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  • Putting aside Don Tony's uncontrollable laughter and Kevin Castle calling him a Fat Funaki, some great analysis on Takeshi Morishima. The only way Fatnaki will ever have a possible successful WWE run, is if he becomes Morbidly obese or if he drops 60 pounds..
  • WWE storyline stupidity. Mike Adamle makes Kane surrender 'The Bag' because it could influence kids to bring them to school. Yet it's ok two have Cryme Time steal title belts..
  • Message to Dixie Carter and TNA: Did you forget the 'type of match' Jokozuna and Booker T were in when you based Sting's 'heel turn'. Maybe you should have a few Red Bulls before pondering your next storyline..
  • A must hear debate between DT and KC over Paul Heyman's comments about Ric Flair appearing at 'Low Rent' Indy shows..
  • Is it really true? Ivan Koloff is only 3 years older than Vince McMahon? Koloff looked 65 when he fought Bruno in 1977..
  • John Cena out with a serious neck injury. What this means for Batista, Rey Mysterio, and others..
  • Thank you Ashley Massaro. You have inspired the show for our new 'Oh No You Didn't?!' segment. And Ms Ditzy Dirty gets to debut the segment with some stupid words of wisdom..
  • Don Tony is happy as a pig in sh** for Paul Burchill. Tonight was week two of his baby steps into jobber status and soon off our TVs..
  • Rumors of Goldberg returning to wrestling are flying. Don Tony and Kevin Castle definitely want to see it; if he's in good shape..
  • LOL at websites trying to charge money about Gail Kim leaving TNA. Kevin Castle broke this story a month ago that she was leaving TNA for a WWE return. Will Tomko be next for a WWE return in a few months?..
  • Don Tony is mad at Skittles censoring The Sour Man, doesn't understand why Osteoporosis women are so happy about fruit, but loves The Orkin commercials! 'Is that an Oak Roundtable you have there?!'..
  • Steve Austin will definitely work Wrestlemania..
  • Becky Bayless' Mugshot: Definitely a One Sheeter..
  • Chris Jericho is on fire with his character. Shawn Michaels is treading dangerous waters though. If he continues the sad puppy eyes look we've been bitching about, fans will start sh**ing on it and find Y2J's character cool..
  • Speaking of cool, was it necessary for WWE to take a cheap shot at Carlito (who's still on the roster) by doing a Charlito spoof?..
  • Primo Colon reminds Don Tony of a young KC Blade of the great Northeast Indy Tag Team, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz..
  • The return of The Masked Maniac Webcast comes next week!..
  • Don Tony wins an award!..
  • Showing love for the Kayfabe 4 Dummies show..
  • Sorry Torrie Wilson. We like ya, but you aint worth your asking price..
  • Dont read too much into Undertaker's voice changes..
  • Message to those news websites: Stop bitching about all the changes to WWE Scramble bouts. They are tweaking it to make them better, fools..
  • DT and KC also feel that Three Scramble matches on the PPV is not something we are looking forward to..
  • An apology and clarification about the Casey / Caylee Anthony mixup from last week..
  • Eve Torres can get her breasts enhanced all she wants. But she doesn't have that 'it' factor as a WWE diva..
  • TNA really wants to get into the Wrestlecrap Book with this Sting heel turn. DT and KC give some great analysis why it's not going to work, and makes no sense..
  • Plus our .02 on why WWE is giving bland character names to several TV Newbies..  Colt Cabana's ECW debut.. Becky Bayless' DUI arrest.. Madonna and her assenine slander of John McCain.. Chris Jericho's news Fuse TV show 'Redemption Song'.. Joe Biden and Barack America.. Sid Vicious.. More Brooke Hogan airhead stupidity.. our continued hatred for Aaron Heilman.. Plus your emails, messages, chat room questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas

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  • Don Tony is so happy with Paul Burchill. Tonight vs Batista, he took his first baby steps into jobber status and soon off our TVs..
  • Speaking of off TV, thank you WWE for ridding us of Colin Delaney. Nothing personal against the human stick figure, but WWE made an 'extreme' mistake hiring this type of talent..
  • Triple H takes an interesting shot towards Internet sites and their wet dreams over certain wrestlers. Don Tony thinks it was a clear shot at ROH. And the fact that so many sites are silent about his comments, proves DT's analysis even more..
  • Edge has been a top heel for the last few years. Now he is top heel in wrestling. Interesting how the bigger the heel he gets, the more the fans are loving his work..
  • Tony Padilla (bounty hunter) is about to learn the term 'Randy Man'. DT and KC rip this idiot's idea of bailing out the slut nut liar Casey Anthony out of prison..
  • Bigfoot. The day they find a real Bigfoot, will be the day Joey Xerox finds a job..
  • Y2J potato shots HBKs wife on the PPV. Notice how whenever an inadvertent blow connects on TV, WWE replays these screw ups 1000x more than the normal hype?..
  • Message to Chris Harris. When you signed with WWE, you needed to be on your 'A' game. Instead, you were overweight, slow, and very lackluster in your work. And you did sh** for months to address those issues. Now you sit home and play Guitar Hero because of it. You better hope ROH gets a hard-on for you, or TNA wants AMW to reform..
  • DT has been praising Chris Jericho's recent work for months. Can he keep his momentum beyond Shawn Michaels?..
  • Don Tony compares Jeff Jarrett to David Koresh. DT & KC look at the return of JJ to TNA television..
  • Look at how WWE and TNA are handling their contract issues with Rey Mysterio and Sting..
  • Confronting the reports online that WWE released Wes Adams (ECW ref) due to botching last week's main event finish on TV..
  • Robbie and Rory McCallister let go by WWE. Our thoughts on why they never clicked with fans. And this is a team TNA should pick up..
  • Reason for Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry going so short at Summerslam? HBK / Y2J segment going to long..
  • Rumors of Mick Foley signing with TNA are flying. Don Tony likes the idea. Kevin Castle isn't as warm to the idea. Unless he replaces Don West as announcer..
  • Did you hear about the Arabic woman who considered an abortion, decided against it, then gave birth to seven children? Don Tony immediately thought of the Quickie Mart..
  • As DT & KC expected, WWE releases Cherry..
  • WWE is hitting a home run right now with Smackdown's current roster and content..
  • An opinion we offer to Dlo Brown. Grow a little bit of facial hair..
  • Dissecting how WWE has tried so hard to protect CM Punk with his title run. And why it's really not working. What will happen with this 'scramble' match at Unforgiven?..
  • Some disturbing details behind the new RF Video shoot interview with Scott Hall. Don Tony offers a new category for RF. The Train Wreck Series..
  • Sorry Mike Johnson. But we had to laugh about your erection towards a certain wrestler working a WWE Dark Match on Raw..
  • The trend is to sh** on this Kazarian 'Suicide' character TNA will debut on TV. We'll give it a shot. DT thinks the gimmick will not join Shark Boy's cartoon clan. But feud with it..
  • Matt Striker may have found his niche as an announcer. How soon will he be off TV though?..
  • Legit advice by DT to TNA on what needs to be changed when their stars make outside appearances..
  • Scott Hall confronts Adam Bomb at a recent NWA convention. What did the former Kronik member do about it?..
  • Plus our .02 on Summerslam 2008.. Judge Jesse Ventura.. Colt Cabana, Ryan Braddock, and Primo Colon debuts on WWE TV.. Donald Trump helping Ed McMahon.. Umaga injured.. HBK vs Y2J at Wrestlemania.. The Dudleys vs Cryme Time.. Charlie Haas' new website.. 'I Love The WWE'.. Brock Lesnar's recent MMA victory.. Undertaker Heel Turn.. Tony Atlas looking like a human cartoon.. Hulk Hogan debuting on CMT in October.. More on PG rating for WWE and storyline changes..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas


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  • LOL at Ashley Massaro. With her image tarnished, escort allegations looming, and her Immaculate Conception, you'd think she'd lay low. Then again, she did. And for the right $$$ Wednesday at a NY strip club, she will lay low for you - under a table while she strips naked..
  • Kane reveals the mask in the bag was Rey Mysterio's. Don Tony doesn't think WWE planned that all along. Kevin Castle is hoping Kane really does kill Mysterio's WWE career..
  • Don Tony poses the big question not one news reporter is asking the family of Casey / Caylee Anthony (missing FL girl). If they both lived with the grandparents, why was a babysitter needed so often?..
  • Showing respect to Issac Hayes and Bernie Mac..
  • Reggie Jackson? Barack Obama? Dr Martin Luther King Jr? Don Tony proclaims if he could come back as any African Amercian, he'd pick Issac Hayes..
  • Don Tony is very upset Skittles edited The Sour Man's commercial as well as shi**ing on other stupid commercials..
  • Saying a prayer for Killer Kowalski..
  • WWE releases Chris Harris, Shannon Moore, Viscera, Nick Patrick, Nunzio, and others. We look at why and what's next for several of these stars..
  • Looking at Randy Orton's serious Motorcycle accident. Should a superstar of that caliber even do anything high risk outside of the ring? DT and KC discuss both sides of that argument..
  • Addressing the rumors that the Randy Orton accident is storyline. We discuss the possibilities and why WWE would be in poor taste if it was. Not to mention CNN already covering the accident..
  • Sabu, Jerry Lawler, are just two of many 'Lights out' memorable moments in wrestling. So what does TNA have appear at the Hard Justice PPV when the lights came on? A fu**ing inanimate object! LOL..
  • How ridiculous is it that Cody Rhodes is a Three Time Tag Team Champion already?..
  • Amazing how many fans are starting to notice how disproportionate Kurt Angle looks these days. Big head, small body. Even though he's 1/2 the man he once was, we are still looking forward to his RF Shoot Interview..
  • Speaking of RF, sorry Rob Feinstein about all the bootlegs..
  • Kevin Castle is not feeling The Olympics. Don Tony explains why he would never live in China..
  • We've been saying it for a month. It's time for WWE to pop its 'Cherry' and release this not ready for primetime diva..
  • Laughing at Mr Wong's TNA Video Game news on The Wrestling Observer website..
  • For a second week in a row, a big Wassup! to Joey Xerox..
  • John Edwards 4 Dummies. Is the news media acting ignorant about 'Hush Money' and Paternity claims so they can milk this news story longer? DT & KC tell you exactly what happened. Message to this Southern maggot. Adding lies on top of lies will ruin you..
  • People are commenting how true Batista's comment was that the 15 and younger crowd is so into John Cena. Hmm having we been saying that for over two years?..
  • It's official (in our eyes). CM Punk as Heavyweight Champion is not working..
  • Looking at Scott 'Raven' Levy's lawsuit against WWE. DT thinks Raven does have a case, but will his lawyers stay in it for the long haul to actually win the case? KC poses a great question to Raven: Why did he wait 6+ years to file this suit?..
  • Jeff Jarrett's return to TNA. Although he's a decent wrestler, he's not a main event champion. Even if TNA thinks so..
  • Exclusive news on the whereabouts of Elijah Burke..
  • Plus our .02 on Ice T no-showing TNA.. Russia attacking Georgia.. Sting milking TNA.. Stone Cold Edge.. Robert Roode.. No Talent Val.. Brooke Hogan's idiotic mugshot pictures.. Plus your calls, Emails, Q&A, & so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas


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  • Chris Jericho vs HBK storyline reminds Don Tony of Rocky II..
  • Kofi Kingston is Jamaican Me Crazy!..
  • WWE and TNA wrestler nicknames. We discuss why TNA needs to remove 'The' from their vocabulary..
  • Discussing real reasons why Ric Flair departed WWE. We also confront the two most important questions from their split..
  • Complimenting on WWE and the push of so many ethnic characters. We never and still don't believe WWE is pushing so many African Americans because of the Michael Hayes incident..
  • Brian Kendrick is really a total dic* outside of wrestling folks. However being a di** will actually help his gimmick get over..
  • The #1 reason why Brock Lesnar must win his MMA match this weekend..
  • As much as we critique TNA's lackluster storylines and gimmicks, their DVD's are definitely worth buying..
  • Detective Don Tony thinks Caylee Anthony died accidentally and nutcase mom Casey flipped out, and Grandmama either covered up, or is in denial her daughter is a liar, irresponsible moron, and possible murderer..
  • Detective Don Tony also gives the #1 reason why there was never a 'babysitter' that kidnapped this kid Caylee..
  • Best wishes to Christina Applegate and her battle with cancer..
  • LOL at rumors that TNA is creating a masked wrestler (Kaz) based on a video game character. Um TNA; you create characters based on wrestlers, not the reverse..
  • Showing love to Traci Lords, Phoebe Cates, Christie Brinkley, and others 80's Divas. They were definitely 'Two Sheeters'!..
  • Laughing at Joey Xerox. Thanks for your support chico..
  • Care to know Don Tony and Kevin Castle's first ever jobs?..
  • Remember how we told u all the last two years that WWE was going to change to a PG product, and cater more to children and women more? It's happening now people. And alot of fans are not thrilled about it..
  • Michael Kay was orgasmic when Willie Randolph showed up at the NY Yankees Old Timers Game. Want to make Michael Kay happy? Send him pics of Willie without a T-Shirt on..
  • Sh**ing on morons like Jason Powell who have to pry into very personal issues regarding Ric Flair and his estranged wife. Sure they could be separated. But leave it at that..
  • Defending (once again) Vince Russo and laughing at other shows thinking Russo is more at fault of bad TNA storylines because he writes more than others..
  • John Cena says Ted Dibiase Jr could main event Wrestlemania in five years. Do you agree?..
  • Discussing Mick Foley having issues with commentating WWE programming and why he could be gone soon..
  • Plus our .02 on Tomko quitting TNA.. Homicide unhappy in TNA.. Eric Bischoff's views on Mike Adamle as GM and WWE's PG Rating.. Shi**ing on Netflix.. Donald Trump's 'attempted murder' on Vince storyline.. Samoa Joe.. The possibilities of a Ric Flair RF Video Shoot Interview.. More Sweet Baby Rays plugs!..  Plus your calls, Emails, Q&A, & so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas



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