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  • Hulk Hogan: "I am a Real American, fighting those big fat lesbians!"..
  • LMAO at Julie Hart thinking she's a celebrity.  Her having a reality TV series is like following Sara without Undertaker. And sorry Bret for this one. But who the f*** names their kid 'Beans'?..
  • Did anyone else notice Steroid abuser Harry Smith (who's underage) drinking a beer during Raw 15th Anniversary show? Of course it's no big deal to us. We just felt like being instigating pri**s..
  • Talia Madison's TNA name Velvet Sky sounds like the name of a $5 bottle of perfume at a Chinese vendor at a flea market. You want bottle of Velvet Sky? Two dollar..
  • We told you Triple H would give the 'rub' to Jeff Hardy at PPV. With the exception of a few stupid skits, HHH has been very unselfish the last few years. In front of the camera that is..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Michael Benoit's Lawyer trying to put a guilt trip on WWE as an attempt to extort $2 Million. If anyone should be shi**ed on, it's the father of Chris Benoit and mother of Nancy. These jackasses are trying to rewrite history of Benoit murder so they can get $$$. That whole Benoit family is f***ed up..
  • And message to surviving Benoit family. You can lead a horse to the water. But you can't force them to drink. You dont see Gracie family blaming MMA groups for Ryan's death..
  • Looking at Lo-Ki aka Senshi and why he would never survive WWE..
  • Minority Roundtable interviewing Theo from Cosby Show???..
  • Noone whatsoever should criticize Baby Doll for making public WWE helping Jake Roberts with drug rehab. Not only do we get into this deep, but show that another female seems to be acting quite the 'snake'..
  • Some irony involving Konnan and TNA 1/4/08 Tokyo Dome show..
  • A detailed in depth look at Chris Jericho, his return, his future, backstage politics, and more. A must hear..
  • Why does WWE have to put song names for themes like Austin, The Rock, Foley, and others?..
  • Anyone interesting in us running a TNA bus trip for their 2/22 show in Westbury, NY? We already contacted TNA about it..
  • The Christopher Daniels 'firing' from TNA is storyline. However, we explain why he would have a difficult time jumping to WWE if he were really fired..
  • Message to TNA. Put Dlo Brown in front of the fu**ing camera already. You would be surprised how many fans would tune in to see him. We would..
  • Its hard to say anything negative about Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch. But she should handle her own myspace page when responding to messages..
  • WWE having Edge align a faction with the Major Brothers. Did WWE forget that they are the Major Bros?..
  • Showing love to Lenny Lane & Lodi..
  • Jeff Hardy: Will WWE consider putting a World Title on him, or go the 'Jimmy Snuka' route..
  • TNA script of Jan 2008 show leaks online. Interesting tidbits on that story including who's writing what..
  • Lets see here. One week AJ Styles dresses as a turkey, a reindeer. The next week, we're supposed to give a sh** who he aligns himself with?..
  • As we predicted, TNA would create a storyline between Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe from the 'shoot' incident..
  • More shoot interview recommendations from Kevin Castle..
  • Although JBL's back will deteriorate quite fast, his promo exchanges with Y2J will be good..
  • Plus our .02 on Konnan, Sheep eating Humans, Mitchell Report and MLB steroids / HGH scandal, Shane Helms, more on Christian Cage being booted off XBOX Live, insane match stipulations, Sleep Aids, Colon cleaners, your calls, and more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle & Joey 9:24

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  • We've done nothing but praise Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson over the last few years. But there is no excuse whatsoever as to why he didn't appear on Raw's 15th Anniversary show. The fans were responsible for his instant acknowledgement in Hollywood. If he never was a WWE wrestler, he would have struggled to even appear on In Living Color..
  • We said it for years. WWE needs to do more 'Feel Good' shows. Thank you for 15th Anniversary show. Hopefully we don't have to wait 5 more years or a death for 'feel good' sh** like we had Monday..
  • Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan won't happen at Wrestlemania. Flair will want to hug his opponent and cry after the retirement match. And we don't see him doing that if Hulk Hogan was on the other side in the ring..
  • Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage: Now that's a storyline and match we can see brewing in the near future. Savage's 'silence' will determine if that match happens..
  • Congratulations to Kevin Castle's friend Dan Nelson who is now the lead singer for the legendary band Anthrax! And yes he is a wrestling fan as well!..
  • LOL. WWE changes the results of their recent Raw polls to reflect their choices. How many fu**ing years have we been telling you that they do that? And these mark websites are only noticing it now..
  • How many more shows do we have to bang our heads about this. TNA, create a fu**ing secondary title! You need one now! Morons!..
  • The fact that Sid Vicious wasn't on the Raw Anniversary special speaks volumes about his imminent WWE return to the ring..
  • Ron 'The Truth' Killings going to WWE with John Cena's blessing?..
  • Dopey Cu** Comment Of The Week: Kristal Marshall. Yes Kristal; WWE management was likely laughing at you when Lita was cheered, appreciated, and talked about post Raw's anniversary show..
  • Don Tony thinks Marty McFly's taste in attire than Marty Jannetty. Did you see that horrible outfit? But not as bad as Scorpio looking like a Duracell battery..
  • Attention tanners. Beware of Tinia Versicolor and white spots on Don Tony's ass..
  • Do you think TNA will edit out Samoa Joe's PPV 'shoot' promo from their upcoming DVD release?..
  • Doesn't Obama sound alot like The Rock? Also, funny comments about Mitt Romney and 'The Huckster' Mike Huckabee..
  • WWE should take notice the amount of fan support towards Shelton Benjamin, even if he's in 'Extreme' Limbo right now..
  • Don Tony watches The Jackie Robinson Story for the first time and has some interesting remarks..
  • You wonder if Vickie Guerrero ever looks in the mirror and realizes she has a job and is on TV only because her husband died? I'd be embarrassed if I were her. And not just because she looks like a ragged, unkempt Latino..
  • How horrible are these 'Just For Men' commercials? Maybe the stupid bastard is 'single again' because he's an a**hole and not because his hair is gray..
  • Still laughing at the geeks who wrote news alerts about Jericho's 9:45PM Raw return several weeks back..
  • We explain why we can 'mark out' for Hulk Hogan on TV, and still rip Terry Bollea a new a**hole for his poor parental skills..
  • Even though we don't follow UFC, we offer our opinion as to how they should nurture and take their time with Brock Lesnar as an MMA fighter..
  • Chris Jericho. Did WWE make the Santino Marella mistake with Y2J? We discuss what WWE can do to repair and replenish Y2J's momentum with the fans..
  • Has Steve Austin become 'Stone Old' and bland?..
  • Plus our .02 on WWE & TNA recycling storylijnes, Hulk Hogan vs Great Khali, Evolution feuds at Wrestlemania, Kofi Kingston, your calls, Myspace messages, emails, and more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle & Joey 9:24..

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  • Dopey Cu** Comment Of The Week: Triple H: Says (in storyline) for a title shot he would pedigree his own grandmother. Yet in '07, making 'saves' and teaming with him, he never pedigree' d John Cena while he was champ..
  • Gee that was fast. One week later, Ric Flair 'retirement' storyline isn't mentioned on WWE TV, nor is Flair on any shows..
  • WWE using Randy Orton's boring, robotic, uninteresting persona as a storyline destined to fail. Watch all the fans get pissed when Jericho doesn't 'save' us from Orton at the next PPV..
  • Hogan Knows Best. Bollea Knows Sh**..
  • Samoa Joe 'shoot' promo at TNA PPV: Don Tony calls Joe a moron for ripping 1/2 of TNA locker room and management. Plus, he puts over 'dedicated' younger TNA stars that can't even break 1.0 ratings. Joey 9:24 defends Joe and makes great points at Joe's possible frustration internally towards Kurt Angle & TNA..
  • Reason #115 why TNA remains a busch league company: 'YOUR FIRED!' Can someone send Dixie Carter a Speak And Spell for Christmas?!..
  • LOL at The Outsiders Scott Hall / Kevin Nash and their 'serious illnesses' caught the days of TNA PPVs. Remember the heart attack?!..
  • Don Tony & Joey 9:24 pitch cool storyline involving Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, and X-Division stars that would make lots of sense..
  • ECW blast from the past: Paul Varlens vs Taz..
  • Kevin Federline, Pacman Jones, Jackass, Hermie Sadler, etc: When will WWE & TNA ever learn?..
  • Stan Hansen: One legend who would be so over if he wrestled in this era. One small promo example why Randy Orton is awful. Could Orton be the worst WWE champion of all time?..
  • Don Tony has renamed his penis Mohammed and dares Sudan extremist freaks to behead him..
  • WWE airing Vickie Guerrero french kissing Edge six times on TV in 10 days: Someone behind the scenes in WWE is definitely masturbating to this footage..
  • Discussing why business wont really change until Vince McMahon passes away..
  • Minority Roundtable interviewing Jewel DeNyle: Nothing wrong with interviewing some great bu** once in a while..
  • Chef Boyardee: Good Italian food? Or fraud?..
  • Taco Bell: Is it really the 'fourth meal'?..
  • Discussing younger and older fans that 'tribute' Chris Benoit..
  • Jeff Hardy gets World Title shot at Royal Rumble. Bank on it..
  • As we predicted the last 2 weeks. Hulk Hogan returns to WWE TV next week. We discuss the possibility of a Wrestlemania match..
  • Has WWE finally realized it and is depushing Snitsky?..
  • We discuss the reason why Carlito and Jonathan Coachman are being bitched out on WWE TV especially the last few weeks..
  • What the f*** was that on Raw? Y2J slowly unbuttons his vest for Randy Orton, and what followed..
  • Laughing at all the Chris Masters interviews floating around..
  • WWE and their Scott Hall / TNA remark on Raw. Reason why WWE will now take cheapshots at TNA when they arise..
  • Was Eric Young the appropriate choice in TNA main event? And how horrible was it that their PPV only had one title defense (womens belt)..
  • We discuss reasoning why Sting will work out some type of deal with WWE. Count on it..
  • Dynamite Kid signs deal with Jakks Pacific. In his condition, what the f*** was he waiting for?..
  • Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania: We discuss reasons why it is highly unlikely WWE will have him lose..
  • Plus, our .02 on new WSX and HBK DVDs, 'I HATE THAT', more Sid Vicious talk, Finlay's babyface turn, Vince McMahon's 'Yes men', Robocop, WWE roster interactions, Video Games, cartoons of Chris Benoit murdering his family, vintage horror films, AJ Styles or Chris Daniels vs CM Punk, lots of emails, chat room questions, Myspace questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, and Joey 9:24..

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