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  • Honky Tonk Man threatens to 'confront' Ric Flair at Wrestlemania? Kevin Castle sends a message to good ole Honky: You're 57 years old. Time to grow up. Don Tony is still a HTM mark and forgives the irrational behavior â of HTM that is..
  • How stupid are these websites out there questioning why Chris and Mike Von Erich are also going into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Boy are some people out there dumb..
  • Kevin Nash very concerned with Scott Hall's continued drug and alcohol abuse. As we've said 1000x before, you can lead a horse to water, but can't force them to drink. That is why WWE should never be blamed for someone's continued abuse and overdose..
  • Advice to Dixie Carter: I wouldn't be concerned with Vince McMahon calling TNA reprehensible. I'd be concerned with Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and millions other fans calling your product reprehensible. We're the ones that put money in your proverbial pocket. And we're the ones that could also knock you out of business..
  • Lets see if Slam Wrestling, UK Sun, Wrestlezone, Pwinsider, and others clear up the false accusations made by Juventud Guerrera towards Konnan. As heard on this show, Don Tony talked to Konnan who not only dispels accusations against him, but shows why the entire story is ridiculous. You think those sites will update the story? LOL Not a chance..
  • Speaking of Juvi, some legit advice to The Juice: Next time, don't act like your 'shit doesn't stink' after one return show for AAA. As you learned at your 2nd show, other wrestlers' shit does stink â literally. And yes, several wrestlers sh** in his bag. (Even though we think it is disgusting and inappropriate to sh** in anyone's bag.) Also, hear the true story behind Juvi's brawl with Jack Evans backstage, how The Juice has burned several bridges with many stars including WWE talent, and more..
  • RF Video completes the Shoot Interview with Bob Backlund and Terry Funk. Don Tony gives RF his choice for the name of this upcoming DVD: 'Funk U Plebeians!'..
  • A complete preview of Wrestlemania 25 along with DT/KC predictions..
  • Samoa Joe graces the cover of FSM Magazine this month. Don Tony wonders if FSM stands for 'Fat Samoan Male'..
  • Wrestlicious â Please people. This is ridiculous. As much as we would like to see this succeed, it is going to fail miserably. After you listen to this episode, you will think XWF, and how sad this 19 year old mark will feel when he realizes he's being used by several wrestlers because he's a money mark..
  • So ROH already loses their Time Warner Cable TV market as TWC drops HD Net. Can you imagine Mike Johnson's reaction waking up and hearing the news? Think The Godfather Movie and the scene involving the Horse's head found in bed..
  • DT addresses a big Faux Pa' in WWE's current article about letters sent to former talent and their offer to pay for their Drug Rehabilitation..
  • Wouldn't it be funny though if WWE would have to pay for rehab of a former WWE star that is currently on TNA's payroll?..
  • WWE is none too happy about 12 Rounds box office revenue its first week. WWE is making a big mistake asking fans why they didn't see the film..
  • Advice to WWE: Children are Cena's biggest audience. Make films with John Cena that are appropriate for Children. What parent will allow their 8 or 10 year old see the content in your film?..
  • Anyone else think Mark Henry got the final MITB match spot over R-Truth because of the Michael Hayes incident from last year?..
  • Is it possible that there was an ethnic reason behind Koko B Ware's HOF induction? Before you think it's far fetched, listen to our comments..
  • DT and KC disagree with Vince and think TNA having more adult content is the right way to go. It's just that right now, the quality of their adult content is quite shi**y..
  • Don Tony thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes. How ironic is it, that he shares the same b'day as So Cal Val?!..
  • The Samoa Joe / Tazz comparisons continue, but with a twist of Tommy Dreamer added in..
  • Hey Vince (Shamwow), I guess she 'didn't like your nuts' eh? This 44 year old loser gets his tongue partially ripped off by a Prostitute ala Mike Tyson / Evander Holyfield..
  • Looking at John Cena, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and Hulk Hogan's career in film (to date)..
  • Don Tony compares The Von Erichs to The Addams Family..
  • Watch for a memorable video clip on Wrestling-News.com featuring Paul Heyman and Bruiser Brody..
  • We strongly recommend everyone in the Houston area attend Booker T's Wrestling convention which a portion will go to charity. We would like to know after the event, how much did go to charity..
  • Chris Jericho cleared of all charges stemming from the incident last month in Canada involving two loser marks..
  • Details on why TNA fans see so many Suicide T-Shirts front row during the Impact tapings..
  • Robin Quivers of The Howard Stern Show turns down a date offer from Kurt Angle. Nothing wrong with Kurt's interest in Robin. But that never ending poem was creepy..
  • And nothing personal towards Angle. But with his infidelity, recent divorce, drug, and alcohol issues, and negative TV character, how can Mick Foley currently do interviews calling Angle a great role model for children?..
  • John Cena's 'challenge' to Dwayne Johnson for next year's Wrestlemania? Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Listen why now was the wrong time to make those comments..
  • Defending WWE's decision to bring Gail Kim back to TV last week on Smackdown. Even though KC felt bad for Gail..
  • If JBL retires after WrestleMania, anyone else find it odd that Rey Mysterio would be his last opponent?..
  • Trina Michaels is talking a break from wrestling due to a knee injury. Don Tony wonders if it's another reason. Not that he's complaining though..
  • Don Tony compares The Boogeyman to the MLB future Hall Of Famer Greg Maddux?..
  • KC hopes the Legends match at Wrestlemania with Chris Jericho doesn't fall into the King Kong Bundy / Little Beaver category..
  • Our .02 on stupid fan rumors of Kelly Kelly and Chris Jericho.. how we would utilize Eric Young.. funny story involving Afa Anaoi Sr's agent.. WWE Encyclopedia..
  • Plus e-mails, calls, chatroom questions and more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony Thomas, Synopsis by Tony Valvo

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  • Chris Jericho's 'attack' on Ric Flair one of the most brutal in recent years. And a Piper kneelift, Snuka headbutt, Steamboat chop, Flair Figure Four, and Mickey Rourke knockout is appropriate retaliation? DT and KC still hopes WWE can add Steve Austin to this storyline. If this stays status quo, this will suck..
  • And how horrible did that look on Raw to have Jerry Lawler visible on camera during this beatdown several times? No excuse for that..
  • How great was Randy Orton on Raw attacking HHH, knocking out Stephanie then kissing her. His heel persona jumped ten fold, and he didnt say one fu**ing word during the entire segment..
  • Samoa Joe doing his best rendition of Taz circa mid 90's. Only Taz was in much better shape and didnt have a Tribal Penis for facepaint. What's next? Don West starts managing the Fatty With Facepaint?..
  • Message to TNA Photographer Lee South: What is your obsession with lightbulbs? Almost every picture he ever takes of TNA Knockouts are way too bright. If youre doing it to hide the girls' imperfections, youre making them look like wax dummies..
  • WWE is going to unify the Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania. Don Tony ponders the idea that this could develop into a much bigger storyline..
  • RIP Steve Doll. Kevin Castle and Don Tony pay tribute to this former 90's star. And at the same time, ripping established wrestling sites that painted him simply as 'lower card WWE talent' from the mid 90's. He did much more for wrestling than his tenure in WWE..
  • John Cena is upset at Dwayne Johnson for turning his back on wrestling fans. Kevin Castle agrees with John Cena, while Don Tony defends Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson..
  • Showing some love towards Any Vitale for her 'Patriot Girls' charity that was recently featured on FOX News..
  • Trish Stratus and her new look. We've reported before that she was now Brunette. But the Sarah Palin glasses, new hairdo, and conservative attire has her looking as attractive as ever. As if she was ever unattractive..
  • Debra Marshall (formally McMichael, Williams) Theres nothing wrong with her wanting to work for TNA. But she has to realize that her age (almost 50) and the bridges she burned appearing on news shows (following the Benoit tragedy) hurts her chances ten fold of ever having any career in wrestling again. And this goofball Marvin Ward is making her look like a joke with this 'petition' to get her in TNA. Not only are fans not emailing TNA in droves like he claims, but Don Tony thinks Ward is doing this because he has a sexual interest in Debra..
  • Don Tony would rather see TNA hire Terri Runnels over Debra..
  • Dixie Carter reminds Don Tony of Barack Obama. Gotta love nimrods who think they are doing 'terrific' jobs while totally stinking up the joint..
  • Danny Bonaduce is going to wrestle at TNA Lockdown. No complaints there. But TNA once again fu**s up by using Eric Young as his opponent..
  • Don Tony shows how even Dolph Ziggler, who has done nothing in WWE yet, would still have 90% of wrestling fans know his gimmick before Eric Young. And Mr Young has been in TNA for how many years?..
  • We had Team Canada Eric, Serious Eric, Retard Eric, Super Eric, Serious Eric, when are we going to get 'Released Eric'? Or ROH Superstar Eric?..
  • Speaking of ROH, news on future Ring Of Honor star arrested for DUI..
  • Sorry Mike Johnson. It was Kevin Castle who broke the story two weeks earlier that Howard Finkel was going into this year's WWE Hall Of Fame. Gotta love this nerd writing that he 'broke the news' on a hotline you have to pay for..
  • Once again Mike Tenay steals Don West's heat on Impact. Now we have two people fu**ing up a storyline noone cares about in the first place..
  • Lizzy Valentine works two shows for AAA and quits. Her comments online say she witness something very disgusting. What could it be?..
  • How wacky is the death of Abismo Negro?..
  • How horrible is the current state of Mexico in general?..
  • Don Tony thinks the more vicious Randy Orton becomes, the more popular he will be with fans. WWE does not like to hear cheers when Randy Orton is supposed to be doing hateful things to Triple H and Stephanie..
  • Kid Rock will perform at WrestleMania this year: Good move on WWE's part..
  • Oh yeah and some Pussycat Girl will sing America The Beautiful. That group should fire their agent. Theyve been around now for how long? And 98% of music fans dont even know the names of the Pussycat Girls..
  • Showing love to Daffney. We understand she didnt choose this 'Governor Palin' gimmick in TNA. But that gimmick needed to go..
  • Isnt it funny how Pwinsider.com, The Torch, and others all sh** on WWE for having ECW on Sci-Fi. TNA when they went to Fox Sports Net. Yet they never ripped ROH publicly for their foolish move to going to HDNet, a channel that the majority of wrestling fans dont have..
  • Majority of our Australian listeners who have already seen '12 Rounds' starring John Cena give it a thumbs up for action..
  • Kevin Castle gives a thumbs up to Jim Ross' JR's BBQ Sauce. Don Tony already praised the Ketchup. A warning though about the Jalapeno Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce â its fu**ing hot!..
  • Don Tony laughs at Dave Scherer and other websites that praised a website Dolph Ziggler is supporting that involves animal rescue. Why the laughing?..
  • Don Tony tells story involving his fellow high school graduate, CBS' Julie Chen, a high school reunion, and a surprise party..
  • Plus our .02 on WWE rebranding ECW.. Hulk Hogan Autobiography.. concern for Umaga's future.. Sim Snuka.. Remembering Alf.. Upcoming Robocop movie remake.. WWE killing Iron Shiek book plans.. Honky Tonk Man's recent Ebay Auctions.. Masked Maniac.. Plus your calls, e-mails, chat room questions, and much more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony Thomas, Synopsis by Tony Valvo

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  • Andrew 'Test' Martin dead at 33. What a sad story. The outpouring of love from WWE and TNA stars shows how like Mr Martin was. Unfortunately though, you can lead a donkey to water, but cant force it to drink. Test chose to still use steroids and painkillers. He had an addiction and was in denial. And now he's deceased. You can't help but to feel bad for Kelly Kelly taking this so hard. But deep down, she understands his death could have been prevented. Let the comparisons to Eddie Guerrero's death begin..
  • Ripping Seth Mates of Newsday a new a**hole for his article blaming WWE for Andrew Martin's death. These idiots write this sh** to be noticed, and nothing more..
  • Hulk Hogan sits front row while Brooke Bollea works a strip pole. Kevin Castle thinks Brooke's body is slamming. No argument there. Don Tony cant wait until Brooke turns 21. Can you imagine what this tramp will do when she is now on alcohol? Brittney Spears crotch pics will be nothing compared to what Brooke will be caught doing. And that creepy Hulk Hogan will be right there, fantasizing about Jennifer McDaniel and Brooke getting jiggy with each other..
  • Fu** you TNA for thinking that having a 'Bernie Madoff' spoof in the ODB PPV segment was funny. DT knows people who lost their entire life savings and others who committed suicide. That was flat out distasteful..
  • Next week, Don Tony and Kevin Castle explain why WWE made a huge error in judgment by not making mention of Test's death on Raw. And it has nothing to do with 'paying respect'..
  • For those that will question Don Tony's accusation that Test had an addiction, ask yourself why he continued to use steroids when he was about to start new employment as a personal trainer?..
  • Don Tony coins a new phrase for Ashley Massaro fans â Ash-holes. Sorry Ash-holes. WWE didn't want Crackhead Smurf for their Miss Wrestlemania Divas Battle Royal. And when you think about who is able but aren't appearing, that speaks volumes..
  • DT and KC do discuss Lita declining the invitation, as well as the chances of Victoria making an appearance..
  • One month ago, Kevin Castle reported on this show that WWE was looking to have Y2J wrestle a Gauntlet match against Legends. Don Tony thought the idea was stupid. Y2J needed a beatdown at Wrestlemania. Not a comedy skit with legends and Mickey Rourke gaining revenge on Y2J. WWE has confirmed what KC reported a month ago â and we think it sucks. This was the match DT was looking forward to more than the others.. Hopefully this storyline changes direction next week on Raw..
  • Don Tony reviews Jim Ross' Chipotle Ketchup and Mountain Dew Voltage..
  • Kevin Castle finally gets to vent on Koko B Ware being inducted into WWE Hall of Fame. Koko is a good guy. He's well liked. He does a lot for charity. But that does not make you Hall of Fame material. Maybe WWE wanted to replace Nikolai Volkoff in everyone's rants when speaking about the worst inductee to date..
  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony also have a lot of fun ripping idiots online who actually are trying to label Koko B Ware as a revolutionary high flyer and High Energy being one of the greatest tag teams in the last 30 years..
  • So TNA was doing drug testing this past Monday. Do you really think they are going to suspend anyone even if they do test positive?..
  • Monday was March 16, 2009 aka 3/16. Its unreal that they couldn't give some type of a Steve Austin surprise, especially if he ends up part of the Y2J storyline..
  • Laughing at Marvin Ward and these multiple press releases about Debra (McMichael, Williams) taking indy dates. Seems like he's trying desperately to increase wrestling interest her. Unfortunately that fizzled out in 2002..
  • Message to TNA. You must listen to Kevin Castle's honest critique of the Don West / Mike Tenay interaction on last week's Impact. Do you realize how bad Mike Tenay is stealing Don West's heat?..
  • Don Tony has a message to TNA as well. Besides Samoa Joe looking goofier then ever as the Fatty With Facepaint, this message is about Don West: If wrestling fans didn't give a sh** about Tim White, we certainly don't care about Don West..
  • DT and KC continue to berate this stupid Suicide character. Does TNA realize fans are cheering for the man under the mask? Does TNA realize this LOWERS Christopher Daniels' value?..
  • Consequences Creed has a serious concussion at the PPV. We never want to see anyone injured. But we knew this was going to happen soon enough. Creed is go careless, green, and sloppy in the ring, its amazing noone in TNA is addressing the problem. He will get seriously hurt again. Bank on it..
  • Kevin Castle's new found hatred for Hornswoggle..
  • Mark Henry, Kane, and Finlay in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. On the surface those 3 make no sense in a ladder match. Could it be they are in it because this could be their last Wrestlemania?..
  • A funny follow up to the Carlos' Pizza, and Don Tony diarrhea story..
  • Rumor has it that Trina Michaels has returned to filming adult films. KC gives his thoughts on the decision. DT gives his address so Trina can send some free porn or herself to his house..
  • Next week, DT and KC will discuss Rob Black and Lizzy Borden recently pleading guilty to the obscenity charge from five years ago, and their upcoming prison sentence..
  • Plus our .02 on Jim Cornetteâs recent TNA work.. The McMahons and how they value Christian's WWE worth.. Sonjay Dutt's recent comments towards TNA talent.. Samoan men and their physiques.. Sim Snuka as WWE commentator.. anticipating the upcoming Bob Backlund Shoot Interview.. Plus Chatroom questions, e-mails, phone calls, and much more!
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi
Produced by Anthony Thomas, Synopsis by Tony Valvo

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  • Hulk Hogan has back surgery, and mark news websites still think there's a chance he could face Chris Jericho. We've said it all along. He was never going to face Y2J. WWE isnt going to wait last minute to see if Hogan was recovered. That's stupid, and these moronic sites think assumption = news..
  • Don Tony always liked Koko B Ware. Being a huge animal lover, DT was choked up when the news of Frankie killed in a fire. However, Koko B Ware is not a WWE Hall Of Famer. And now Honky Tonk Man is inducting him? WWE, please take a page from Obama's book and Flip Flop this. Have Koko induct Honky Tonk Man..
  • Wrestlemania will crown its first ever Miss Wrestlemania. DT explains why Trish Stratus should get this and no current WWE diva..
  • Jeff Gaylord creates his own 'Money In The Bank' match. His match took place at a bank, his opponent was the bank teller. However for the poor Gaylord, witnesses made a run-in, took down his plate number, and now he's going to jail for a long time. And no disrespect to our Homosexual listeners. But with a last name like Gaylord, going to prison will suck for Jeff. In more ways than one..
  • Does TNA realize that noone cares about Don West? He can yell, curse, drink, berate, turn face, turn heel, have a heartattack, become gay, become straight, kill someone, be killed, get diagnosed with Cancer, have kids, lose weight, give us gifts, etc. We still won't care. Stop this stupid sh**y storyline..
  • From now on, Gabe Sapolsky will now be known as Kyle Troy when mentioned on the Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show..
  • Message to Booker T. Take notice at Francine and her ECW Legends show. Both shows deserve much credit for donating proceeds to charity. But pertaining to the shows themselves, notice Booker how Brian Danielson is not on her show? Neither is the Fatty with Facepaint. Why do we say this? Tune in and get a most interesting answer..
  • Confronting The Bald Wonder Jason Powell for legitimizing Adam Pacman Jones' wrestling career once again. Yep, the same idiot that also said the opposite and ripped Pacman's career. Powell likes to play on both sides of the field. It's not the first time we've heard he goes both ways with things..
  • However, we do give Pacman Jones a little credit. He milked TNA for a boatload of money, and did nothing. Absolutely nothing..
  • Confronting one of our most loyal listeners. And that's no jive..
  • If you're on Facebook, sign up for our Don Tony And Kevin Castle show page!..
  • A message to all Wrestling Radio shows that are featured on Wrestling-Radio.com. Much needed help from all of you and why..
  • TNA may want to work with Playboy in the near future since WWE is going full blown PG. Not a bad idea, until the ugliest woman in TNA is the one that announces this. And no it's not Awesome Kong that said it..
  • Move over Tommy Dreamer. We are now counting down the months before Candice Michelle is gone from WWE. Can you say Trick Or Treat?..
  • Not to sound sinister. But when Don Tony watched Triple H stalk Randy Orton in his 'house' he thought of Chris Benoit. Did anyone else?..
  • For those that love the McDonalds Billy Bass Commercial, DT has the 'Filet O Fish' song at the start of the show so everyone can use it as a ringtone!..
  • TNA is no longer WWE Lite. TNA is now trying to be WWE Attitude Lite. So now Don Tony says TNA stands for Totally Not Attitude..
  • So Spike Dudley does a radio show last week and talks about the night Bam Bam Bigelow threw him into the crowd during an ECW show. We like Spike. But you're talking about this now? Care to join Gabe Sapolsky?..
  • Speaking of Gabe, Dave Scherer actually wrote a 'Where Are They Now' article and had Gabe listed. Can you fu**ing guess what Gabe was doing? Yep you guessed it. The same stupid sh** he's been doing the last 5 months..
  • Thank you to several listeners who wrote that Don Tony is the Glenn Beck of wrestling shows. And for those that will ask, DT is a big fan of Glenn Beck..
  • The infamous story of Don Tony, 39 Bud Nips, Carlos' Pizza, and taking a dump on a friends' porch revisted..
  • DT is very disappointed with Mr T, who recently revealed he turned down WWE Hall Of Fame. Does Mr T understand why WWE put Pete Rose in when they did? Even though Mr T turned it down, DT thinks he will change his mind and still go in the WWE HOF within the next few years..
  • And unless you were a WWE wrestling fan back in 1985, and were old enough to enjoy it, please stop ripping people like Mr T and others that were around wrestling at that time..
  • Jake Roberts tells the UK Sun why he thinks he wouldnt be able to work for WWE or TNA backstage. Well, he says one reason why, and neglected to bring up about 45 others..
  • Looking at the releases of Kizarny, Boogeyman, Afa Sr, and a few other developmental talents..
  • TNA hires a wrestler that does a transvestite gimmick in Mexico. How long before we see a skit where someone hits on 'her' and finds a 'package'..
  • Honest advice to TNA. Please dont have wallpapers of Suicide and The Fatty With Facepaint on your mainpage. It looks goofy and very amateurish..
  • Plus Don Tony's .02 on how the Sting / Mick Foley storyline will commence.. Sonjay Dutt post-TNA.. WWE remaking 'Missing In Action' and why.. an update on the Verne Gagne tragedy.. Big Show / WWE Hall Of Fame.. Why the Piper / Snuka coconut angle still has a shelf life.. Andre The Giant's wrestling ability and why he never is criticized, yet Hogan and Warrior's abilities were.. The current US Economy, and so much more!
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi
Produced by Anthony Thomas, Synopsis by Tony Valvo

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  • Forget Roddy Piper's Coconut. Ray Stevens' two Piledrivers on the floor. Even Muraco with the microphone. Chris Jericho knocks out Jimmy Snuka with cardboard! You had to expect sooner or later one of these legends skits to poo poo on Raw. All is forgiven though..
  • Speaking of this storyline, rumors are that Hulk Hogan could face Y2J at Wrestlemania. If it happens, its ONLY because WWE couldnt work out something with Steve Austin. Austin fits this role perfect. You need someone to 'stomp a mud hole' into Y2J at Wrestlemania. He needs to get a beat down. A 'Hulking up' and a 'Leg drop' doesn't seem to have the same 'ass kicking' revenge..
  • And no disrespect towards Hogan (for now). But he doesn't come off as someone 'defending the boys'. The prick doesn't even show up at WWE Hall Of Fame ceremonies to support his fellow legends - unless he's inducted or an inductee..
  • When Hulk Hogan dies, he probably thinks he'll travel to the Pearly Gates with a Wrestlemania 3 cart. Maybe have a valet bring him to the Lord. An he'd probably even think he'd get his own locker room..
  • In the spirit of Pete Rose, Don Tony would love to see Kane piledrive Rod Blagojevich at Wrestlemania! Message to WWE, do it!..
  • So, Booker T has a 'Legends of Wrestling' event which a portion (notice we don't know how much) of the proceeds go to charity. He does it Wrestlemania weekend in Houston. Although Booker T has done a lot for charity over the years, we haven't heard him do any charity events in years. Rumor has it, WWE booked talent off of Booker T's event..
  • A message for Booker T. We like The Beautiful People and happy Talia Madison is on TV. However Mr Huffman. She herself would even tell you she's not a 'Legend Of Wrestling'. So when you book regular TNA talent for a 'Legends Of Wrestling' event, you yourself should realize your motive goes out the door..
  • Robbie McCallister tells Slam Wrestling he's had 'several' discussions with TNA about a deal. Message to Robbie. Nothing personal, but you were never 'over'. You were mid-card at best. Maybe it wasn't your fault. Several discussions? You should be happy if TNA paid you $50 and an all day ticket at Universal Studios..
  • Showing continued respect to Nick 'Eugene' Dinsmore on his quest to return to WWE. Hey Robbie. Read the news article floating around about Nick Dinsmore and maybe you'll learn something..
  • For those bitching Kozlov defeating The Undertaker on Smackdown, DT and KC give you an intelligent reason why it happened. You can even be assured that Big Show wont be facing Edge at Wrestlemania. Well at least one on one if Big Show's involved..
  • Our condolences to Paul Heyman and his family on the loss of his mother..
  • Looking back at Afa 'Manu' Anaoi Jr and the 2003 robbery incident where an elderly woman was stabbed. Putting his shi**y wrestling aside, we can't help but to think that he was involved. Hear our reasons why..
  • Our thoughts and well wishes to Shark Boy, who's home was destroyed in a fire last week. Anyone that is a fan of Shark Boy should send him a message showing support as he goes thru this tough time..
  • Dixie Carter has a lot to learn when it comes to press releases and timing. We told her before. Let OTHERS do the bragging. But she doesn't listen. One week after bragging about TNA's highest rating ever, they lose 200,000 viewers. And she fails to mention how horrid the PPV buy rates are. When WWE averages over 200,000 PPV buys and TNA hardly ever breaks 18,000, you have a major problem..
  • Message to Dave Scherer of Pwinsider. We understand that after many years, Mike Johnson is the cheerleader for ROH next to Bob Magee. Don't you think thirteen Ring Of Honor news articles in 2 days is excessive? Or do you get $$ under the table too, just like when Mike was paid by MLW, Gabe Sapolsky, Cary Silken, and even Jac Sabboth over the years..
  • During this episode, NY was hit with a massive snowstorm. Don Tony and Kevin Castle look back at other NY snowstorms, especially February 1996 when ECW taped the Big Apple Blizzard Blast..
  • Congratulations to Amy Weber on her pregnancy. We mean that sincerely. But please wrestling sites. She was employed by WWE a short time. She was never a WWE "Diva'..
  • Kevin Castle enjoyed Triple H and Randy Orton's segment on Raw regarding a Wrestlemania match. Don Tony didn't like it at all..
  • The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show on Facebook. If you enjoy our show, sign up for our Facebook fan page..
  • Why isn't Howard Finkel in the WWE Hall Of Fame yet?..
  • Why would WWE need AJ Styles when they have talents like Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd; two future stars in this industry..
  • Don West turning hell. Does anyone care? Wow he called Mike Tenay a prick. I want to tune into TNA to see what happens next. (That's sarcasm folks). What is he going to do, bring out a fake Razor Ramon and Diesel?..
  • Looking at why the lawsuit Raven, Chris Kanyon, and Mike Sanders brought against WWE never generated any momentum..
  • John Grazinoâs father is now in jail for hiring an undercover cop to kill his wife. And Linda Hogan is scared. Hey Charley. You re her boyfriend. Put the surfboard aside and act like your pissed. Show some emotion. Act like a man defending his woman..
  • More on Travis The Chimp and the Sexcapades many people are accusing online. All that aside, our sincere thoughts and prayers to the woman who was seriously injured in this unfortunate tragedy..
  • Kevin Castle says stay away from the Scotty Riggs Shoot Interview..
  • Plus, our .02 on Mick Foley wearing sweat pants at 'Black Tie' events.. Ken Shamrock vs Bobby Lashley.. Robert Englund.. Dwayne Johnson hosting SNL.. Sean Penn blasted.. Honky Tonk Man vs Y2J.. Controversy uncovered from the Snuggie Commercial?.. Plus your calls, emails, chat room questions, and so much more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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