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  • Mass problems surrounding RF Video and the hoarding of thousands of dollars in orders. 3 days to ship is fine. 5-7 is slow but acceptable. 2 weeks is ridiculous. But 2 months?! Kevin Castle is one of dozens of people now exposing what RF Video has tried to keep quiet. We hope and think Rob Feinstein will fix the issue. But let's face it. Ever since Doug Gentry passed away, the business side of RF Video compares to Paul Heyman handling the finances of ECW..
  • Ultimate Warrior turns 50. It's a shame so many have sh** on this man the last several years. Here's toasting Warrior to live to be 100 so he can continue to ruffle the feathers of the haters..
  • Don Tony finally apologizes to Gabe Sapolsky, Vice President of the Dragon Gate USA Promotion..
  • Dragon Gate vs Ring Of Honor? Don Tony shares an interesting tidbit on why this isn't that far fetched - Even though 99.7% of wrestling fans could give a rat's ass about either fed..
  • Brian Blair arrested for alleged child abuse of his 17 year old and 12 year old sons. Before anyone jumps the gun and sh**s on Blair, DT and KC think the 17 year old may have instigated this incident. Don't be surprised if you hear his elder son is a punk..
  • Our thoughts and prayers for Jerry Brisco, who had several strokes over the weekend..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle called it early this year. Candice Michelle would be fired before the Fall of 2009. Dont worry about Candice's finances. She married a rich husband. And if that fails, there's plenty of men and film that will pay her a few bucks to suck her feet. Can't forget the rope and masking tape too!..
  • And for the idiots that thought WWE was wrong in removing Candice's 'Farewell Blog' on WWE Universe, there's a valid reason why..
  • Don Tony spends $1800 because of a box of cookies - Really..
  • TNA is now seven years old. Just about the same age as ECW ran its course. And even with big names on their roster, they can't break those dismal ratings and terrible PPV buyrates..
  • Has anyone noticed that The Miz is taller than John Cena?..
  • Don Tony is at it again with commercials. This time Just For Men and their 'tie' commercial gets ripped apart..
  • Remember when we laughed at Jason Powell and those goofball sites who reported how Morrison was in the WWE doghouse?. KC dispelled it then and called it all along about Morrison's rise. If you missed his match with Edge on Smackdown, watch it. Quite possibly the best (if not top 2 or 3) match of the Year (non PPV) so far..
  • Chris Jericho in a few recent interviews boasts that Smackdown is the better show than Raw. We agree 100%. However, why aren't fans taking notice? The ratings do not seem to be increasing..
  • Shi**ing on Travelocity. If you have ever had a problem using them, listen to the sh** they are doing to Don Tony at the present time..
  • Is the stock in Santino Marella about to be sold by WWE?..
  • Kevin Castle says it perfectly. Rosa Mendes has a killer body in WWE. But she wrestles worse than sh**.. Don Tony wishes to add the Bella Twins to that comparison..
  • Boy has the stock in Matt Morgan really dropped after watching some of his recent work in TNA..
  • Trina Michaels. If you follow our show regularly, you know what she's done, what she wants to do, and what she could possibly do. Now Mick Foley is name dropping TM. Is it possible we may see this beauty in TNA? Or is Mick Foley just name dropping because of his love for adult entertainment?..
  • Expressing our continued jealousy towards Hurricane Helms for Velvet Sky..
  • DT and KC said it for three years, that Daffney would be a 'knockout' if she could land a role in TNA or WWE. It's funny to see so many fans 'surprised' and 'shocked' at her work (in a positive way). From WSU to Shimmer. We're not surprised. Except for her sudden love for thumbtacks..
  • Samoa Joe loves Long John Silver..
  • Eric Bischoff rips apart Jeremy Borash and calls him 'horrible'. We've been saying that for years. It's about time someone substantial has said it publicly. Now only if Dixie Carter would get a pair of glasses and see how bad this clown comes off on TV..
  • TNA teasing Taz.. Angela Fong / Gail Kim.. North Korea / July 4th rumors.. WWE teasing all Hell In A Cell PPV.. Rey Mysterio's WWE future.. Justin Credible the promoter.. Smackdown DVD set coming.. Reviewing the Macho Man Randy Savage WWE DVD set.. Megan Fox.. Festus.. No belt for Cody Rhodes just yet.. Donld Trump on Raw.. Plus E-mails, Calls, Chatroom Questions, and more..
Running Time: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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  • Randy Orton in a recent interview states he'd love to be a Super Hero in movies and have 'magical powers'. He doesn't realize that he has them now. Whenever he takes off his shirt, women, and Jeremy Borash magically get a very special tingling inside that would make Fonzie proud..
  • For the 75th time, advice to Cary Silkin and how to handle the Ric Flair situation. He must tell Ric Flair 'Best Wishes On Future Endeavors' and not have him do the remaining autograph signings. Cary will ooze 'Honor' with ROH fans by the move. We guarantee it..
  • Showing love to Jim Mitchell (aka Sinister Minister) and a huge Fu** You to Steve Keirn. Talk about total disrespect to someone who has been involved in wrestling for well over a decade. Even if you were never a Jim Mitchell fan, you will hope he lands a WWE stint - even if it doesn't work out..
  • Criticizing Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria) for blogs confronting a false rumor involving herself and Chris Benoit. Yes Daniel Pena is a schmuck. But she (and others) need to ignore these nobodies trying to get attention. Because even though the rumor is squashed, every Tom, Dick, and Harry that writes a geeky website will think they can get the same attention..
  • Dawn Marie and her Wrestlers Rescue foundation is now involved with Dragon Gate. DT gets sarcastic and reminds everyone that she helps wrestlers - not monkeys. Then again, she may not have a clue what is going on with the animal abuse story. Because PWinsider.com and many others are doing their damnest to keep it swept under the rug..
  • Showing sympathy towards Debra Marshall (McMichael, Austin). Even though she fu**ed herself with TV interviews during the Benoit tragedy, we hear she bought into Marvin Ward's bulls**t that fans 'wanted her in TNA'. And we don't need to reiterate the farce we knew that would be..
  • Contrary to what the commercial portrays, DT got no love from the ladies after walking around naked with 80 lbs of melted chocolate and Axe under the pits..
  • Rest in Peace Misawa and referee Ten Tenabe. DT feels sorry for Akitoshi Saito (the man who did the suplex on Misawa). You juar know he probably feels guilt for executing the suplex. The tragedy was not his fault..
  • Kudos to WWE, TNA, Ring Of Honor, other feds and wrestlers for their tributes towards Misawa..
  • Does Vince McMahon realize how dopey it comes across when he's talking to a 'Pre-Recorded' Donald Trump?..
  • And with Raw being so subpar compared to Smackdown recently, what does a Commercial Free episode really do? It will give us more crap to sh** on during next week's episode. Unless we see more minutes of wrestling and not added skits..
  • Speaking of Donald Trump as the new 'owner' of Raw. Don Tony thinks this can go 3 ways. One will be that he 'sells' quickly. Two, its a way to bring Ric Flair into the foray. Three, if they don't rid of Trump quickly, he can be the 2009 edition of Jack Tunney - not saying that's a good thing..
  • WWE looking for a new female announcer who can sing. Could we be seeing the end of Lillian Garcia's career as a regular on Raw? Here's an idea. If she needs a lesser schedule, have Lillian work only PPV's..
  • So now we hear Umaga quit because he violated the Wellness Program and refused to go to rehab. DT says everyone should have great concern towards Umaga's well being. Did he choose addicition and denial over a career?..
  • Looking at the upcoming Slammiversary PPV. DT offers great advice for those in the Detroit area who may want to attend the PPV. And for everyone else, the PPV is a must see - as long as you don't have to pay for it..
  • Speaking of TNAâs latest PPV, why is Nash, Scott Steiner, nor Booker T on the card?..
  • Jason Powell: Give Unplugged his bowling shirt back!..
  • Speaking of wrestling reporters, DT shows respect to a select few including Dave Meltzer, Bill Apter, and Evan Ginzberg..
  • Laughing at the goofball who went nuts on You Tube over CM Punk beating Jeff Hardy for the WWE Title..
  • Our continued bashing of Jeremy Borash. We've been saying it for a long time now this guy should not be on TV. He doesnt have a face for TV. Now we start ripping into the behind the scenes business decisions that could be costing TNA lots of $$$..
  • Jake The Snake Roberts and Kizarny touring with The Circus?..
  • Hulk Hogan coming out with a new book. Don Tony's translation? A one sided story from Hulk's view to gain sympathy for being such a shi**y father and husband..
  • Looking at the lawsuit the family of Nancy Benoit filed against Dr Phil Astin. DT sees one issue with the lawsuit that will likely be thrown out..
  • DT predicts the future of Rey Mysterio. If he loses the mask, his current WWE career will go with it..
  • CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy could get interesting. And again DT says that if WWE plans on turning Punk 'heel', Jeff Hardy is the ideal opponent to do it against..
  • Ring Of Honor no longer running PPVs. Don Tony and Kevin Castle predicted a few months back they would be 86'd by the summer due to horrid sales. More people will attend someone's wedding this weekend than what they sold across the US for a PPV!..
  • If you are a fan of Paul Heyman and/or Tommy Dreamer, there's a must read blog online from Paul E himself..
  • Plus DTâs .02 on Luis Castillo and his Mets blunder.. Jamie Dundee.. Transitional Champions.. Rob Feinstein and RF Video's recent shipping issues.. Fudgepackers.. Billy Jack Haynes controversey.. Jonathan Coachman on ESPN and so much more!..
Running Time: 2 Hours 47 Minutes
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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  • CM Punk wins WWE Heavyweight Title again, and our listeners think he's now a heel. Don't jump the gun and assume that, as we think he'll come out as a face on Smackdown. But, if WWE is thinking of a Punk heel turn, doing it down the line involving Jeff Hardy would be the best way to do it..
  • Our reiteration on Maryse. She is not ready to be in the push she's in. Since they play the French Canadian talking, Don Tony will do so as well. She is 'poo poo'..
  • Speaking of poo poo, the last run of Candice Michelle in wrestling may be just around the corner. DT still believes she will be released before the end of 2009. Not to worry fans. She married a wealthy husband. And even if that fails, she can always have guys suck her feet for a couple of bucks..
  • Vickie Guerrero / Edge 'I want a divorce' segment on Raw was brought to you by Restasis. Prescription Medicine for chronic dry eyes. How fu**ing horrible is Vickie Guerrero's acting on TV. It's always been, but this past Raw was the worst. You'd think WWE would cut to a commercial or other segment sooner. But to have closeups of her non tears for so long was stupid..
  • Oh and by the way, she's done with WWE (for the immediate future). We hear she's a sweetheart off camera. However, she had no business being on camera in the first place. And when she thinks back, she'll realize she was put there because she let herself go so much. WWE capitalized on her chubbiness, ugliness, and being a total turn off..
  • Weird. Even Bourne tells the UK Sun that ECW on Sci Fi blows ECW on TNN out of the water. And some websites ripped him apart. Even though Don Tony was a huge fan of the old ECW, he agrees with him 100% and explains why..
  • Isn't it funny that almost every person that has been involved in Ring Of Honor management have been quite dishonorable?..
  • A listener rips Don Tony for previous comments towards Jenna Morasca and her involvement in TNA. Apparently her fiance' is dying with Lou Gherigs Disease. Even though we don't wish ill on anyone, her current involvement in TNA pisses off DT even more. Instead of working locally and being with her boyfriend, she needs the TV spotlight. When she is fired, Don Tony 'will consider himself, the luckiest fan, on the face of the earth'..
  • Ever sit back and notice how Pro Wrestling attracts the weirdest people? Tons more than the circus. Don Tony has a valid reason why they come in droves for wrestling..
  • Umaga released by WWE. Don Tony and Kevin Castle saw it coming. Wellness violation or not, the writing was on the wall. And if you think otherwise, you don't all of a sudden become 'completely burned out' simply because you failed a drug test. DT and KC do have an interesting thought on next week's show about Umaga and his drug issues..
  • Since some complained in the past about how African Americans were not pushed in WWE, when will we hear them directed towards Samoans..
  • Umaga, Samoa Joe, Manu, Rikishi, just to name a few. Notice how they all have an over abundance of fat? Not taking away the fact they could all be in excellent health. But you don't get the Samoa Joe fat lines, gigantic asses, etc from thin air..
  • This episode marks Day 13 of Gabe Sapolsky and his bulging carpet in his home. Also and update on PETA and other Animal Rights Organizations going after Dragon Gate USA, ECW Arena, and others..
  • Batista out with a torn tendon in his arm. Some wonder why the title change since his injury was weeks before the PPV. If WWE vacates the belt, and puts it on someone other than Orton, it was a way for it to switch hands (Orton to new champion) without a feud. And if Orton regains, it just emphasizes 'Legacy's assault' on Batista even more..
  • Ever wonder what would happen to these geek websites if WWE went out of business? If pro wrestling took a nose dive? Sorry, but there's isn't any Pwinsider Pension Plan once they all retire..
  • And notice how 99.9% of said sites don't have kids? Can you imagine if they did and had kids bring their dads to school day? What would they say they do? âHi, I'm Jason Powell. I write wrestling news and twitter!'..
  • A new term for all these websites. We will now call them 'The Fudgepackers'. Because they HAVE to stay in the good graces of wrestling feds so they can get news, and payment for ads. Unfortunately, that always turns into biased reporting. Just think Mike Johnson and Ring Of Honor, MLW, and other feds over the years..
  • RIP David Carradine, However, the news going around is that he could have died from a wild sex act gone wrong. Its bad enough the details are some weird sh**. But when someone is in their 70's doing this too, it's even weirder..
  • Don Tony is not a big fan of Triple H, but the ending of Raw was really good. A 'One Sided Beatdown' like that done to Orton is rarely seen anymore. Now this 'retaliation' on Raw is what should have happened at Wrestlemania 25..
  • Dissection the WWE 'Extreme Rules' PPV..
  • Laughing at websites that had the audacity to say WWE getting under a million PPV buys (950,000) for Wrestlemania was a huge disappointment..
  • Looking at the hundreds of thousands of PPV buyrates lost throughout wrestling because of online PPV bootleg streams. We understand why WWE and TNA will do their damnedest to shut them down. But for every Justin.tv page that is shut down, others form. It will always been a wild goose chase..
  • Eric Young has been on TV for 7 years with TNA. And if he were to visit a sick children's hospital right now, kids would think Scotty Too Hotty was there. And if Consequences Creed accompanied him, we wont even write about what would happen..
  • TNA scored a 1.1 rating last week. Even though Don Tony thought Impact is getting better, you cant help but to laugh at Dixie Carter for 'jumping the gun' last month with her ratings praise. We were once again right in why TNA needs to let outside sources do their bragging when ratings are good..
  • And why doesn't TNA fire or reprimand publicly the fool that booked 5000, 7000, 12,000, 15,000 seat arenas month after month just for them to draw under 1000? DT gives you the answer. Think Jeremy Borash, Don West, and Eric Young's employment..
  • Linda Hogan passed a drug test recently. Now let's see if Hulk Hogan takes one. LMAO, yeah right. Then again, if he does, he'll wait a few weeks, clean out his system, then take it..
  • And kudos to Linda Hogan for her involvement with Pinkpaws4life.org. If you are an animal lover like us, you must stop by the website and possibly help out..
  • Even though Tommy Dreamer's character is designed to work best when he loses, we think WWE giving him the ECW Title was the right thing to do. Those tears he shed at the PPV were real, and it's a nice gesture for him to hold it before he walks away from the ring in the near future..
  • Message to Joey Styles: Use your twitter any way you wish. It's hilarious that Dave Scherer, Jason Powell and others ripped Styles for his political views. They want to see Joey talk wrestling. As if all their 'sources' weren't enough places to get news. LMAO..
  • And Dave Scherer proves that he is as dumb in the political world as Brooke Hogan is. Wait until you hear why he feels Joey Styles should 'twit' about Republican views..
  • WWE re-signs Chris Masters. DT offers his quick views on the move. Next week DT and Kevin Castle will discuss this more in detail..
  • More on the Ring Of Honor disaster with Ric Flair. Don Tony gives some honest advice to Cary Silken as to what he should do with the 4 remaining appearances Flair was supposed to make..
  • Also, our .02 on Randy Orton / You Tube.. Kane touring India.. Undertaker and Shawn Michaels' imminent returns.. Bobby Lashley's comments about Mr Kennedy's release.. Injury updates to Jeff Hardy, Batista.. DT in Kindergarden. Plus e-mails, chatroom questions, and much more!..
Running Time: 3 Hours 31 Minutes
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi (Kevin Castle Had The Night Off)
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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  • Flair is out cold. Batista is unable to get to Randy Orton and 'rescue' Flair. Orton torments Batista. Orton then 'makes his final move' on Flair.. Orton immediately taunts Batista as he goes nuts.. Batista cant get to Orton and threatens revenge on PPV: Didn't we just see this same in ring sh** with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Randy Orton?..
  • Even though we don't think this PPV match will be as lame (storytelling) as Wrestlemania, there are bigger things to discuss â such as Batista's possible heel turn in the near future. Listen to some very interesting discussion from Kevin Castle..
  • DT and KC hope TNA calls Victoria by her real name (Lisa Marie Varon) and not this nonsense going around 'Tara'. And some advice to Victoria: Be careful in the ring. TNA has always allowed sloppiness during their matches. Some of those Knockouts are as messy as Samoa Joe in an all you can eat BBQ Chicken & Ribs Restaurant without a napkin..
  • Speaking of Samoa Joe, the only thing that fears Jokozuna right now, is a Dominos Pasta Bread Bowl. Kevin Castle says it perfectly. Unless you have a true badass and a real violent character leading a 'Nation Of Violence', it will always come off as corny. Even if every former ECW wrestler are 'members' of his 'Nation'..
  • Mr Kennedy. Could he return to WWE similar to how Matt Hardy did a few years back? Don Tony thinks KK could be back as long as the incident(s) backstage were a bit blown out of proportion. One thing fans forget. That botched spot on Raw could have also injured Orton..
  • Don Tony thinks Kennedy can still be a valuable asset for WWE and should be brought back. Kevin Castle isn't as willing. And if KK doesn't return, and he later goes to TNA, Don Tony offers a legal way KK can still do his 'Mister.... Kennedy!..... Kennedy!..
  • Dragon Gate Promotion commits some of the most disgusting Animal Cruelty Don Tony has ever seen. Over a dozen videos surface of a monkey being choked, drugged, lit on fire, dragged, beaten, and more. Names like Shingo, Tozawa and Katusha are just a few that 'giggled' while they committed these crimes. And a huge Fu** You to their lame President Takashi Okamura for trying to cover it up, and Gabe Sapolsky (yep that Gabe) for trying to sweep this under the rug and royally fu**ed up..
  • Not only are Animal Rights Organizations looking into this, but we will make sure to keep the heat on this promotion â especially since they think they are coming to the US to run shows. Its a pathetic story that will gain mainstream attention real soon. Fans should pay close attention at the 'Insider' websites that will try and keep this quiet as well. Our message to Dragon Gate: Stay in your own fu**ed up country, cause we don't want you here..Our message to Mrs Gabe Sapolsky: We hope your proud of your husband..
  • Remember Dixie Carter's dumb publicity stunt in Colorado trying to gain attention from WWE's rescheduled shows? The 2 TNA shows in CO last week didn't even draw 1000 paid fans COMBINED!..
  • Rest in Peace, John Tolos..
  • If MVP ever became a WWE World Champion, would his criminal background be brought back into light? Don't be too surprised if TMZ tries to rattle the feathers of previous victims and bring up MVP's past if they think it will get publicity..
  • Victoria debuts in TNA and receives almost no crowd reaction. We've said this 1000x before. Don't blame many TNA talents about no crowd reaction. Almost half the crowd at Impact tapings are tourists, families at Universal Studios, and not wrestling fans. Yes that is pathetic to see week in and week out. But TNA prefers a packed building on TV with shi**y crowd reactions, instead of 1/3 full with rapid wrestling fans..
  • Kevin Castle was dead on about Susan Boyle (Britainâs Got Talent). KC says 'Good Riddance'. DT feels sympathy for the ugly duckling..
  • WWE blocks Ric Flair from being on ROH TV and PPVs, but will allow a few autograph signings. We told you all along this was going to happen. We hope ROH fans now understand why ROH pushing him as anything other than autograph signings was a joke from day one. Here's another one: Years to come, ROH fans will all agree Flair as 'ROH Ambassador' and all that stupid HDNet hype were two huge mistakes..
  • We just sh** on Borat a few months ago. Now we can add MTV to the mix. How fu**ing lame was MTV to pull that stunt on Eminem? I think the only person that found that entertaining was Cary Silken. Cause from what we hear, Cary likes his Eminem with Peanuts!..
  • Stop the presses. Don Tony enjoyed Impact. He enjoyed Shane Douglas, Raven, and Victoria's appearances. DT says if TNA only gets 1.2 rating with former WWE main eventers, it cant hurt to bring in some cheaper 'Extreme' talent who are hungry..
  • DT and KC joke about Eric Young and Consequences Creed quite a bit. But on a serious note, TNA comes off as being afraid to release long time talent that are just wasting $$..
  • Discussing the Matt Striker Penis Pics that are floating around the net. Is it really his? Will he have heat with WWE? Is a guy 'gay' because he viewed them? We answer all those questions and more..
  • Showing continued love towards Evan Bourne, 2nd Generation Hart Foundation, John Morrison..
  • Tim Arson aka The Zombie gets into a verbal and physical altercation with Missy Hyatt. DT and KC look at what went down, and who was wrong in this mess..
  • Next week, KC reviews the Bob Holly, Rob Feinstein, and Lacey Von Erich Shoot Interviews..
  • DT and KC also discuss RF Video and the reputation they are gaining for welcoming incapacitation during Shoot Interviews. The upcoming Billy Jack Haynes 2nd Shoot could end up being a turning point (in a negative way) on the future of RF Video Shoot Interview guests..
  • Plus our .02 on RVD TV DVD.. concern for Umaga's WWE future.. Dispelling John Cena marriage news.. why Konnan didn't attend recent US Convention.. Joanie Laurer's new Perfume.. our continued laughter towards Wrestlicious.. defending Waterboarding.. Mike Tysonâs tragedy.. NY Mets Fernando Martinez, e-mails, chatroom questions, and more..
Running Time: 3 Hours 14 Minutes
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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