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  • Everytime we read Jim Ross talking about Shelton Benjamin depushed and lacking 'something', we think of Cade & Murdoch getting ZERO crowd reaction for 2+ years now. Yet they have belts. They must suck a great **** for someone in WWE..
  • Reason #114 why TNA remains a busch league company: Johnny Stamboli should NOT be doing casual interviews right before a TNA debut as Rellik. You don't see Umaga doing them. You never saw Kane do one (while under the mask) nor George Steele (while he was a wrestler)..
  • How many weeks have we been talking about how Hulk Hogan gave his son Nick alcohol on his boat before he had his accident? And geek wrestling websites are only noticing this now?..
  • Video: Candice Michelle having her feet sucked like a lollipop..
  • How's that for irony. Randy Orton's 'Torch Runner' tells NY Times he'll take steroids if it means a WWE career! Dopey Cu** Comment Of The Week..
  • Lets lay off of Vickie Guerrero. We should be happy for her that she's exchanging spit with Edge. I mean who would really want to tongue kiss that ugly troglodyke outside of storylines?..
  • Kurt Angle as a Pilgrim, comedy skits, corny segments: Wasn't this a big reason Angle said he wasn't happy in WWE before he left?..
  • Jeff Hardy: Is he a real main eventer? Or is he one by circumstance..
  • Rest In Peace Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot)..
  • Rumors around the Pedo campfire is that several people were getting their kinky kicks out of adults wrestling children at that Florida wrestling company..
  • Looking at who was 'under the hood' on CNN / WWE steroids story scandal..
  • Ashley Massaro dating Paul London. Is that wrestler #3 who has 'Hanged and Banged' her?..
  • Message to Kristal Marshall (after reading her blog on her WWE release): Wait tables, go back to Price Is Right, model, date a few more wrestlers, strip, whatever. Just stay clear away from wrestling..
  • Our Ric Flair retiring storyline idea. Have Flair win every match up until Wrestlemania, then retire at 'Mania..
  • Bubba The Love Sponge can call Linda Hogan Bollea a Gold Digging Bitch. Lets see if Bubba has the Balls to call Nick Bollea a piece of sh** for what he's done..
  • Showing love to Sid Vicious. If I were WWE, and Sid is clean, bring him back at the Royal Rumble..
  • As we predicted, Chris Jericho's first opponent and verbal altercation would be Santino Marella..
  • Reason why Chris Masters will never do an interview with The Minority Report. We'd have the balls to ask the #1 question noone else would..
  • We express our humor at some geek marks doing interviews to 'mark out' rather than the purpose of said interview..
  • Ever get a 'Happy Ending' at a Massage Parlor?..
  • Fu** Hardbody Harrison. He doesn't deserve any airtime..
  • No matter how bad TNA is or becomes, we will always be grateful they gave people like Homicide, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and others a chance to shine in primetime. Something WWE would have never given them..
  • Is Facebook better than Myspace?..
  • ACME Instaroom: Remember our prediction 6 weeks back that WWE would do 'Road Runner' cartoon skits with Hornswoggle?..
  • Shelton Benjamin to ECW. Minority Report is happy for Shelton, but concerned for Charlie Haas..
  • Do's and Dont's on bringing signs to WWE events..
  • Laughing at Bollea family spokesperson who actually thinks DMV suspending Nick's license is negotiable..
  • Laughing at Hulk Hogan asking for 'privacy'. Laughing harder as to what will be made public about the divorce. Apparently Hulkster was a 'maniac' himself. Just not the same 'Maniacs' we all were..
  • How many cheap marks out there will hold off dating someone until after Christmas to avoid buying gifts?!..
  • How fu**ing bad was the ECW Video Game when it came out?! And remember ECW geeky marks who refused to admit the game sucked balls..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle discuss reasoning behind WWE putting the belts on certain wrestlers..
  • Plus, our .02 on Charles In Charge, XPW: The XXX video, Gangrel, Joran Vandersloot, Remembering Doug Gentry, 1980's Rock bands, Nintendo Wii, OJ Simspon's current trial, Samoa Joe with a bone in his nose, lots of emails, chat room questions, Myspace questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24..

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  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony's Thanksgiving message to all of our listeners..
  • You want to stop the corny ROH esk chants at TNA's Orlando events? Charge these marks $$$ for their tickets. It's not meant to disrespect ROH. ROH fans chant it because they are passionate for their product. TNA fans do it to try and look cool..
  • Jeff Hardy vs Umaga on Raw was on its way to being top 5 Raw match in years. But WWE had to bastardize it with Zitsky..
  • Just because Shawn Michaels professes his religious beliefs publicly doesn't make him more holy or religious than any of us..
  • Is it just us, or why is some areas of the media treating Kanye West's mother as if she's Oprah Winfrey? She's not a celebrity and never was. We feel bad she died, but come on with this bull****..
  • XPW: Don Tony gets into detail certain hypocrites online, why it went out of business, must buy DVD's, 'West Coast vs East Coast' storyline that was pitched but ignored, and lots more..
  • Best wishes to Nick Bockwinkle. We hope you have a full recovery from your surgery..
  • RIP Mr. Whipple..
  • Looking at Myspace stories of guys pretending to be girls, vice versa, pedophiles hiding as 16 year olds, and lots more..
  • If JBL had an authoritative position in WWE, we would not have any problem with him confronting The Miz and Johnny Morrison. But since he's not, he was a d*** for doing what he did..
  • Chris Jericho's return. Just as we predicted. A verbal confrontation between Y2J 'saving us' from Randy Orton. There's one big problem WWE forgot about this Orton storyline..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Linda Hogan Bollea..
  • Unfu**ingbelievable. Remember days after Nick Hogan accident we talked about their 'rush' and why Nick's habits wouldn't change? You won't believe what Nick's mommy (and Hulk's wife) Linda was shown doing and saying on an illegal racing DVD..
  • Speaking of doing things on video, we look back at the Beulah (Mrs Tommy Dreamer) porn. And there are links mentioned on the show to download great video quality of her XXX vid..
  • Laughing at marks who actually wrote news articles and blogs hyping the 'exact time' Chris Jericho would return on Raw! Unfortunately at 9:45PM, not only did he not appear, but an ECW commercial with the infamous 'Don Tony' sign did!..
  • As long as we treat TNA like the drunk rich bitch at the bar, we should enjoy them just fine. Let them piss away hundreds of thousands on non enticing talent and wastes of sperm (ie Pacman Jones)..
  • Did Jericho sound like he was hyping up Fozzy fans before a concert instead of wrestling fans?..
  • Remember when Don Tony was ripped off by Verizon? Kevin Castle now experiences the di**ing around by Verizon..
  • We offer our preferences on how we would want to die..
  • Spaceballs 20th Anniversary: We anticipate this special DVD release..
  • We discuss how WWE would tweak Samoa Joe if he ever signed with World Wrestling Entertainment..
  • We said this a while back but we will say it again: Bobby Roode will be a big star in WWE. Bank on it..
  • TNA + changing Talia Madison's name to Velvet Sky = Kiss Of Death..
  • Edge vs Batista to lead to Edge vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania?..
  • Who had the best Pyro for their entrance?..
  • Pat Patterson, Don Muraco, Steve Austin: Looking at our favorite IC Title eras..
  • Plus, our .02 on Johnny Morrison, Carlito, Goldberg's latest diss towards wrestling, Mel Brooks, Jacob Duncan, Paris Hilton saving drunk elephants, Hindus marrying dogs, lots of emails, chat room questions, Myspace questions, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle

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  • Don Tony's Survivor Series match idea: CM Punk's 'Straight Edge' team vs Johnny Morrison's 'Drug Abusers'..
  • Hey WWE, would you answer our question? If you fire a wrestler for Wellness Policy violations, what timeframe before they can be rehired? One year? Two years? Lifetime ban?..
  • Harry DH Smith truly did dedicate his Raw debut to his dad Davey Boy Smith. From the powerslam down to shooting roids in his ass..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Chris Masters Mordetsky..
  • Please WWE, release Masters now. He's not going to change his ways. However, in a warped way, you can also attribute Triple H for Masters' demise. When CM returned from his first rehab, instead of giving him confidence and support, he got the infamous 'How to lose 50 lbs in a month' joke on Raw..
  • Don Tony has a hunch Great Khali will turn face at the Survivor Series PPV..
  • Kudos to WWE for such a touching tribute to Fabulous Moolah. Thank you Moolah for the memories..
  • Can someone mistake Hornswoggle for a fire hydrant and run him over? Please?..
  • Even though Nick Bollea is a d***, Joey 9:24 & Don Tony explain why Hulk Hogan is and will always be above Steve Austin..
  • Update on Lex Luger and fund raising idea for his medical bills..
  • Prince is a fu**ing genius suing the Dancing Baby's family over copyright infringement of his music on You Tube..
  • Fabulous Moolah: One person you rarely ever complained when she was on TV. Whether it was the 50's, 80's, even today..
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter's racist tirade: We discuss why he comes off as a 'I dont mind whites dating blacks, but not in my yard!'..
  • Anyone notice how WWE goes to a far shot whenever a Diva in a dress enters the ring?. Yet we have to see the fat fu** Chris DeJoseph and his 5" sweaty yeast smelling pud..
  • Laughing at the webcast and website geeks that thought Booker T and Sharmell was going to be edited out of the entire Family Feud TV episode..
  • Tommy Dreamer stories involving the Beulah porn video, a bathroom, and The Bronx Zoo..
  • Does the majority of WWE audience 'not feeling' Randy Orton as WWE Champion?..
  • One of our listeners responsible for WCW hiring Johnny Ace? Think it's ridiculous? Think again..
  • Can someone tell me (in storyline) why the fu** Triple H or Umaga would choose the talent on their SS teams?..
  • If you were a wrestler, wouldnt you rather face someone with a boatload of steroids in their system, then a boatload of Xanex and Painkillers?..
  • We are all looking forward to Chris Jericho's return. But we can't seem to understand who and what the f*** he is going to save us from..
  • Shelly 'Ariel' Martinez soon to debut as LAX's valet..
  • WWE MUST create a Legends of Wrestling video game. Do it fu**ing now!..
  • Since fans don't want to tune into ECW on Sci-Fi, WWE will force that Extreme Sh** on us by putting talent on Raw..
  • No disrespect to Ring of Honor. But unless Nicholas Cage wants to use some ROH guys as extras in his film, that's the wrong promotion to be getting advice from..
  • Does anyone else hate Jim from the Brinks Home Security commercials?..
  • Does it seem WWE plans on keeping Trevor Murdoch and demoting (or even releasing) Lance Cade?..
  • Speaking of commercials, how stupid was WWE this week? WWE pipes out Y2J chants, takes away signs, and dont want his name mentioned at all before his return. Yet they sell commercial spots to the Jericho videogame..
  • Showing love to all our freaky listeners..
  • Funny story involving Don Tony who dated a Jehovah Witness..
  • Reminder to our NY listeners: BIG Pro Wrestling comes to Brooklyn NY on November 9..
  • Plus, our .02 on Super Crazy / Duggan tag team, shout out to Joey 'Kaos' Munoz, Booker T, Mark Henry, why WWE dropped Umaga heel turn, chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi.

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