dudleys win their first Tag Team Titles.. Audio: Jim Cornette presents The New Midnight Express.. Kane piledrives a Gorilla.. The Rock's infamous chairshot to Ken Shamrock's face.. Owen and JJ vs Public Enemy.. Ric Flair bleeds first but still wins 'First Blood' match.. Brock Lesnar (Audio), Trish Stratus, Spike Dudley, and Rhyno make WWE debuts.. Bubba Ray powerbombs Mae Young off stage thru a table, and (Audio) Fabulous Moolah isn't happy.. Crash Holly and Pete Gas brawl for Hardcore Title at Newark Airport.. Hogan/Flair: Yapapi Strap match.. WCW airs last ever PPV and Thunder.. Audio: Eric Bischoff sad announcement on future of WCW.. Don Tony's eerie prediction involving last episode of Nitro.. Chris Jericho pees in William Regal's tea.. WrestleMania 18.. WrestleMania XX.. Audio: Hulk Hogan and The Rock trade insults with Hall and Nash.. Steve Austin wrestles last WWE Non-PPV match.. Audio: Goldust 'Tourettes' Raw promo.. The Rockers team up after 14 years.. Mickie James turns on Trish.. Audio: Vince McMahon gets his star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame.. Jerry Lawler interviews Jared (Subway) on Raw.. 17 vs 2: Orton & Cena vs Raw Roster.. AJ Styles becomes first ever TNA Grand Slam Champion.. The Miz mocks The Rock.. Audio: Neville breaks ankle during Y2J match on Raw, with comments from Y2J and referee Charles Robinson.. AJ Styles puts Shane McMahon's head thru car window.. Austin Aries wins 5 way to face Neville at Wrestlemania 33.. and so much more!

NOTABLE DEATHS: Corsica Joe 90, Arnold Skaaland 82, Tony Garibaldi 80, King Cobra 70, Charlie Fulton 68, Gary Hart 66, William Cobb 62, Dennis Stamp 60, Kenny Bolin 58, Kurt Von Hess 56, Argentina Rocca 55, Big Red 51, Angel Azteca 43, Kodo Fuyuki 42, Andrew 'Test Martin 33

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Don Owen, Gino Garibaldi, Lance Russell, Rick McGraw, Ryu Nakata, Mike Bell, and Andrew 'Test' Martin RIP Cowboy Bob Ellis 89, Angelo Mosca 81, Lars Anderson 79, Iron Shiek 76, Dick Slater 65, Mike McGuirk 63, Rick Martel 62, Jimmy Korderas 56, Brazo de Plata 55, Bryan Clarke and Henry O Godwinn 54, Steve Armstrong 53, Beulah McGillicutty and Piratita Morgan 49, Val Venis 47, Kevin Northcutt 45, Santino Marella 44, Mike Quackenbush 42, Samoa Joe and Lollipop 39, Takeshi Inoue and Chris Cage 38, Chasyn Rance, Matt Sydal, and Ethan Carter III 35, Jimmy Havoc 34, Matt Jackson 33, Kenny Dykstra 32, AJ Lee 31, Brett DiBiase 30, Jordan Devlin 28

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