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  • WWE Draft 2008: You have to feel bad for Jim Ross. You can see he was very upset at Smackdown move. But expect him to be professional, reluctantly accept the new role, and try to make the best of it for the fans and his love of wrestling..
  • Message to Alex Marvez and other Warrior haters. The threats against Warrior in Spain are 100% real..
  • Another message to the Warrior haters: My mama always said, if you have nothing good to say about someone - make sure they are out of the go*damn room..
  • Funny story involving kids and their reactions if they would put a Samoa Joe poster on their bedroom walls..
  • Don Tony predicts 3.4 rating for 3 Hour Draft edition of Raw..
  • Rest in peace George Carlin. We pay tribute to one of the greatest Stand-Up Comedians of all time..
  • Shawn Michaels: The Les Nessman of WWE?..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle discuss what will happen with the Title Belts and where they will end up after the Night Of Champions PPV..
  • If WWE does go with a new Evolution, consider CM Punk over Lance Cade..
  • Ted DiBiase Jr to team with Mike DiBiase or Harry Smith..
  • The Chris Benoit Tragedy: One Year Later..
  • To the marks upset about ECW getting one pick. ECW roster is touring with Raw. They have the entire Raw roster to play with..
  • Our condolences to all the Fat Teenage girls who were teased Monday night during Raw..
  • Fans bitching about Jeremy Borat plastered all over TNA's website. We continue our sh**ing of Mr Borash, but we don't blame him. Where the f*** else is he going to work if TNA closes? WWE wouldn't hire that clown. Even if he offered to 'Put Out' to Cary Silken, ROH wouldn't use him either..
  • Donzilla vs Chris Cash (Episode One)..
  • We totally bastardize WWE's attempt at pushing Lance Cade the way they are. We understand why they are doing it. But we still don't agree with it..
  • Vince McMahon's 'accident' during Raw was designed to end the Million Dollar Giveaway, and to start a new angle that will involve other McMahon family members..
  • Message to dopey Linda Claridge Bollea Hogan: When you call 911 to report Hulk violating a restraining order, um he needs to have one first. Nit wit..
  • By the way, does Linda Claridge have any talent? Does she dance? Sing? Waitress? Bowl? Anything?..
  • After watching the disturbing video footage of John Graziano in the hospital, we support what his brother did 1000x more..
  • Kamehameha!..
  • Don Tony hates the Geico Powersports commercials and exposes why they are a fraud..
  • Al Snow does a run-in during TNA Cincinnati house show. Now that's a guy TNA needs to hire and keep on and off camera..
  • Kevin Castle has been saying this for over a year. Now mainstream media is finally catching on. Kurt Angle looks sickly and his body proportions are real distorted..
  • Don Tony diet tip: 1/2 can of Fat Free Whipped Cream a day..
  • Expect a cease and desist letter from WWE to TNA for their wording towards their upcoming Knockouts DVD. And a message to their Knucklehead Knockouts and TNA's promotion department..
  • WWE signs MCW wrestler to developmental deal. We discuss why Terry Taylor has seen 100's of indy wrestlers, but hasnt recommended one to TNA..
  • Showing love to Caddyshack, Kofi Kingston, Def Leppard.. Matt Hardy, Lizzy Valentine.. Dlo Brown.. Rodney Dangerfield, Andrew Dice Clay, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling..
  • Can someone help Michael Kay wipe Hal Steinbrenner's c** off his a**..
  • Get well wishes to Melina who was injured Monday during Raw..
  • Discussion why TNA ratings cant be compared to ECW ratings..
  • Plus our .02 on Road Warrior Animal's recent 'strokes' comment.. Remembering Chris Candido.. Great point about WWE Wellness Policy.. 'Silverback' Mark Henry.. Awesome King Kong.. Hulk Hogan marks exposed.. 1980's music.. Herpes.. Gail Kim.. Evan Bourne.. Colin Delaney.. your calls, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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  • Message to Nick and Hulk Hogan. If someone 'connected' puts a bullseye on your heads, Id worry for years. And we support Frank Graziano 1000% for his threats towards the Bolleas. If that were my brother in the hospital, Id want to blow Nick Hogan's brains out too after hearing the jailhouse calls..

  • Carlito's comments about HHH's position within the company having to do with his marriage to Stephanie McMahon was moronic. We like Carlito. But a message to Mr. Colon: Shut up. You have a stable job, good income, and a celebrity.

  • Anyone remember Sonny Siaki? Just cause you're a star somewhere else doesn't mean anything in WWE. Arguing who is the better wrestler is like arguing over who is the better actor. Its all about the script..

  • Umaga hasn't won a PPV since SummerSlam 07. Who takes this guy as anything but a jobber?..

  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle do some predictions on the Draft. Don't expect any major jumps from ECW to RAW especially since they're all on the same show..

  • A pack of smokes is 8 bucks. 2 gallons of gas is 9 bucks. Why are morons sh**ing on a PPV featuring the return of the Ultimate Warrior? Just because you don't agree with his political views, how can Meltzer try and discredit his ten years in the business?..

  • Doug Williams is coming to TNA... We know he's a great talent overseas. But why is TNA hiring him?..

  • Late 2008: WWE Anthology II 3 disc set of entrance themes..

  • Mikey of the Spirit Squad was released from WWE for DWI and fans are questioning why WWE didnt fire Ted DiBiase Jr. The answer is simple: He has a future..

  • Kevin Castle recommends the NEW Ken Patera and Joey Matthews / RF Video Shoot Interviews..

  • Once again showing love to Al Snow. Its a shame that the guy doesn't have a job right now within the wrestling industry..

  • When Jeff Hardy and Joey Matthews wrestle locally, why do ignorant marks think they're going to risk their lives for some cheap one-shot payoff?..

  • Sorry ROH fans. Offer me a choice between a Batista match, a Warrior match, and a Bryan Danielson match, and Id never pick choice #3..

  • The only kind of attention the Omega rejects can get is when they're blasting the Hardy's. Probably cause no one gives a sh** about them..

  • RATT is back together. Kevin tells all about why you might not want to go see them this time around..

  • Remembering the disaster that was XWF..

  • The day TNA gets shut down we promise that there will be a flurry of shoot interviews from TNA wrestlers saying Dixie Carter, Panda Energy, and TNA didnt have a fu**ing clue what they were doing..

  • And why would ROH fans were wet and made a big deal that Bryan Danielson got a WWE dark match? Did they ever stop to think that if WWE hires him, that's one less superstar at their ROH shows?..

  • Don Tony truly believes that TNA's most important issue right now is their new video game coming out. Without that TNA would be on the edge of being out of business..

  • When WWE changes the name of a recognized Indy guy its to protect their assets. That way if people like Matt Sydel fails and they release him, he wont have any additional name exposure outside WWE. Hence the new name Evan Bourne..

  • Plus our .02 on Randy Savage wrestling at 60, Harvey Whippleman, Larry King nonsense, Obama, Teddy Harts âmarkâ documentary, your calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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  • Message to Linda Bollea: That 19 year old is hitting your shriveled p***** for your bankroll and the attention of the limelight. Aww, she actually thought the 19 year old stud cuddles because he really cares about her!..
  • Don Tony explains why Dixie Carter and TNA should be thanking him and Kevin Castle. Why they should stop catering to these geek mark webcasts and sending DT & KC gifts, money, merchandise, and videos. Well not the videos cause DT & KC probably wouldnt watch that sh**..
  • Is Samoa Joe is the stupidest wrestler in TNA?..
  • LOL at The Fathers Day Council in NY. One Year Ago they awarded Hulk Hogan with Father Of The Year award. LOL How dumb do those douchebags feel now?..
  • Vince McMahon's Million Dollar Mania winners didnt even sound excited during Raw. Did they know beforehand that they won?..
  • Why didn't Vince at least make us feel like actual wrestling fans won? They should have asked a simple wrestling question for the cash. IE: Whats John Cena's finishing move? What does HHH stand for? Simple sh** to weed out the contest hogs..
  • How fu**ing horrible was that TNA Wedding angle. Im sure the WWE roster was laughing hard watching that sh** on You Tube..
  • How did TNA get So Cal Val to 'cry' during the wedding angle? They told her to keep thinking about the sh**y angle and how a Hindu and Black jobber were the ones fighting over her..
  • We note the very interesting wording TNA used to report of a tragic death following the Slammiversary PPV..
  • Congrats to D'Lo Brown for re-signing with WWE. Don Tony ponders a Nation of Domination return idea..
  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony reminice all the classic candy that was around in the 80's. Gotta love those pure sugar snacks..
  • Joke Hogan playing footsie with Larry King. Two old farts trying their hardest to make people think they are worth something still to society..
  • Laughing at all the marks trying to defend Hulk Hogan the same way they did with Chris Benoit..
  • Kevin Castle says the new Al Snow / RF Video Shoot Interview is a must buy..
  • How disgusting was that sh**y neighboorhood in Hartford, CT that ignored 78 year old Angel Torres after being struck by a Hit and Run driver?..
  • Glen Gilbertti listens to our show? If he does, we're sorry we called you an idiot. But you are after your recent interview comments. Speaking of idiotic comments, Paul Roma - you really disappointed us..
  • DT and KC put all the Hulk Hogan hatred aside and explain why this Celebrity Wrestling show will bomb miserably after 2-3 weeks..
  • More great analysis why TNA needs to seriously remove Jeremy Borat, Don West, Hector Guerrero, even Mike Tenay from their positions..
  • Don Tony explains why he is seriously considering moving out of the US if Obama is elected President..
  • Donald Trump enters the world of MMA (as an investor dummies). Anyone ever wonder why he NEVER got involved financially in a wrestling promotion?..
  • There's no question the TNA Video Game will be a big success. The big question now is what kind deal did TNA cut with Midway on the profits from the game..
  • Plus our .02 on the Smackdown Womens Title, rumors of a new Evolution coming, NY's brutal heatwave, The Rock ripping his father Rocky Johnson? Your calls, questions from the chat-room, and much more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle



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For those who enjoy our 'Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show' (Formally known as The Minority Report Webcast), we will be adding the entire show synopsis from our 6/2/2008 episode to the show page Wednesday evening.

However, if you don't want to wait and wish to download the episode now, the audio is already online.

This episode is hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi & Kevin Castle and runs an enjoyable 2 Hours 43 minutes.

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