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For those who enjoy our 'Minority Report' Webcast, we will be adding the entire show synopsis from our 4/28/2008 episode to the show page Wednesday evening.

However, if you don't want to wait and wish to download the episode now, the audio is already here on the page. Enjoy!

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  • CM Punk may be straight edge, quite the man with the ladies, and is Mr Money In The Bank. But for God sake, please brush your teeth or bleach them. Yellow teeth in High-Definition don't look so good..
  • We expose why we can't fu**ing stand the Money In The Bank stipulation. Talk about storyline stupidity..
  • The Pervertster Hulk Hogan spotted by TMZ bringing his own camera and taking pics of daughter Brooke during a Maxim photo shoot. Think about that. If you had a daughter doing a skimpy, sexy, photo shoot, why would any father start shooting pics with his own camera?..
  • Why Tod Gordon retiring due to a family illness makes no sense. We dont wish anyone to be sick. But as far as leaving wrestling, thanks for you're work up to 1995. And good luck with that rumored sexual harassment suit that people are talking about..
  • If you're around an attractive girl and she has snot hanging from her nose, do you tell her about it? Or do you pretend it's not there?..
  • You think when TNA still scores lousy 1.0 ratings, Dixie Carter and staff dance and sing 'It Must Have Been A Typo, A Typo, A Typo....
  • What was the purpose of TNA putting the tag titles on Eric Young and some other guy just to strip them?..
  • If John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, and other talent was in King Of The Ring, we would have been fine with William Regal winning. But putting Hornswoggle, Khali, Finlay, and MVP instead shows how ridiculous that 'tournament' was. Whats the matter WWE, you didn't want King Booker as the last winner?.. 
  • Wrestling fans need to understand why Joey Styles is off ECW TV as an announcer before ripping it. If you're going to bitch about anything, bitch at who WWE replaced him with..
  • We've given Mike Adamle the benefit of the doubt the last few months with his mistakes. We can't anymore. Is he the world's highest paid retard?..
  • Speaking of Mike Adamle's horrid commentating, we ponder the stupid idea that WWE is having him make errors on purpose..
  • This week's Raw (w/ Presidential skits included) was a perfect example why mainstream media and people laugh at wrestling..
  • And sorry Jim Ross. We know the Hillary Clinton / Obama skit is intended for publicity. But they could at least be funny and entertaining. There's no excuse for horrid sh** like that..
  • The Don Tony / Kevin Castle Show? Say Goodbye to The Minority Report, as we are in the process of changing our show name..
  • Other upgrades to our show includes a new call-in number, Skype, improved chat room, and no more fu**ing echos!..
  • Ultimate Warrior to wrestle in June for the first time in 10 years. We discuss why we support it 100%. And once again we reopen the book as to why Warrior is one of the biggest stars of all time..
  • Apparently our Crackhead Smurf references have circulated towards Ashley Massaro..
  • Making a wrestling comparison to NY Mets legend Rusty Staub?..
  • Kurt Angle puts an exclamation point on our 'Not Ready For Primetime Partime Players' reference about TNA stars..
  • Meatballs, Spaceballs, Casual Sex, Airplane, History Of The World, etc... We offer some great older comedies for the younger fans out there..
  • Doesnt it seem that the WWE Heel Divas are the ones that can wrestle, and the Faces (aside Mickie James) can't wrestle for sh**?..
  • Sh**ing on Philadelphia sports fans who assaulted several Mets fans at a recent Phillies Game just for being New Yorkers..
  • Isnt it amazing with all of today's technology, so many people wish that it was 10-20 years ago?..
  • Defending Amy Lita Dumas for not appearing on WWE Hardy Boyz DVD..
  • Whereabouts of Sylvester Terkay, why he didn't make it with WWE, and why so many miss his work (including us)..
  • We reiterate why we don't like to do 'Greatest Of All Time' polls amongst wrestling categories..
  • Plus our .02 on The Pope visiting New York.. Tracy Smothers' rumored failed drug test.. Samoa Joe winning the TNA Title.. Jeff Hardy's WWE future.. Don Tony's camping trips.. Cam Neely.. Spain using Orlando Jordan.. WWE's scary low ratings.. Hulk Hogan Cellphone Games.. Raw, Impact, Smackdown, and ECW talk, your calls, chatroom questions, and much more!..

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Here are the download, listening, and Podcast links from our 4/7/2008 edition of The Minority Report webcast. The entire broadcast runs for 2 Hours 42 Minutes.

(Synopsis to be added shortly).

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle


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  • With all due respect to Bruno, Lou Thesz, Hulk, etc. And putting aside all the emotion. Don Tony & Kevin Castle explain why Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler in the history of wrestling..
  • Remember how we always felt Hulk Hogan had an 'attraction' to his daughter Brooke? Did you see Hulk's new girlfriend? Her name may be Jennifer McDaniel. We have renamed her Broke Hogan. Now all Jen has to do is learn how to sing and Hulk can finally live out his fantasy!..
  • Why haven't WWE fans shown up with bells at Smackdown events to fu** with the Jesse gimmick?..
  • After John Cena ripping The Rock in a recent interview, you can't blame Dwayne Johnson for his Cena jokes at Hall Of Fame..
  • We've also renamed Ashley Massaro. She will now be known as Crackhead Smurf..
  • You think Chavo Guerrero lost the ECW title in 9 seconds was punishment for being backstage at the live TNA Impact event?..
  • Can we pretend and convince WWE Vickie Guerrero was at TNA so she can be suspended? Sent home? Please?!..
  • Don Tony warms up to Chris Masters. Yep believe it. After watching his RF Video Shoot Interview, he takes responsibility for his actions, and you can't help but to show him respect. We predict you will see Masters back in WWE before the end of 2008. And if he doesn't here's an in-ring name idea we came up for him: Chris Adonis..
  • Here's how bad TNA is perceived. Put aside their talent that is on the roster cause WWE wouldn't hire them. Now put aside talent that work for TNA cause they can't handle WWE schedule. Then put aside talent that work TNA cause their hyped drug program is non-existent and a joke. Unfuc*ing real who you have left over..
  • MVP is the longest reigning US Title holder? Can you fuc*ing imagine WWE putting out the best of the US Title, and seeing MVP surrounding Nikita Koloff, and Magnum TA?..
  • Kane / Sci-Fi Movie Preview: He was a man who was getting pushed. Now he's ECW Champion and he's angry. And one by one he will kill the WWE Creative Team. Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs in 'DE-PUSH'!..
  • Did anyone else enjoy Raw much more than Wrestlemania 24?..
  • CM Punk: He's straight edge. He's a womanizer. He's a stooge to some backstage. And he has talent. Now he gets his chance to see if he truly becomes a WWE superstar..
  • From fan accounts at Mania, Don Tony explains why mostly African Americans popped for Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania 24..
  • Putting the fact that TNA has no clue about comradery amongst wrestling peers, sorry Dixie. Showing 'Robbie' on Impact isn't going to sway a wrestling fan to watch TNA..
  • A brilliant and very real comparison of TNA management to an annoying wrestling mark..
  • Ric Flair tribute on Raw brings full circle the WWE tribute several years ago that occurred following a Raw..
  • MVP has now been renamed to MAN-TAR..
  • A special hello to all our new listeners that tuned in Monday for the first time ever. Record listening audience for Minority Report..
  • Ric Flair is the sole reason why wrestling fans are not bitching more about Randy Orton is still WWE Champion..
  • Prediction: Ashley Massaro will be fired by WWE within a year..
  • WWE Divas South Of The Border DVD. Isn't is amazing how almost every diva from that 2004 DVD is gone from WWE?..
  • Wrestlemania 25 in Texas: Don Tony and Kevin Castle will most likely make the trip for that memorable weekend..
  • The day after Wrestlemania, WWE.com touted all the celebrities at the PPV. TNA's website touted Angelina Love being at the NY Kncks game. LMAO!..
  • Thinking about Bobby 'The Brian' Heenan. Get well soon..
  • John Morrison (aka Johnny Nitro) is WWE's hidden gem in '08..
  • Batista vs Shawn Michaels feud. We see it coming..
  • Don Tony's latest wrestler creation coming soon to Northeast Indy shows..
  • Plus our .02 on Cryme Time and their WWE return.. Fireworks accident at Wrestlemania.. Mick Foley rapping.. Hulk Hogan not appearing at Hall Of Fame.. Ric Flair dancing.. Drinking SAKE.. Looking at Wrestlemania matches.. Quick RF Video Shoot Interview recommendations.. Raw, Impact, Smackdown, and ECW talk, your calls, and much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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