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1/16/2011 - Here is one of the 'lost episodes' now found: 3/17/2008.

Oh you have to listen to the 19 minute mark when Kevin Castle speaks about Jeff Hardy. When you hear his analysis about Hardy's status in WWE at the time as well as drugs, you'll be amazed that this was talked about almost 3 years ago.

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Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle


PS: Remember; this episode is from 3/17/2008 from the infancy stage of The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show. I think the quality of the show (both content and audio) has improve nicely since then.

We will be posting additional episodes from 2004 and 2005 shortly.

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This week is our 2nd Anniversary on the air. Rather than giving you the typical synopsis, we'll let you be surprised at the content this week. After listening to the first 5 minutes of this episode, you'll understand why. Of course we talk lots of WWE, ECW, & TNA content. Add some entertainment and pop culture news, wacky stories, and some old school WWF memories, you'll enjoy the 2nd Year Anniversary broadcast very much. Oh and there's the very interesting return of Joey 9:24 to The Minority Report. We'll go back to the regular synopsis recaps next week.

Oh who are we fu**ing fooling. After breaking his finger and dislocating his shoulder during his first ever wrestling match Saturday, Don Tony doesn't feel like typing a long synopsis!

It has been an absolute pleasure entertaining all of you the last two years. We always strive to improve, and will continue doing so for you.

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, & Joey 9:24.

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  • The only thing Floyd Mayweather will break at Wrestlemania is wind..
  • The sound of cows fu**ing is easier to the ears than hearing that Floyd Mayweather / Big Show verbal exchange on Raw..
  • Jeff Jarrett gets this week, maybe this month's Dopey C*** Comment for his press releases on Bobby Knight..
  • For those asking, we explain why ESPN Classic is able to air AWA Wrestling, even though WWE bought rights to the company's footage..
  • WWE posting TNA news on WWE.com: We guarantee you this will not last long..
  • Defending New Jack, and shi**ing all over the father of Mass Transit. That kid's father is the one New Jack should have diced up that fateful night in 1996..
  • Prediction: If WWE insists on trying to turn Dismayweather face, you will see 'Mr McMahon' get involved in this horrid storyline..
  • Mae Young the latest inductee in WWE Hall Of Fame..
  • Hulk Hogan's new motto: 'Take Your Viagra, Say Your Prayers (that you dont get busted cheating), and believe your own hype'..
  • Invitation to all our NY fans to attend VPW this Saturday in Long Island. Don Tony promises a big surprise at the show involving a current TV wrestling superstar appearing..
  • Don Tony discusses the #1 why TNA going LIVE 3/27 is important, even if it only draws a 1.3 - 1.5 rating..
  • Laughing and exposing several mark wrestling news websites for incorrect reporting on how WWE can 'still' pay Mayweather $20 Million without 'having it on the books'. Are these marks still in Junior High School when they write this sh**?..
  • Next week we give our candid comments towards Maria Kanellis Playboy photos..
  • Advice to TNA: Air House Show matches once in a while on Impact. Besides great TV, you show fans how great your house shows are!..
  • Minority Report is in need of a producer! Your help is needed..
  • Other than Ric Flair vs HBK, anyone else disinterested with the other Wrestlemania matches?..
  • Idea for WWE: Have a special referee in Flair / HBK 'Mania match..
  • With the lack of Asian Wrestling superstars in US history, we discuss why WWE is pushing their product hard in China..
  • My Network TV the new home For Smackdown this Fall..
  • The more Julie Hart does interviews, the more she convinces people she has no business being around the wrestling business..
  • Message to other webcasts: Dont do wrestling interviews with people just because they 'accept' your invitation to do one..
  • Great House Shows, bad storylines, good matches, bad gimmicks, good PPV's, bad press releases, talented wrestlers, Racecar girly men drivers: Doesnt it seem like TNA takes 2 steps forward, then 4 steps backward?..
  • Addressing more Obamaholics who resented my comments last week and my support for John McCain..
  • MMA fans will sh** all over WWE for calling Big Show's exhibition on Raw an MMA match..
  • Detailed reasoning why CM Punk was 'watered down' by WWE, and why his Ring Of Honor work will always be superior..
  • Showing love to our International LIVE listeners..
  • Bobby Lashley: Reasons why TNA would still take him even if he prefers and works MMA over them..
  • In hindsight, did TNA look foolish for pushing Brock Lesnar's MMA match as hard as they did?..
  • Advice to TNA about how they should treat their new viewers..
  • Plus our .02 on why WWE's current ECW is a good thing.. comparing Stone Cold Shark Boy satire to the Blue World Order.. remembering Different Strokes.. shi**ing on Colin Delaney once again.. Sting and his wrestling future.. more souring on MVP.. looking at when Randy Orton was at his best.. Raw, Impact, Smackdown, and ECW talk, your calls, and much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi

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