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Mike Adamle, new Raw GM?

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  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle change TNA's Motto towards their talent to, TNA: We will treat your 'Shit' as 'It'..
  • WWE fans, take notice of Stephanie McMahon's 'unauthorized' comment. DT has an idea about how wrestlers could regain titles without having to wrestle..
  • Don Tony also changes Matt Morgan's nickname to "The Footnote". LOL at TNA for thinking he's their Brockberg..
  • Julie Hart: A prime example to marky webcasts why there are some people that are best kept uninterviewed..
  • Is WWE playing Russian Roulette with constant references of CM Punk 'trying to prove' he's not a fluke champion?..
  • Glad to see D'Lo Brown return to WWE TV. Ron Killings is next..
  • Is Paul Burchill the love child of Al Snow and Val Venis? Don Tony never wishes injury on anyone. But....
  • Praising WWE and Jenny McCarthy for their contributions towards the battle to fight Autism..
  • DT & KC explain the number one reason why WWE does not have The Hardys team on a regular basis anymore..
  • WWE.com has the OMG moment. TNA and this Kaz disgruntled angle and dopey Karen Angle segments will be the 'OMGTFA' comment of the week (Oh My God That's Fu**ing Awful)..
  • Sh**ing on WWE for sending stupid legal letters to Ultimate Warrior about posing with WWF Title. DT & KC gives a prime example why Jerry McDipsh** is just that. A Dipsh**..
  • Beth Phoenix + Santino kiss = Comedic skits to bring down her overwhelming superiority in the Womens Division..
  • Don Tony continues his praise towards Chris Jericho and calls his RAW promo one of the best in 5 years..
  • Don Tony connects Jumper Cables to his b**** for those questioning the John Cena / JBL nut spot on the PPV..
  • Laughing at websites that called William Regal backstage as a 'Raw Spoiler'. Umm, he's off suspension. He's supposed to return to work, whether its in front of or behind the camera..
  • DT & KC do see William Regal returning as Raw GM shortly to further the 'disarray' storyline..
  • Discussing rumors of Undertaker returning around Summerslam, and rumors Michelle McCool winning the Divas Title cause she's Taker's girlfriend..
  • James 'Sandman' Fullington arrested and in prison. Unfortunately, he may be in bigger trouble than anyone thinks. It's a shame how sickly Sandman has become recently..
  • McDonalds doesn't want to bring back the McRib? Don Tony makes his own..
  • Addressing rumors Rey Mysterio Jr and WWE having $$$ issues and his possible return to AAA..
  • Would you pay $50 for an Ultimate Warrior autograph?..
  • Interesting words from the Guerrero family claiming that Vickie has ceased all communication with Los Guerreros..
  • Brooke Knows Shit with the absolute stupidest comment towards Hillary Clinton. Wow she's a dumb bitch. Brooke that is..
  • Speaking of stupid bitches, laughing at CW Executive Dawn Ostroff and her comments why Smackdown is leaving the network..
  • Big Show to star in a comedy 'Sucker Punch'. That's actually one film we are looking to see..
  • WWE Films now known as WWE Studios. And we discuss their change to PG only programming..
  • More serious discussion why Samoa Joe is on track to becoming one of the biggest main event flops wrestling has had in years..
  • Only some nudity would have saved the recent TNA Knockouts Battle Royal. TNA is very lucky a few girls weren't seriously injured during that match. We do think Simon Diamond will help their Knockouts Division immensely if given the chance..
  • Sorry WWE Wannabe Diva Cherry. The Grease Demographic is not watching wrestling. We expect a gimmick change or release coming for ya..
  • Want to see some good family reality show entertainment? George Forman's Reality Show on TV Land..
  • Offering some legitimate advice towards other wrestling webcasts that air on the net..
  • Amazing that we had to define the term 'Newbie'..
  • Don Tony once again professes his belief former NY Giants Jeremy Shockey could make the transition to wrestling after his career..
  • Colin Delaney turning heel in ECW? Why the f*** were we supposed to care?..
  • Plus our .02 on The Dark Knight Batman movie.. Kevin Castle vs bad Chinese Food.. Lance Hoyt imminent TNA release (we hope).. Samoa Joe keeping the Title Belt warm for Jeff Jarrett.. Great American Bash PPV comments.. Jay Leno leaving The Tonight Show.. Shi**ing on Jimmy Fallon.. The Sopranos Movie.. 80's TV on DVD.. BBQ Sauce.. Platinos.. Plus your calls, Emails, Q&A, & so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by Anthony 'The Promise' Thomas

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  • Don Tony's idea on the Kane 'dead' storyline. Maybe Kane thinks Kane is dead, and the burlap bag will have the mask in it. Because he keeps losing, he reverts back to the sinister Kane under the mask. Not too bad of an idea eh?!..
  • Last week we ripped Ashley Massaro for the 'daughter' references and how she should have kept her comments vague as tending to a 'family member'. Low and behold, Crackhead Smurf does exactly what we suggested. Now we give her more advice to better her current image. And this is 100% sincere advice..
  • WWE writing comes down to earth after 2 weeks of decent shows. How fu**ing hokey was that segment of JBL trying to hit John Cena with a car..
  • Ted Dibiase Jr main eventing Raw this week showed how green and not ready he is. How sloppy was his work? How bad were his facial reactions? But his a** ripping of Duggan was great though!..
  • Amazing how many people now feel CM Punk looks out of place with Batista, John Cena, and others around him. CM Punk is good. But not main event material..
  • Hugh Heffner wants Brooke Hogan to pose for Playboy? If that ever happens, Hulk will be right there with camera in one hand, Jit Gel Rag in the other..
  • Remember the fan backstage that interrupted Batista's warmup on Raw? This 'fan' was likely part of the disarray storyline..
  • Putting the shi**y Cena / JBL segment aside, the promos from WWE stars the last few weeks have been excellent..
  • Bob Barker always said you can control the Pet population by having your pet spaded. Sadly Don Tony discovered another way. Feed your pet Nutro brand dog food. A serious warning to pet owners feeding their pets Nutro brand food. And a serious legitimate threat towards the store that sold him poisoned food (link: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2008/06/pet_food_recalls98.html)..
  • Chris Harris debuts as Braden Walker on ECW. We told you months ago he would undergo a name change. In case you missed it, we get into why..
  • Message to other webcasts that suck sh**. Don't like the abuse? Too fu**ing bad. Grow thick skin, do a better job, and stop taking sh** personal..
  • WWE newbies and their 'Cheers' exposure..
  • Although Don Tony has been thinking of a Nation of Domination reincarnation, Tony Atlas is not a great mouthpiece. But he looks good as Mark Henry's manager. Give him a shot..
  • WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Video Game will be considered one of the greatest games of all time. Our first preview of the game and the first set of legends revealed..
  • WWE tests the waters with Beth Phoenix and a possible face turn. Remember, they are testing the waters right now..
  • Is Sacha Barone aka Borat a flamer?..
  • TNA's horrible ending to Sunday's PPV. How many times do we have to expose it. You don't end a PPV with question marks. The biggest diehard TNA fan will have to agree with our analysis..
  • TNA X Cup, World Cup, Piss Cup, Big Gulp. All these international stars 99% of US fans don't give a sh** about, we explain why TNA does it. And we actually agree with their reasoning. They just need to have a better balance of what is pushed, and what is not..
  • Months before TMZ and others talked about it, we told you how creepy Hulk Hogan was towards Brooke. After the Brooke Knows Sh** err Best debut, and Hulk wh**king off to Brooke's lingerie dance, we have a disturbing prediction..
  • Our new motto for TNA to improve their product: LESS IS MORE..
  • Rest In Peace Bobby Murcer. Truly one of the most genuine good guys the baseball world has ever had..
  • Warning for those that will find it uninteresting, Fast Forward past the call in by 'J-Rod' during the show..
  • Plus our .02 on Daivari signing with TNA.. All Star Game at Yankee Stadium.. Mohammed Hassan / Dan Maff.. ed on TNA. It almost seems like he's being black balled ala Dan Maff style.. Why Vickie Guerrero isn't going anywhere.. Classic horror films.. Who the fu** is Taylor Wylde.. Your calls, emails, and much more!

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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  • Ashley Massaro conveniently reveals she has a seven year old with an illness. Can you say diversion attempt from the Escort and repeated Rat allegations? Sorry Crackhead Smurf. Crying on myspace about a possibly terminally ill daughter then signing it 'Dirty Dirty'? Classless d***..
  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony debate a bit on the quality of WWE Raw the last two weeks..
  • We told you that the McMahon family would get involved in the Vince 'accident' storyline. We now provide you a bold prediction as to what will happen when Vince returns..
  • Laughing at a few marks that say we currently have WWE Co** in our mouths..
  • LMAO at TNA. Don West must have been in NY laying on his fat ass watching SNY's 'Beer Money' and now calls it a TNA tag team. Listen to how pathetic the Roode / Storm team gimmick really is..
  • More analysis on Kofi Kingston, CM Punk receiving some serious rub right now, and Edge's future..
  • Weird how WWE can portray so many young guys suddenly getting elevation. Yet TNA has how many young guns that cant even make Xplosion?..
  • Trevor Murdoch released was shocking to many. Don Tony believes there may have been some sort of incident that lead to his release. Kevin Castle thinks the gimmick was simply not working and had 'intermission' written all over him..
  • Doesn't it seem like John Cena has taken a backseat on Raw? WWE should have done this a year ago. But it's still good to see..
  • Don Tony warns everyone that has pets about Nutro pet food that almost killed his dog last week. A must hear to all pet owners..
  • Leave it to ROH-bots to ruin the family atmosphere at last weekend's SHIMMER event. Hopefully SHIMMER grows some ba**s to address the situation and apologize to several fans..
  • Mickie 'Don't call me Moose' Knuckles breaks her leg. Sympathy deserved. But stupidity as well goes to this wannabe TNA Knockout..
  • We address very intelligently why TNA cannot have their wrestlers under exclusive deals. Unless you want TNA to go out of business sooner..
  • Don Tony has a sad and sick prediction that Kelly Kelly is going to botch one particular move and risk a career ending injury..
  • Our condolences go out to Bret Hart. We hope his sex change operation went well as he is now known as Marcy..
  • Showing love to the new RF Video / Ken Patera shoot interview..
  • Expect WWE to try and push 'Mathletes'..
  • WWE needs to advertise ECW on the BET channel..
  • LOL at WWE for giving Shad of Crime a baseball bat breaking car windows. Flashback Mr Gaspard to your 11 arrests?..
  • Kofi Kingston needs to call his mom in Ghana and educate her on his character and why he is portrayed from Jamaica..
  • Jim Mitchell and Scott D'amore released from TNA. We debate if Jim Mitchell would fit in WWE. Sorry but we don't give two sh**s about Scott D'amore..
  • Exposing a big problem TNA has with their current 'heels'..
  • Don Tony brags err flashbacks to the time he predicted the WCW / Raw simulcast and how Shane would 'buy' WCW. And then there was the Bald Vince McMahon Wrestlemania idea too..
  • Can someone give us an intelligent reason why Gabe Sapolsky sent a press release about CM Punk and Samoa Joe as WWE / TNA champs?..
  • Message to J-Rod: Neuter Fluffy..
  • Coming soon to bookstores, Jasmine St. Claire's Autobiography. And this book actually sounds like a must read..
  • Example #33 on how not to promote an indy show. Courtesy of ChicagoProWrestling.com..
  • Laughing at PWMANIA.com and their most assenine and ridiculous press release on an upcoming video game..
  • Would you f*** Madonna? Don Tony would. Kevin Castle would pass on the Material Girl..
  • Scott Hall is off the wagon again. And this time many people are not going to feel sorry for him if this kills him..
  • A must buy: WWE Ric Flair Definitive Collection DVD Set..
  • Plus our .02 on WWE using sh**y bands for PPV themes.. Brian Pillman / HOF.. Kane's heel turn on Raw.. Infamous Jimmy Snuka murder from the 80's.. Striker exiting WWE.. Masked Maniac retires from wrestling promoting.. Best mustaches in WWE history.. D'Lo Brown.. The pathetic remake coming of 90210.. The Ultimate Nostalgia Tour.. Vince McMahon's deep love and appreciation to Peter Maivia.. Your Calls, and so much more!
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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  • Team 3D, TNA Tag Champs. Samoa Joe, World Champ. Awesome Kong, Womens Champ. TNA certainly likes their champs plump..
  • Brooke Hogan downplays Randy Man Hulk rubbing her ass and thighs with oil. Pedophiles around the world can now tell their teenage kids that it's OK to touch. Remember, Brooke Knows Best!..
  • Kevin Castle's 'Roundtable' discussions will now be heard exclusively on this show only..
  • LOL at marks saying WWE made a 'mistake' using the Cruiserweight Title now w/ ECW logo on it. WWE knows exactly what they are doing..
  • And for all the marks that bashed the new ECW but likes Kofi Kingston as IC Champ. Here's a towel to rub the egg off your face..
  • Mark Henry ECW champ and African American. Kofi Kingston IC Champ and Ghana Man. Michael Hayes back. Coincidence?..
  • CM Punk wins World title. Is Kevin Castle's month long idea of a NEW Evolution starting to form? We look at the possibilities..
  • Comparing TNA to Spam, and WWE to Spam and Eggs. BTW, does anyone else that goes camping love Spam and Eggs? Delicious!..
  • Give CM Punk a chance. Think WWE and Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and others who came out of no where and became major stars. And if CM Punk fails, big f**ing deal..
  • Don Tony has been saying this for a year. Why is it so fu**ing hard for TNA to make a Secondary Title (ie: IC Belt / WWE). And before any moron says 'Oh X-Division Title', we professionally explain why that will NEVER be looked at as TNA's IC Title..
  • Noone should have complained about The Warrior's return match performance from Spain. Think we are nuts? We will convince you otherwise. Nostalgia is good..
  • Comparing Warrior's family to Hulk Hogan's family..
  • Continued draft thoughts. Rey Mysterio on RAW is odd, Deuce might be hitting purgatory, London and Kendrick are split up and we expect one of them to get canned soon, Carlito might be forming a tag team on SD and lots more..
  • Even though she'll never read this, we show love to Melina and best wishes on her return to wrestling. We're counting down the days..
  • Don Tony compares the TNA Knockouts Division to the McRib..
  • Dispelling a stupid rumor about John Cena from WWE Fan Nation chat..
  • Ashley Massaro, Mickie James, Awesome Kong, Beulah, Molly Holly, etc. We look at the most, and least promiscuous women in wrestling..
  • We offer some all time 'Jit Gel Rag' performances in wrestling..
  • Talia wants a push in TNA? She should consider punching herself in the face..
  • Bret Hart and his controversial speech and ripping wrestling journalist Greg Oliver. We look at why Bret did deserve to be ranked higher on Greg Oliver's 'list'. But, he should have handled the matter differently.
  • Our continued laughing at Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net. Yes Jason, we really are laughing at you..
  • WWE pulls Ric Flair off several Indy appearances, some considered 'last minute'. We explain why WWE owes no apology whatsoever to some of these morons..
  • Thinking about Bruiser Brody and the sad 20 year anniversary of his death..
  • And its the 20 year anniversary of McDowells!..
  • Why is Cody Rhodes a tag team champion?..
  • We explain why the WWE Spinner Belt is still in use despite John Cena on Raw, and the title on Smackdown..
  • How fu**ing horrible is Ted Dibiase's entrance music..
  • LOL Rellik gives TNA his 'best on their future endeavors'..
  • And even though we rip TNA on so many topics, we do feel bad for the boys. They are trying to earn a living and make their mark in wrestling. It's sad they have to do it for such a piss poorly run company. From management, to writers, to on-air personalities..
  • And no Borash and West. Don't include yourself about in the 'boys' reference. Mounds of Horse sh** sitting in the blazing sun in 120 degree heat for 6 hours stills smells better than your work..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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