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  • We predicted months ago Shane McMahon getting involved in the Legacy group storyline. We also predicted Manu would be booted. Last week we predicted Shane on Raw. What's next? Our latest episode gets into the next 'swerve'. Will it involve 'Super Hero' John Cena?..
  • How pathetic was Shane's 'attack' on Raw? Not only did he miss Randy Orton by a mile, but you had to see how horrible that looked on Hi Definition TV. Maybe WWE will try and make that into a storyline in order to cover up that huge blunder..
  • Just like WWE changed the Kane 'mask' storyline because of the massive leaks, they did it with Matt and Jeff Hardy. DT and KC explain why this storyline was changed, and Christian's possible interraction with Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy should be thanking every kid in the audience for this storyline change. Unfortunately in years to come, wrestling will not remember this as a kids storyline. What do we mean by that? Tune in and hear our great comparison to Hulk Hogan circa 1985..
  • Speaking of 1985. Sorry WWE. That segment on Raw saying Roddy Piper was an icon in the mainstream entertainment world (back in 85) is incorrect. We still have the videos of Entertainment Tonight and other Hollywood shows that were pushing Wrestlemania. Noone knew who Piper was until he started 'incidents' with Cyndi Lauper and Mr T. And even then, most mainstream media still didn't know who he was..
  • Has anyone seen Brooke Hogan's recent You Tube video asking fans to pick names for her upcoming CD? Don Tony has seen it, and she looks like she had a set of Poodle's testicles implanted in her chin..
  • Jeff Jarrett and his altercation with Booker T the Internet has exaggerated. This incident was no big deal. However Don Tony has been saying TNA better pray the 'inmates don't start running the asylum'. Because if they do, those main eventers will soon realize TNA needs them much more than they need TNA. And that is when they start taking advantage of Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter, and TNA..
  • Have you seen the wacky hype TNA has given to Sojourner Bolt who was added to the Knockouts Division? Don Tony compares her to a Black Balloon. You know what happens if you over inflate a balloon right?..
  • Don Tony calls Perry Saturn's current job? Details of that phone call and what happened..
  • Will you look at the time. It's 00:12. Hey Gabe, you're 15 minutes of fame is about to run out. Don Tony almost feels bad for Gabe Sapolsky. His blogs and 'shoots' are desperate attempts for TNA, WWE, or another elite company to notice him. Amazing that he prefers to sit home and write blogs about Sabu, then go out and get a 9-5 job to support his wife. Id be embarrassed if I ever did that to my wife..
  • Laughing at Jason Powell, Bob Magee, and all these marky websites that titled news articles of Rob Van Dam's appearance for the Royal Rumble as 'Huge Breaking News'. As much as we enjoyed RVD's appearance, it was a novelty. A feel good moment. Not 'huge breaking unbelievable let me c** in my pants' news..
  • What happened to Cryme Time 'repackaging' Hacksaw Jim Duggan? We like good ole Hacksaw. But unless WWE adds some additional 'veterans' to their TV, Duggan just sticks out too much (in a bad way)..
  • Showing love to Carlito, Ron Killings, John Morrison, and even Triple H's work during the Royal Rumble match. Unfortunately for Big Show, CM Punk, Kozlov, Great Khali, and others, they were sloppier than pigs in sh**..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle also feel that wrestlers like RVD, CM Punk, and others need 'command' of the ring. When bunched in Battle Royals and Royal Rumbles, they tend to lose their way and perform lackluster..
  • Kudos to WWE for letting Randy Orton ad lib much more in his promos. It allows his emotions and work to come off much more natural..
  • Two weeks ago we had the idea that HBK would fail at helping JBL with his title shots. And as a result, JBL will 'force' HBK to wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania. After last week's Raw, that idea seems very possible. Because a JBL vs HBK match at Mania would not be memorable. WWE needs to remember that ALOT of people still think this storyline sucks..
  • AC/DC performing at Wrestlemania 25 and the audio tease played on Raw you likely missed..
  • Mickey Rourke. Kevin Castle has been a fan of his work for over a decade. There are many reasons why Rourke has agreed to appear at Wrestlemania 25. And at 56 years old, it is not just for the nice payday, exposure, and his award winning performance in The Wrestler. DT and KC both feel that Chris Jericho is the perfect foe for Rourke. Many seem to have forgotten Y2J's celebrity status, albeit much lower than Mickey Rourke..
  • Here's an idea. Have Ric Flair in the corner of Mickey Rourke. Next week we discuss who can be in the corner of Chris Jericho..
  • Yeah Vince McMahon wouldn't acknowledge or say anything good about The Wrestler. However now with the awards and publicity in place, he warmed up and will now turn it into a Wrestlemania match. Its easy to criticize McMahon for his original selfish behavior. But instead, give him credit that he did warm up to it - even though he had no choice when you think about it..
  • Ring Of Honor gets a TV deal with HDnet. Message to Cary Silken - you have to start adding mainstream names to your roster if you want your audience to expand..
  • No we do not feel sorry for George Anthony for flipping out and considering suicide over the death of Caylee Anthony. When you hear our reasons why, you may agree with us. That J Peterman look alike is a moron..
  • Kevin Castle told you months ago Awesome Kong would start having knee and back problems if she didn't drop some weight. Now she has some serious issues, that could require surgery..
  • Looking at the lavish lifestyles of Couch Potatoes now compared to 1985..
  • Details on how you can buy the SIX Volume Legends of Wrestling DVD set we've been talking about for over a week..
  • Our .02 on Col DeBeers Shoot Interview.. Cryme Time in the WWE doghouse.. Joe Torre's new book about the NY Yankees.. Mike Graham.. The ever so horrible Consequences Creed.. LA Times' stupid comments on Mickey Rourke.. Kofi Kingston deserving of an Elimination Chamber spot?.. Julie Hart and her crash course on wrestling knowledge.. Abdullah The Butcher / WWE Hall Of Fame.. Rosa Mendez, Kizarny, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Harris, our favorite Male Cologne, Brian Kendrick.. Plus your calls, e-mails, chat room questions, and much more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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  • Randy Orton 'attacking' Vince McMahon. Could this result in the return of Shane McMahon? Will Shane align with Orton? Will Shane want to kick Orton's ass? Or, will Super Hero John Cena 'confront' Orton next week on Raw? Scenarios I know many probably hope don't come true..
  • A sincere thank you to everyone who voted us the 2008 Wrestling Radio Show Of The Year. Not only did we win, but received 82% of the votes over shows like In Your Head, The Dark Match, and others. As we've said from day one. If your show cannot click with listeners, you can interview God. Obama. Steve Austin. Mickey Rourke. You still wont generate an audience. But at least you'll have WrestlingRadioAwards.com that will pretend your successful!..
  • Don Tony finds it strange how WWE chose to abruptly 'end' MVP's losing streak on Smackdown last week. He thinks that there should be a storyline that will continue the losing streak this week. And if not, then either WWE has soured on MVP, or they just decided to start pushing him out of nowhere. And if the latter is true, why do it without a stipulation before he won? It would have made the victory mean that much more to fans..
  • Talk about 'ACME Instafeuds'. WTF was that on Raw with Mike Knox? Don Tony busted out laughing hearing his girly voice and the lack of presence in it. Kevin Castle has some great ideas to improve his look. Both agree though, the 'I Don't Know' excuse for feuding with Rey was very dumb..
  • Now when you think of the on air reasons for Kane and Mike Knox attacking him, is Rey Mysterio in the WWE doghouse? Cause those storylines really sucked ba***..
  • Tommy Dreamer will retire in June at the One Night Stand PPV. Don Tony explains why you can pretty much bank on this one happening..
  • What does John Bradshaw Layfield and Freddie Mercury (Queen) have in common?..
  • A sad story involving the Honky Tonk Man and Ebay. What was he thinking? He may be the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, but he stinks as a salesman on Ebay..
  • Message to Jim Ross. The reason fans are making such a big deal about the rumors WWE is sour on Ric Flair inducting Steve Austin are not because they want Flair to do it. But because of the potential that WWE and Ric Flair could be at odds. Kevin Castle gets into detail about the 'Ambassador' role that Flair could have had with WWE. Don Tony thinks within six months, you will hear rumors of Ric Flair returning to WWE, even if it's primarily in an off camera role..
  • Looking at the potential of Randy Orton's Legacy group against the early stages of the Four Horsemen, NWO, and DX..
  • Don Tony professes why Mr T should be in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame. F*** how Roddy Piper and others dislike him. WWE seems to forget how Entertainment Tonight, and other TV shows gave Wrestlemania so much buzz because of Mr T's involvement..
  • Rumors are Orton was the one that professed to WWE that Manu didn't belong in the group. If that's true, then we have two words for you - Thank You!..
  • This show has shown much love to Victoria over the last 2 years. DT and KC get into detail why Victoria chose to go out like this. And a huge F*** You to WWE for not mentioning it on Raw..
  • CM Punk vs William Regal was a great match. But did we have to have six minutes of CM Punk soaking in the cheers from his home state of Chicago? Why the f*** would you air that for so long, when you know he isn't going to get that kind of pop anywhere else?..
  • Check out our poll on Wrestling-News.com. If Trish Stratus were to return for one more match at Wrestlemania 25, who should she face? KC thinks it should be Michelle McCool. DT thinks Beth Phoenix..
  • Boy did the air pop out of the proverbial balloon for Katie Lea. Hopefully, she can get on track and gain some better exposure within WWE..
  • While Obama is inducted as our 44th President Tuesday, Don Tony will take advantage and go to the DMV. Why?..
  • Showing love to Dennis Miller and Jamie Foxx for their much intelligent comments last week on George W Bush. Both DT and KC echo their comments wholeheartedly..
  • Even though Obama was inducted as President, DT and KC believe the 'Miracle On The Hudson' is the story of 2009. God bless everyone aboard that Plane that survived..
  • Will these babies on the Internet please come down about WWE calling Low-Ki 'Kawal'. Just because he's being called that in FCW, doesn't mean that will be his name when he's called up. And even if that's his name if brought up to the main roster, big fu**ing deal..
  • When you think about it, isn't it amazing that ECW Mark Henry, Boogeyman, Jack Swagger, Matt Hardy, and others draw better ratings than TNA Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Sting, Mick Foley, AJ Styles, Jokozuna, and others?..
  • This show said it months ago. And it has happened once again. Rob Feinstein and RF Video allowing wrestlers to get high, drunk, and wired up prior to doing a Shoot Interview. Message to all our listeners: Stay clear away from the new Godwinn's Shoot Interview..
  • RIP Cousin Junior, 48, and Paul E. Normous, 33..
  • Remembering Bam Bam Bigelow, who passed away two years ago Monday..
  • Funny story dealing with the Sundance Film Festival, Linda Hogan, her 19-year-old boyfriend Charley. Rumor has it that Paparazzi filmed the two weirdos making out at the festival in front of Linda's son Nick Hogan Bollea..
  • And yeah we are laughing at goofy Brooke Hogan and her new boyfriend who has cheated on her more than a high school full of Seniors taking an SAT test..
  • Our .02 on all the TJ Wilson's next WWE move.. TNA injuries.. My Bloody Valentine.. Jack Swaggerâs title run.. Dixie Carterâs insane comments about TNA's ratings.. Rob Van Dam disliking The Wrestler, TNA Jeff Jarrett DVD Set.. Fox News and their female anchors. Plus your emails, chat questions, calls, and moreâ.
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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  • We reported a month ago Low Ki was going to sign with WWE. It is now official. Will his feud with Rey Mysterio still happen? Or will WWE turn him into a 'cartoon' character? What is on the horizon?..
  • Tim White released by WWE. Maybe now he can really grab a rifle and blow his brains out. And if he does, please do it at The Friendly Tap..
  • Don Tony reveals a funny story why TNA pulled the free ticket giveaway from the Genesis PPV..
  • Sorry Wrestlecrap. But once and for all, we totally rip apart your view as to why WWE has banished Randy Savage and almost all his work over the last decade. We also explain why the rumors of Macho Man and Stephanie McMahon cannot be dispelled (at least for now)..
  • Could WWE keeping R-Truth on the back burner because of his role in The Wrestler? Off the record, a majority of WWE wrestlers loved the movie. On the record though, you'll hear wrestlers like JBL, Matt Hardy, and others having the need to find some reason to knock it. And that is all to please Vince McMahon, who was not thrilled about the film..
  • Steve Austin and Cowboy Bill Watts the first inductees to 2009 WWE Hall Of Fame. Don Tony And Kevin Castle offer their picks including the Von Erichs, the Funks, Bruiser Brody, Freebirds, Ricky Steamboat..
  • Chris Jericho 'fired' by Stephanie McMahon is a storyline. The reason? We look at Y2J's short break from WWE and why it's happening now..
  • Vince McMahon returns to Raw next week. We have two words for you 'Shut Up!'..
  • Does anyone else think JBL has more than a cholesterol issue? He has lost so much weight recently he looks sick. Don Tony points out though he somehow still has flabby tits..
  • Looking at merchandise sales for John Cena, Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan over the years..
  • Analysis why WWE will always treat Trish Stratus like royalty, and why she will be considered the greatest Womens wrestler over the last 40 years. Not to mention her being the biggest inspiration for almost every aspiring female wrestler now and decades beyond..
  • Shi**ing on the Michelle McCool vs Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania 25 rumors. Were not saying it couldn't happen. We just think putting Undertakers girl in that match is just dead wrong..
  • Don Tony predicted Manu out of the Legacy back in November, and that WWE wanted all young 'hardbodies' in the group (putting aside Cody Rhodes' Frankenstein head). Will another 2nd Generation cliq align and feud with The Legacy?..
  • Summerslam 1991 and 1986 New York Mets.. Its amazing to think that one of them has had only one person pass away from their roster (Thank God) while the other has almost 50% of their roster dead..
  • Ripping Wrestlezone, goofy Jason Powell, and others who rip Adam Pacman Jones, then legitimize his appearances in TNA. Jones deserves no press, except for the day he's indicted or shot in gang violence..
  • TNA Genesis PPV 2009 was a flop. Many injuries played a factor, but the rewriting was bad. DT thinks Samoa Joe should have appeared and turned heel as an example..
  • Billy Gunn aka Kip James. Don Tony praises his work. Kevin Castle isn't as thrilled. However both agree. If the New Age Outlaws returned to WWE, their initial appearances will blow the roof off the building. But, we remember what happened when The Road Warriors returned to face RVD and Kane..
  • If you haven't done so yet, please VOTE for us as Show Of The Year at Wrestling-Radio.com. Polls close this week!..
  • Looking at the verbal bitch slap Eric Bischoff gave to Matt Hardy..
  • Gotta love Mickey Rourke thanking his dogs for his comeback and winning The Golden Globe..
  • More Shoot Interview recommendations from Kevin Castle. And due to RF's cheap and disrespectful ways, details on how you can watch all their shoots for free online..
  • Looking at the 2009 MLB Hall of Fame inductees Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice, and Tony Kubek (cant forget about him). And why Don Tony is so passionate about Pete Rose being placed back onto the ballot..
  • Plus, our .02 on Danny Bonaduce vs Jose Canseco on PPV.. Gail Kim's WWE redebut.. . MLB Network.. anticipation for the upcoming film 'Taken'.. Glenn Beck on Fox News.. Plus your emails, chatroom questions, and so much more!..
  • (Note: Screen Captures are no longer needed. Thank you to those who responded so quickly on this request)..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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For those who listen to our shows over the phone, if the Erchive system is down, call our alternate number (631)964-6630. That number will always be up to date, and you can hear our most recent episode.

For those who enjoy our 'Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show', we will be adding the entire show synopsis from our 1/5/2009 episode to the show page Wednesday evening.

However, if you don't want to wait and wish to download the episode now, the audio is already online.

This episode runs an enjoyable 2 Hours 52 minutes.

Another must hear episode. Lots of WWE, ECW, TNA discussion, Pop Culture, Entertainment, plus your calls, chat room questions, emails, myspace messages and much more!




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