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  • Rhaka Khan gone from TNA. She was the White Castle of Divas and Knockouts. Now, she can actually work for White Castle. 'Cause you know she isn't going to get much wrestling work anywhere..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle do not want this to happen. They hope they are wrong. But both think a 'Flair Tragedy' will happen in the near future..
  • Anyone notice the very lackluster return of Mr Kennedy? Kevin Castle isn't impressed and thinks Kennedy has been one of the biggest disappointments in quite some time..
  • Someone please send a crying towel to Cary Silken. Ring Of Honor and their hype about Ric Flair was a joke all along. Any ROH fan that thinks Flair even know who Claudio Castin (whatever his last name is) or gave a sh** about ROH is an idiot. Guaranteed ROH loses Flair on future shows. Even if they still have him, his appearances are meaningless..
  • Victoria signs with TNA. It was surreal to see her biggest supporters on Myspace dissing her decision to go to TNA. What does DT and KC think about her signing? They say give it a chance..
  • What happened to Bobby Lashley and TNA? He doesn't have anyone else to point to?..
  • Congratulations to Dawn Marie and Chris 'Crowbar' Ford on the births of their children..
  • Vince McMahon and the 'Denver Fiasco'. Other arrangements were offered to WWE due to the Nuggets needing the building Monday for the NBA Playoffs. However, Vince chose to move the shows to CA, reschedule the CO shows for August, and tried to garnish lots of publicity..
  • Unfortunately for WWE and TNA, the publicity they tried to gain off the 'Denver Fiasco' will not work. Especially for TNA. Shame on you Dixie Carter for such an assenine offer to wrestling fans. We guarantee not one fan takes her up on her offer. Unreal how millionaires sometimes can be so dopey..
  • Those co*ksuckers at Nutro Pet Foods are at it again. US Food and Drug Administration pulls some of their pet foods. Where the f*** was the USFDA a year ago?..
  • Sojo Bolt: TNA Knockout or the new Homey The Clown?..
  • Don Tony's advice #44 to TNA? Stop with the two womens matches on PPV..
  • Lots of TNA fans were disappointed at the PPV match between Christopher Daniels and Suicide (Frankie Kazarian). If you heard out previous shows, we've been telling you all along about a medical issue with Kazarian..
  • Don Tony's advice #45 to TNA. When you have an I Quit match, a wrestler is supposed to say 'I Quit'. Not have a woman noone gives a sh** about in wrestling throw in a towel..
  • Didn't Sting join the Main Event Mafia (in storyline) because the younger wrestlers didn't respect the older guys? So why does TNA show him shaking the hands of all the young wrestlers before the PPV match? If TNA tries to play a storyline that Sting 'swerved' the older guys in favor of the young wrestlers, it will suck donkey d***. It will be almost as bad as WWE removing the IED storyline with Randy Orton..
  • In case you haven't heard recent episodes, DT and KC feel the day WWE had Randy Orton cut a promo saying he 'didn't have IED', that killed his character big time..
  • Don Tony's advice #46 to TNA. In addition to a Johnny Ace, they need to sign someone like a Pat Patterson to come up with better match finishes..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle discuss if Missy Hyatt will ever get a WWE Legends figure. One of them says she won't, and gives an interesting reason behind it..
  • So Manu's sister addresses Randy Orton's recent comments. She couldn't have been surprised as her brother was getting destroyed amongst the 'WWE Universe' during his whole WWE stint. She really took Orton's comments personally..
  • Santino Marella vs Vickie Guerrero in a Hog Pen slop of sh** match at Extreme Rules? That one match is the reason why DT and KC will watch a bootleg of the PPV rather than ordering it..
  • Best of luck to Axl Rotten, who is opening up a wrestling school..
  • Since so many are asking about it, the fact the Colons are still walking around with two pairs of belts (instead of a unified title) means they will be losing at least one set shortly..
  • Yes we laughed at every single idiot that thought WWE could possibly try to bring in Shaquille O'Neal for the Raw 10 Man Tag Team match..
  • Plus our .02 on: Serena Deeb.. Funny stories involving Nicole Bass and Daffney.. Y2J vs Undertaker.. Terry Funk's recent appearance at a TNA house show.. Waterboarding.. Goldust: The new Val Venis.. Plus Phone Calls, Chatroom Questions, E-mails and More!!
  • Running Time: 2 Hours 55 Minutes
    Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
    Produced by: Anthony Thomas
    Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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  • Watching Ric Flair's promo with Batista reminded Don Tony of Rain Man. Or maybe Flair was just strung out on something. Watch his backstage promo once again and you'll understand what we're talking about..
  • Best wishes to Vicious Vic Grimes who suffered a mild stroke last week.. Also our best wishes to Konnan and Lacey Von Erich, who were also hospitalized recently..
  • A very cool story involving the Kids Wish Network and Jeff Hardy..
  • So a former WWE Diva releases an anonymous and controversial â20 Diva Rules To Live Byâ. After much thought, could the author of this article end up being Amy Lita Dumas?..
  • Can someone inform our show how much money Booker T raised for his foundation when he held his 'charity event' Wrestlemania weekend?..
  • Jillian Hall is engaged to a 'Dick'?..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle's advice to wrestlers how they can try to help wrestlers like Test and others who fatally abuse drugs? Embarrass the hell out of them while they are alive, instead of being so hush hush â until after they're dead..
  • Looking back at Chris Jericho's Wrestlemania storyline, WWE didn't want the outcome that is happening right now. Not to mention the 'honeymoon' with Mickey Rourke appears to be over..
  • With all due respect towards Jim Ross, but ever since Ric Flair wants back in with WWE, all comments about Flair needed to dedicate time to being a father and his family problems have seemed to been tossed out the window. Watch if a Flair tragedy happens. You'll have 50 people saying Flair should have never returned to wrestling..
  • WWE attempts to crack down on PPV piracy during the Judgment Day PPV. When you realize the chat room Don Tony was in had 31,000 fans watching the PPV for free, the piracy online is mind boggling. But it will never go away..
  • Don Tony has a simple answer to WWE as to how they can combat this piracy..
  • Time Warner Cable axes Ring Of Honor and HDNet. Remember the scene from The Godfather and the horse? That's how Mike Johnson felt when he found out ROH lost their New York market and then some..
  • Website exposes Jeff Jarrett breaking the law. What did this TNA superstar (but midcarder to all of us) do?..
  • Bill Behrens, Agent to the midcarders reveals Taz part of the TNA roster?..
  • MachoMadness.com is supposedly the official website of Macho Man Randy Savage. Unfortunately, Don Tony reveals why this site is nothing but a joke run by a mark..
  • The Miz is reminiscent to what John Cena was several years ago..
  • If the rumors of Jerry Lawler being released in the next few months are true, watch how active KingLawler.com becomes once again. Funny how Lawler turned to the fans when he was so lonely while done from WWE. Ever since he was brought back to WWE, he basically gave internet fans the royal middle finger..
  • Laughing at Jason Powell, PWInsider, and other idiots that labeled a recently arrested wrestler as a 'Former WWE Superstar'..
  • Anyone else out there enjoyed Waylon Mercy as much as Don Tony and Kevin Castle did?..
  • DT and KC are not into the Maryse character at all. She seems better fit as a TNA Knockout, or working a Tanning Salon somewhere outside of wrestling..
  • Don Tony hopes TNA Epics gets a US television market and fast..
  • Randy Orton rips Manu and explains why he's gone from WWE. And we couldn't agree more with his comments..
  • Legacy vs The New Hart Foundation?..
  • This past weekend, Don Tony finally saw 'Ready To Rumble' and Kevin Castle saw 'Milk'. What did they think of both films?..
  • Shawn Michaels will be involved in the Ric Flair 'comeback' storyline..
  • Trina Michaels injury update, and her recent appearances in both wrestling and the adult film industry..
  • Plus our .02 on Kale.. The Miz / Jim McMahon.. Showing concern for Brian Kendrick.. Showing love to MLB announcer Mark Grace.. Reid Flair or Nick Hogan?.. Kevin Castle's 'Flush Heard Around The World'.. Fruit Cocktail.. Plus e-mail, phone calls, chatroom questions, and more!
Running Time: 3 Hours And 9 Minutes..
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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  • Rhaka Khan: The White Castle of Divas and Knockouts..
  • Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net actually wrote this as 'Exclusive News' to paying site readers: 'What Rey Mysterio Jr Tells The Kids When He Comes Out Before A Match'. That by far is the dumbest, dopiest, stupidest, wrestling news entry in the last ten years anywhere..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle tells everyone what Rey Mysterio DOESN'T tell the kids when he walks down ringside before a match!..
  • TNA launches a UK only show entitled 'EPICS'. Regardless of the lousy creative storylines currently in TNA, Don Tony endorses this 100 Percent. This is a can't miss show, even though TNA will likely fu** it up by having Jeremy Borash co-announce the show with Mick Foley..
  • If you're a long time listener to this show, you know how DT and KC felt hearing of a match between Samoa Joe vs Eric Young..
  • A big Thumbs Down to Eric Bischoff for not participating in the upcoming 'Rise And Fall Of WCW' DVD that WWE is putting together. DT and KC explain why he should have taken part despite his recent troubles with WWE. The DVD will be a gigantic seller and will not be hurt in sales. But Bischoff had the chance to level the playing field about its history and business decisions. Now it will be quite one sided..
  • Bret Hart explains why he chose to do an upcoming appearance for Ring Of Honor over TNA. Unfortunately though, he reveals indirectly why these one and two shot appearances ROH is attempting to do over filling regular roster spots will ultimately fail miserably..
  • Team London, Team Snake, Team Lashley, etc. Does anyone actually think the websites for these wrestlers involve 'Teams'? After hearing about Paul London's recent fu** ups with no-showing events, you'll understand why websites use 'Team'..
  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan posts a blog on the WWE site about an altercation with Mickey Rourke Wrestlemania weekend. Are you wondering why this was posted so many weeks later? Why JBL had to also write negative words towards Rourke? There's a specific reason and expect more sh** to be stirred in the near future..
  • Terry Funk Roast coming this October to the Northeast will be a must see. And we're sure that The Funker won't have a 5 minute time limit to celebrate his career in wrestling..
  • Is it just us? Or do you agree that MVP seems to be lacking something. There's something about his recent work after his initial Raw debut that isn't working. We do hope this changes for the better..
  • Next week, Don Tony tells a great story about Terry Funk, and reads a letter from The Funker to Don Tony from 10 years ago..
  • DT and KC can't believe it has been 10 years already since the tragic death of Owen Hart. Where were you the night of this sad tragedy?..
  • Expect to hear on the news shortly that Hulk Hogan is starting to 'crack', both physically and mentally..
  • Jenna Morosca. Attractive woman, deserving to be a model. But as a wrestling personality put in the high profile talent such as the Main Event Mafia? With 1,000,000 women online that can fill everyone's Ji* Gel rags, can someone explain to Don Tony why we should put stock in this nobody? Oh wait, she liked HBK growing up, so we should accept her..
  • Putting aside said model, Don Tony still says that you should try to enjoy Kevin Nash, Sting, Scott Steiner and others now while it lasts. Because in a few years, they will likely be retired and fans will miss their work..
  • Move over Oprah Winfrey. This week's live listeners received those free KFC grilled chicken coupons. Obama should take a close look as to what happened with this KFC disaster. A measly $3 chicken coupon had people in droves looking for free food. Now imagine when you offer bailouts and handouts across the board for the less fortunate? Some deserve it. And millions will sit on their lazy asses instead of taking responsibility for their own debts..
  • Recommended listening material: Pat Patterson Interview conducted this month on Evan Ginzberg's Legends Radio Show..
  • Putting our blunt feelings and jokes aside about Hardcore Holly, our condolences to him on the passing of his father..
  • In a tasteless move, the same day of this sad news for Hardcore Holly, RF Video sends out hype for his upcoming Shoot Interview. DT and KC do address one accusation Holly made about Mr Kennedy setting him up so Holly could be fired over stealing pain killers..
  • Captain Chaos! RIP Dom DeLuise. DT and KC were just showing love to this great Comedian a few weeks ago on the show. Now he has passed on. Our condolences to his family..
  • Shannon Moore marries the Ex Wife of Droz. Don Tony thinks it's sloppy seconds and inappropriate. Kevin Castle disagrees completely..
  • Speculation as to who Brian Kendrick's new Tag Team Partner will be. Could it be Joe Henning? The Miz? Fans of Kendrick should be happy since so many people are talking about this story..
  • When did you become a wrestling fan? DT and KC share their stories when they first became fans..
  • Don Tony predicts that Donald Trump will allow Miss California Carrie Prejean to keep her crown. DT and KC also bash all the extreme homosexuals who bashed this girl..
  • Looking at the Anonymous '20 Rules For A Former WWE Diva' blog that was recently written..
  • Plus, our .02 on Wanda Sykes.. Midnight Bowling.. Kurt Angle and Jacqueline.. Morrison's rise to the top.. Torrie Wilson a Reality TV star?.. Celebrity Apprentice, The View, The Santina Angle, Family Guy, Dr. âPillâ Phil Astin..Raw, Smackdown, ECW, TNA.. Plus e-mails, chat room questions, and much more!!
Running Time: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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  • John Bradshaw Layfield plans to 'Run with the Bulls' in Spain. Can you picture JBL running away from a bull with his tits flapping in the wind? As the above picture shows, DT and KC hope the 'Styles The Bull' rams his horn where, well you know. That's if Styles can find JBL's Millimeter Monster..
  • Kevin Castle says it perfectly. The WWE locker room is a better place without JBL. Sad that he would go into WWE showers naked with only Cowboy Boots on to intimidate wrestlers â but wont do it at home for his wife..
  • Don Tony says regardless how bad the writing is in TNA. Wrestling fans should all appreciate the older talent right now. From Scott Steiner to Sting. Enjoy it now, because in 5 years, you're going to miss a lot of these talents because of retirement..
  • RIP Playboy Buddy Rose. DT and KC share memories of watching Playboy back in the day as well as recent interactions with him on Myspace.. And a message to some geeky websites out there. He did a lot more for wrestling then just AWA and the Blow Away Diet..
  • Dixie Carter is without question one of the nicest, most genuine owners to ever be involved with wrestling. However, she needs to hire their version of WWE's Johnny Ace. Even though Ace is a pri**, he has the balls to confront and release talent if asked upon. Dixie is getting the reputation of not having the ba**s to confront issues like Don West, and others that shouldn't be in the roles they have..
  • Details surrounding Reid Flair's recent arrest reveal this moron crashed his car while DWI and possessing heroin. Yet a recent wrestling event still main evented this jackass. And instead of Ric Flair taking time off to address his son's problems, he adds more wrestling events to his schedule. Gotta love how he puts Franklin, Hamilton, and Lincoln over Reid..
  • Anyone out there think Cody Rhodes would look better in the ring (cosmetically) by simply throwing on a pair of kneepads?..
    Juventud Guerrera exploiting Mexican Television as his revenge attempts against Konnan and Jack Evans. Don Tony compares Juvi to a mosquito..
  • Our message to Nikki Roxx. Stay clear away from your webmaster. Listen to the wackiness that occurred after Roxi asked TNA for her release..
  • Rhaka Khan, Jenna Morasca, etc: Now we understand why they never made it anywhere in wrestling, but somehow still landed a high profile role in TNA. Something tells us that they like cheese â lots of cheese..
    1992 â 1995: An era where Don Tony and Kevin Castle drifted away from wrestling and reasons behind it. When did you drift away from wrestling?..
  • Don Tony is a movin' groovin' jammin' singing gummy bear!..
    Looking at the realistic chances that Batista will retire from WWE in 2010..
  • Watching Hermie Sadler doing an interview segment on TNA is painful. Just like Don West, TNA thinks hiring Southern Belles with no background in wrestling works. Someone please tell TNA to send Hermie and his Banjo packing..
  • We applaud that he is putting so much physicality in his on-air work. But why are being fed so much Shane McMahon on recent episodes of Raw?..
  • Dr Stevie Richards is the first member of TNA's new faction: Residue..
  • Interesting how much debate is going on between our great listeners to the show and Kevin Castle over the recent controversial episodes of Family Guy..
  • Does TNA understand why WWE does an annual 'draft'? To freshen up storylines, 'shake things up' as Vince McMahon calls it. TNA needs to 'shake things up' a bit and make some on-air changes. DT has said it since he's been released. Have Taz 'choke out' Don West on TV, and take over his role as an on-air commentator. It's just a start, but something fans will truly call a 'markout moment' years to come..
  • WWE and ABC's 'The View'. A surprising relationship that has not had much negativity behind it. And it has worked nicely so far with MVP's recent push..
  • Jeff Hardy gets a title shot at Judgment Day. Is this possibly a 'carrot' dangling in front of Jeff by WWE to get him to re-sign a new deal?..
  • Our condolences to Elix Skipper and his family over the tragic death of his son..
  • âThe Assassinâ Jody Hamilton is suing WWE over the fallout over Deep South Wrestling. DT and KC not only think Assassin has lost his noodle, but he will be embarrassed in court..
  • The 2009 fallout between Superstar Billy Graham and WWE that luckily was avoided..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle express concern over Festus' future in WWE..
  • Plus our .02 on the highlights of Vince McMahon WWE Conference Call.. Vince Russo's upcoming book about his work in WCW.. Fan appreciation for John Morrison.. Daffenatics.. Swine Flu paranoia.. Video trailer for Macho Man WWE DVD set.. Raw.. Smackdown.. ECW.. TNA.. Plus your calls, emails, chatroom questions, and so much more!..
Running Time: 3 Hours 1 Minute
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo

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