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  • Don Tony offers arguably the greatest reason why every outside project (XFL, Icopro, etc) failed. WWE cannot try to 'Force Feed' people that don't give a sh** about their company..
  • Kudos to John Cena for bitching out Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson for shunning wrestling fans repeatedly in recent years..
  • JBL 'reveals' to Vince that his family tricked him in thinking Hornswoggle was his son. Surprised? Not us. Check out our 9/27/2007 episode which we predicted that very outcome to this stupid storyline..
  • Barack Obama gets this week's Dopey Dumb C*** Comment of the week for his comments about Al Qaeda in Iraq. Oh boy is he a nitwit after the comment he made this week..
  • A huge F*** You to marks out there still bitching about Rob Feinstein and the incident from years back. Yet these same marks still praise Chris Benoit and try to justify his actions..
  • Rumor has it Hulk Hogan had an affair with a female friend of Brooke's. Whatcha gonna do Christiane Plante, when The Hulkster comes all over you! Brotha!..
  • We told you Floyd Mayweather was going to be shi**ed on by wrestling fans. Photoshop your video clips all you want in an attempt to make him look 'over' with fans. He will continually be sh**ed on..
  • 1980's? 1990's? 2000's? Kevin Castle and Don Tony reveal which decade has been their favorite and why..
  • Kevin Castle reviews and recommends several new RF Video Shoot Interviews on sale..
  • A legit poll for our female listeners who are wrestling fans. If Hulk Hogan was naked in a room with you, would you sleep with him?..
  • Tommy Dreamer visits friends at a TNA House Show. Stop the fu**ing presses! Come on people. It's no big deal..
  • Don Tony defends Ring Of Honor for the recent angle some ignorantly called an 'attempted rape'. However remember people. ROH knew exactly what they were doing with that and its ramifications. Don't think so? You'll see years from now..
  • Jill Wagner: The hot babe on all the Mercury car commercials..
  • Gordon Solie to be inducted in this year's WWE Hall of Fame?..
  • We review the Shelly Martinez adult fetish video..
  • Bubba 'The Love' Sponge and others dispute claim WWE paid Floyd Mayweather $20 Million. Do these idiots realize the trouble WWE would get in if they lied? WWE is a publicly traded company nitwits!..
  • Drew Peterson, John McCain, Mr T: Three interviews Don Tony is pursuing for the webcast..
  • Please stop comparing Colin Delaney to Mikey Whipwreck people. An intelligent explanation why anyone thinking that is an idiot..
  • Remembering Wild Bill Irwin, Killer Kowalski, Big John Studd, and others who were demoted to wrestling under masks..
  • Discussing Sean Waltman's attempted suicide..
  • A respectful rebuttal to Roadkill's claim why he was really fired from WWE. And it has nothing to do with selling WWE merchandise at OVW events..
  • Questioning Johnny Grunge's widow for ripping previous Georgia legislature towards monitoring prescriptions. Yet she never ripped her husband for abusing drugs. Unless she thinks someone force fed her husband painkillers, Xanex, and Twinkies..
  • Rehashing the infamous story involving Don Tony, regurgitated Ziti, Vodka, and a female..
  • Anyone notice the segment on Raw where it showed Maria actually Photoshopping her Playboy pics?
  • And sorry Maria Kanellis. We give you kudos that you created some of your outfits worn in Playboy. But we can give a sh** what you have on in those pics..
  • Enjoy watching Judge Judy? Judge Mathis? We reveal something you probably didn't know about the outcomes of the cases..
  • Laughing at TNA for mentioning WWE stars were at their show..
  • Laughing at WWE for hyping Santino Marella main eventing ECW TV. Expect a lower than usual rating for that crapola..   
  • Plus our .02 on frivolous lawsuits.. Moment Of Truth.. Kennedy's face turn.. Kofi Kingston.. Wrestlemania 24.. your emails, Myspace messages and much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi & Kevin Castle.

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  • Floyd Mayweather breaks Big Show's nose, Wrestlemania match announced, and very VERY little mainstream media buzz. People like Meltzer find it surprising. We dont. Not only do we tell you why, we tell you when that will change and who's to blame..
  • Oh and by the way. Floyd Mayweather? No charisma whatsoever. Fans don't give a sh** about him like they did Mike Tyson. To us, he's just a short African American boxer who's excellent at his craft. Problem is there Uncle Floyd; we're not boxing fans!..
  • Message to WWE. Don't be surprised if you have quite a few wrestling fans backing Big Show to knock Mayweather's ass out simply because they are defending wrestling. Remember Roddy Piper vs Mr T at Wrestlemania 2?..
  • Vince McMahon belt whipping Hornswoggle. Living out a fantasy of abusing a child?. And as much as we sh** all over JBL's last 5 WWE years, he vs Finlay could be interesting..
  • Does WWE perception of UK 'The Sun' as sh** correct in the eyes of our UK listeners?..
  • Anyone notice the sh**y theme music changes to Mr Kennedy and Jeff Hardy? It's not stopping with them, and there's a reason why it's happening now..
  • Don Tony thinks WWE is on the verge of becoming raunchy once again..
  • Shelly Martinez adult fetish video. We finally get to watch it, and will review it shortly. Anyone else want a copy?!..
  • HHH vs Cena vs Orton, Undertaker vs Edge, Hardy MITB, Flair vs HBK. All matches we predicted would happen for weeks. Now we look at the chances this will be a great Wrestlemania, or will it suck balls..
  • We break down why Paul Burchall's WWE run will fail. Even if he does f*** his 'sister' in a storyline..
  • Hey Jim Ross. We know WWE tells you to say Beth Phoenix is the 'most dominant woman in wrestling history'. Please tell someone to be a bit more creative. That comment is assenine..
  • WWE is in need of another big 'babyface'..
  • MVP. Mr Kennedy. Beth Phoenix. Randy Orton. Is this the next generation of stars? Boy is wrestling going to suck in 5-10 years..
  • Thought we were nuts back in July 2007 when we said Chris Benoit quite possibly killed his wife due to a bad marriage? Drips and drabs backing that up are finally starting to surface..
  • Thought we were crazy to accuse Nancy Benoit of abusing an insane level of painkillers? Police Reports now reveal she was drug shopping at various Pharmacies, and took hundreds of pills in less than a month..
  • Don't know what Prescription and Pharmacy shopping is? We'll educate you..
  • Don Tony gives a storyline idea how he'd end Ric Flair's career. Involves a heel turn, a swerve, an early retirement, weeks of begging, and a Wrestlemania victory. Did we confuse you yet?!..
  • Don Tony answers if he would entertain working in the creative department of TNA and/or WWE..
  • Michelle Obama and Hulk Hogan: Two nominees for this week's Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week..
  • Don Tony vents on why Obama will not be our next President and Michelle Obama is not qualified to be our 'First Lady'. She will be the 'Last Lady' in the White House..
  • Looking at underground favorites of wrestling fans over the years who did not cut great promos..
  • Seven weeks into 2008. Luckily so far there are no shocking deaths in wrestling..
  • Hulkster says he and Eric Bischoff are days away from starting a wrestling company complete with mainstream TV? Who is he going to sh** out as talent? Brian Knobbs? Hail? Brutus Beefcake? There's simply not enough talent available for a new legitimate federation to start. And by now, some wrestler would have spilled the beans. Not to mention the millions of dollars needed to start..
  • Mae Young, Ric Flair, The Briscoes, Bob Backlund, The Von Erichs, Road Warriors, Terry Funk, Rick Rude, etc. We look at possible 2008 WWE Hall of Fame candidates, and others who should be in..
  • For those debating. Owen Hart and Brian Pillman will one day be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Guaranteed. Remember those words..
  • Remembering Eddie Gilbert and Kevin Von Erich..
  • Haven't the last few Wrestlemania's been quite sucky overall?..
  • Is TNA listening to us treating Jeremy Borash as a girlie bitch?..
  • Plus our .02 on Maria Kanellis.. why we sh** on Karen Angle and her TNA career.. obsessed Chris Benoit marks.. Heath Ledger's choice of drugs.. Sean Waltman in drug rehab.. Ron Killings' WWE debut.. Konnan medical update.. Don Tony gets his first Cortizone shot.. Wrestling Magazine to review The Minority Report.. defending current ECW product, your calls, emails, Myspace messages and much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi & Kevin Castle.

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  • Jiggly Jeremy Borash excited that his WWE Mobile Alert teases Santino Marella spread in Playgirl Magazine..
  • Ring Of Honor fans saying their product is more 'real' is like saying Saw 3 is a real horror film, and Friday The 13th is not..
  • Message to WWE about Santino Marella's look. Hide the prison leg tattoos, cutoff the mohawk, and dress him more European..
  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony give the greatest analysis why wrestling attendances are down, PPV buyrates are down, and why TNA and other new feds will find it 1000 times harder to succeed..
  • TNA signs Trenesha Biggers. Don Tony gets the urge for an Andrew Dice Clay esk nursery rhyme!..
  • Paul Burchall redebuts on Raw. Does it bother you that WWE ultimately will do the storyline that a brother fu**s his sister?..
  • Kevin Castle once paid $89.95 for the movie Roadhouse on VHS!..
  • Moshashima Makarabu, Yokohama Mama, Bryan Danielson:
    ROH 5 star matches + Lack of household names & stars = 35 PPV Buyrate in Canada..
  • Congratulations to Stephanie McMahon & Triple H and best wishes towards the birth of your second child..
  • CW Network drops WWE. DT and KC discuss where Smackdown will likely end up and why..
  • Laughing at a webcast host marking out because he met another person named Blade..
  • God Bless Tina Turner looking so good at 68 years old..
  • Internet, You Tube, and Ipods are the three biggest reasons why so many people don't go out like they did 20 years ago..
  • Defending Larry Flynt & Hustler against lawsuit filed by the family of Nancy Benoit. Plus our candid comments on the nude photos..
  • Kevin Castle's sincere message to Ring Of Honor fans..
  • Ultimate Warrior once again offers excellent analysis on the sad denial by Heath Ledger's father of his son's drug addictions. Now if I was The Warrior, don't say another word about it..
  • Fifty Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye Waste err West. Doesn't it seem like this era's music artists really suck sh**?..
  • Sorry Between The Ropes. But your interview with Ashley Massaro was so fluff, it was fu**ing pathetic..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle try to understand how Matt Hardy gets all this pu**y - and keeps them around for a while!..
  • WWE signs Angela Fong. No wrestling background, but she is an attractive replacement for Gail Kim..
  • Even though we defend Vince Russo on our show, why does he have such a hard time coming up with wrestler names and catch phrases?..
  • Anyone notice the lack of internet hatred lately over John Cena's return?..
  • WWE pulls the plug on OVW was likely planned a year ago. Internal excitement towards FCW's progress, new arena constructed, TV, and more..
  • Jake Roberts professes his being clean the last few months because of WWE help. Great news to hear, but we hope you can write the same words a year from now. We're pulling for you..
  • Infamous video clip of Manny Fernandez' attack on Invader III and the ton of blood spewing that has given kids nightmares for years: Was it a work? Or a shoot? We discuss in detail why it's a ___...
  • Chris Benoit case is closed. He killed his family. Noone and nothing else is to blame but him. Reasons why others say otherwise are Chris Nowinski using it to further his personal push on Concussions, family members having the motive to sue and make money off it, parents not accepting their kid was a murderer, or fans wanting to still celebrate his career despite the murders..
  • Plus our .02 on wrestlers cutting promos in front of thousands.. Brooke Hogan at The Grammys.. Petey Williams.. Julie Hart entering The Roundtable.. Showing love to Charles in Charge, Willie Aimes and Scott Baio.. Raw, Impact, Smackdown, and ECW talk, your calls, and much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle.

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  • Brock Lesnar losing to Frank Mir is the best thing that could have happened to his UFC career..
  • Congratulations NY Giants for making 2007 truly the Perfect Season!..
  • Kevin Castle offers his intelligent reasoning why he too agrees Bobby Lashley is an idiot for quitting WWE..
  • Joran Vandersloot: Isnt there one nutjob in Aruba that can just kill this piece of sh**? Hopefully he can OD and die of an overdose and someone can dump his body into the waters in Aruba..
  • Watch how fast Lashley changes his tune towards WWE if Kristal Marshall ever walks out on his ass..
  • Remember Bobby. Kristal has had more balls to the face than Johnny Bench..
  • Real advice to Julie Hart (Bret Hart's ex-wife). The only way your reality show will work is if your kids f*** up. People don't watch them for success, they want to see you fail miserably. Why the f*** would you want to put your kids thru that?..
  • For anyone that ever doubted Ultimate Warrior's intelligence, his latest video blog will change your mind..
  • Hulk Hogan playing the God of Wine and Intoxication in New Orleans: Was it a stupid idea since Nick drank and drive?..
  • It's 100% official: Heath Ledger was a drug abuser and died from an overdose of 7 different drugs..
  • Candice Michelle GoDaddy.com commercial no shows Super Bowl XLII. We told you months ago GoDaddy was weeding her out for Danica Patrick..
  • Hey geeks. Steve Austin, JBL, Undertaker, and Kurt Angle were all at UFC to support Brock Lesnar. Not cause they wanted to him get his ass kicked..
  • Is TNA doing these drinking segments just to add Stone Cold Shark Boy to the contest?..
  • Ripping TNA for stupid idea of even considering a separate show for their Womens Division..
  • Real (and unfortunate) reason revealed why Triple H wasn't on Raw last week and this coming Monday..
  • Once again we discuss why WWE nor TNA is a racist company..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle explain the one moment in the hidden videos that showed Joran Vandersloot was telling the truth about disposing Natalee Halloway's body..
  • After watching Mike Huckabee's geeky speech about being #2, we are no longer content at being the #2 wrestling webcast on the net..
  • Paul Heyman breaks his silence! Unfortunately we explain why many people including us no longer gives a sh**..
  • Speaking of #2, WWE Raw Monday was quite the shi**y show..
  • Two Elimination Chamber matches at the No Way Out PPV will work only if each has it's own unique memorable spot..
  • Praising Jim Ross for his intelligent words about Bobby Lashley leaving WWE. Noone could have said it better..
  • Discussion why WWE doesn't have CM Punk going to schools to promote Drug Free lifestyle to kids..
  • Reiterating why Teddy Hart remains a punk with great talent and what it will take for him to grow up..
  • Reiterating why Suspension of Disbelief is the number one item that needs to improve in wrestling..
  • Holy sh**. After 18 months of saying they need to do it, TNA is now considering a secondary title? About fu**ing time!..
  • Advice for fans: As long as you don't go into debt doing it, always go to a wrestling event if one is in your area. Whether it be WWE, TNA, ECW, or the indies, go!..
  • Plus our .02 on Colt Cabana.. Jeff Hardy winning ECW / Smackdown Title.. comparing Masked Maniac to Ice Cream.. Victoria Gotti.. TNA street team.. WWE contest for young Spanish wrestling fans.. Triple H wrestling at 50.. TNA live TV event in March, defending current ECW product, your calls, emails, Myspace messages and much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi & Kevin Castle

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  • Don Tony explains why Bobby Lashley is 100% wrong for walking out on WWE. No matter the reason, he's wrong..
  • ECW found their identity within a 3 year span in 1995. TNA has been around almost 6 years and still haven't found any identity..
  • A look at John Cena's surprise return and why this isn't as bad as it has been in the past..
  • Comparing John Cena's forced push to Hogan, Warrior, Triple H, and others..
  • As Don Tony said the night he died, why are there so many tributes and love for Heath Ledger? He was a fu**ing drug addict who overdosed. How's about learning from his assenine mistake rather than putting his life on a silver platter..
  • Ultimate Warrior and his controversial comments towards Heath Ledger and Hulk Hogan. Our reaction to his comments..
  • Don Tony told everyone Jeff Hardy would not defeat Randy Orton. Dont cry Hardy fans. The chances of him winning the ECW or Smackdown title in the future are great..
  • Dispelling stupid accusations that WWE is a racist company..
  • Shazam! TV show from the 1970's: Were Captain Marvel, Billy, & Mentor racists?..
  • Thank you for DT for all the Don Tony signs at the Royal Rumble PPV..
  • LOL at Candice Michelle and new Go Daddy commercial. For $5 and some clean feet, you can be her 'daddy' too!..
  • Can someone hire a Midget Terrorist and 'take out' Hornswoggle? We understand he's a kids favorite. But stop the wins over regular sized wrestlers. In a perfect world, he tears his rubberband sized quad and soon..
  • Reminder as we said for a month now, bank on a Triple H victory at the No Way Out PPV..
  • Next week: Looking at who WWE would get rid off immediately if they 'bought' TNA..
  • Flair vs Batista, Triple H vs Cena vs Orton, Edge vs Taker, Hardy MITB and more: Don Tony offers Wrestlemania match ideas..
  • For the 10000000th time, it would be assenine for Edge to end Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania. Look at the New England Patriots 19-0 buzz. An undefeated WM career will be a moniker attached to Taker long after he retires from wrestling..
  • Someone please kidnap Ashley Massaro, tie her to a bed, and force her to eat 3 meals a day for a month. Unless ya'll like the crack addict / anemic look..
  • Go Giants! Wishful thinking? Defeat the Patriots 27-23..
  • Comparing Stone Cold Shark Boy to BWO, Nacho Man, Huckster, Scheme Gene, and others. Although the skit was funny, TNA looks quite stupid mocking a wrestler they never had under contract. And it's not a TNA bashing, we back it up with analysis..
  • WWE Hi-Definition For Dummies..
  • Although Snuka and Piper were nice Royal Rumble surprises, we would have preferred Big Show and Ron Killings in those spots..
  • When Piper and Snuka came out, did you wish inside that 'Real American' music was going to hit next?!..
  • Wondering if wrestlers realize some webcasts they appear on who claim to be huge don't even draw 500 listeners a week. That's why your webcast fix should be limited to Mondays and Tuesdays..
  • Plus our .02 on grown men popping like girls over John Cena's return.. remembering John Belushi.. reiterating our momentous comment about TNA and VKM.. Mike Adamle.. WWE Tag Team scene, Raw, Impact, Smackdown, ECW talk, your calls, and much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi.

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