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  • Batista's 'Vacuum' comments: Did his lesbian mother teach him any respect? Maybe its a macho thing to do in the Philippines. But here Dave Bautista, it's classless. At times you do deserve respect. However other times sir, you are nothing but a jacked up nerd..
  • Message to Bret Hart: Market your 20 years of audio blogs onto CD. There will be a market for it, and you will make a nice chunk of cash from them..
  • Polaroid needs to drop Nick Hogan as his sponsor and fast. Will Hulk consider these 'Polaroid' moments? When his son violates the law again, Crashes his car, Cripples someone else, Cripples himself..
  • Don Tony has raised money for Katrina Animal Rescue, Chris Candido, and Konnan. Reason why he WONT offer any assistance to Lex Luger unless..
  • Randy Orton must sit back and think how WWE kisses his ass and tolerates so many instances of bad behavior and illegal drug use..
  • Kudos to TNA for hiring Dlo Brown. But fans don't give a sh** if he's an agent. Put him on f**king TV and give us a reason to tune in..
  • Plea for some animal lover extremist nutjob to cut the leg off of Pamela Worden .. Wait until you hear what this piece of sh** did to a harmless bird..
  • Don Tony rips Maine for giving condoms to 11 year olds. But a twist as to how he would handle these sexually active preteens..
  • Junior 'Rikishi' Fatu: There's a reason he's 450 pounds. He wants a boatload of cash from TNA? Hey Dixie, don't fund his obesity habits. Cut him loose and let him scrounge for Twinkie money elsewhere..
  • Do you care even an ounce that Leticia left TNA?..
  • Johnny Morrison's 'threat' to CM Punk's title is reason why The Miz was picked by fans on Cyber Sunday. Think we're crazy? Were not..
  • TNA scores 'Minority' points for their new womens division. But please. Please. Less gimmick matches and constant clusterf***s..
  • Dispelling the rumors of Kelly Kelly having breast implants..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Harvey Johnson Of FEMA..
  • Eve wins Divas Search. Unless WWE changes her look completely, watch out Candice in 2008..
  • Booker T as Sting's partner, TNA's involvement with his school, and why this relationship will grow..
  • Reasons why TNA needs to give indy stars like Mack Daddy Flexxx, Grimm Reefer, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, and others a shot. Even for a squash match. And speaking of the indies..
  • Jason Static will get a WWE Developmental deal before the end of 2008..
  • Does WWE realize that its been three years Cade & Murdoch receives no crowd reaction at all?..
  • Did anyone notice how small of a pop there was when Maria announced Steve Austin would appear on Raw next week?..
  • How great was Condoleezza Rice's reaction what that nutjob protestor approached her?..
  • Hornswoggle replaces John Cena as kids choice on Raw..
  • As Don Tony predicted, Colorado Rockies would lose steam completely in the World Series and Red Sox would win..
  • Advice for fans looking to purchase Wrestlemania 24 tickets..
  • Personal story involving Bob Backlund, Ivan Koloff, Sgt Slaughter, a broken arm, and a special memory..
  • Local recommendation: BIG Pro Wrestling comes to Brooklyn NY on November 9..
  • Plus our .02 on Illegal wrestling shows, mutual trust amongst bleeding foes,  Danny DeManto, Chris Crocker, Ric Flair, TNA rehashing WCW / NWA storylines, Victoria / Myspace, Johnny Rodz, chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi.

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  • Candice Michelle is sloppier than a pig in mud. Every move is sloppy. Her injury was going to happen, and will happen again. We feel sorry for her, but those are the facts..
  • Advice for WWE & Candice Michelle: There are 1000's of players that try for years to make it to MLB but cant because they cant hit. Cant pitch. Thousands that try to shoot hoops everyday for years but still dont make the NBA. Kudos that they try, but trying doesnt always make you good. Candice Michelle is not cut out to wrestle. A fu**ing robot can learn a sunset flip. A plancha. A dropkick. Learning a move is one thing. Execution is another..
  • Laughing at WWE having Ric Flair interview Irv Gotti of Murder Inc..
  • Awesome call-in from Brian of US Navy. Not only does he give us a great update on Navy assisting Konnan, but Brian and other US Military were fighting the fires in San Diego California this past Monday..
  • Kevin Castle gives in depth preview of Batista's book. Even if you don't like Batista, you will definitely want to buy this book..
  • Another must buy book: Bruiser Brody..
  • It must have sucked for a teenage Batista to come home just to find his mom carpet munching..
  • Kristal 'The Rat' Marshall released by WWE. Do you think she ever played Stripped Plinko with Bob Barker on The Price Is Right? Dont wory Kristal. You're right up someone's alley in TNA..
  • Chris Jericho's return: Momentus? Or will he remind us of Undertaker's return at Wrestlemania 20. Anyone remembers that? WTF was Undertaker wearing that night?!..
  • Even if you don't like Lex Luger, everyone should send best wishes to Mr. Pfohl on his road to recovery..
  • Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week: Nick Hogan. And a message to Nick. Your Piss Yellow car may be a pu**y magnet. But mispelling simple words on a blog is not. Do a spell check next time you illiterate fool..
  • FL Law Enforcement better take notice at Nick Bollea's recent Myspace comments..
  • Teddy 'The Bitch' Hart no shows his first wrestling event post WWE..
  • If we can ask Jeff Jarrett or Dixie Carter one questions, what would it be? Think Pacman Jones..
  • Triple H and his animosity towards Edge..
  • Why Four Horsemen is the greatest wrestling faction of all time..
  • Discussing rumors of IWA Mid South shutting its doors and one noticible problem with their merchandise..
  • Our quick list of 70's & 80's wrestlers that could make it in today's wrestling era..
  • Kudos to Ring of Honor, Baby Doll, Tammy Sytch, Roddy Piper, Francine and others for going all out for fans at CA Convention disaster; despite getting stiffed by the a**hole promoter..
  • Harry Smith debuts on Raw. Reason for 'DH' Smith name? Well that's because 'TJ' Wilson will join him shortly..
  • Undertaker 'hanging and banging' Michelle McCool rumors..
  • We define what 'taking a break' in a relationship means for our geek listeners who don't get none..
  • Laughing at geek webcasts all interviewing Jericho and Daivari with ulterior motives..
  • We are huge Chris Jericho fans and anticipate his return. But we are sad to say that his book sounds like it sucks donkey di**..
  • Don Tony speaks Jive?..
  • Plus our .02 on Disco Inferno, Carmella DeCesare, TNA's #1 problem, Divas Search, Junior Fatu, Victoria, Chris Crocker, Dixie Carter pics, concern over Carito's WWE run, chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.

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  • Shelly Ariel Martinez upcoming video. Laughing at wrestling geeks who dont know the difference between fetish videos and 'porn'..
  • WWE releases Teddy Hart. We called it that he'd be fired within 2 months. Teddy Hart is simply a bitch with wrestling talent. His behavior is cute at 14. Now in his 20's he's just an immature bitch..
  • Krissy Vaine gets this week's Dopey C*** Comment Of The Week award..
  • Showing some love to 'DX Tori' who is now on myspace..
  • Sneak peek at Batista's new book and his revelation that he fu**ed Melina. Behind Johnny Nitro's back?..
  • Notice how Nick Hogan Bollea hasn't done any Public Service work towards driving habits and tragedies? Wait until he is charged for his act. Then the bitch will run like a baby to do them..
  • Bret Hart reveals in his book that he was a 'Man Whore' for years. If you remember wife Julie Hart during Wrestling With Shadows video, who would blame him? Talk about a troglodyte!..
  • Why was Jerry Lawler allowed to vote for Cyber Sunday since he is a WWE employee?..
  • Message to Ryan O'Reilly: Lose the Sean O'Haire look. Alot of people are laughing at you. Unless maybe your fiance gets wet over Sean O'Haire..
  • We discuss why Nick Hogan Bollea will not change his driving habits anytime soon. And we guarantee Nick will convince himself his friend is a vegetable because he didn't wear his seatbelt over his careless driving..
  • Message to Shawn Michaels: Don't lose the facial hair. You look 1000x better with it..
  • Jim Ross, please stop making Candice Michelle out to be Jack Brisco..
  • As we predicted last week, dopey Taryn Terrell eliminated from WWE Divas Search..
  • Exposing WWE planting seeds so fans vote certain ways on Cyber Sunday PPV..
  • Forget 'New' Hart Foundation. WWE should bring in Nattie, Ted Jr, Harry, and others as a 2nd Generation faction angle..
  • Showing respect to Shane Douglas working now at Target in management, Baby Doll working at Walmart: And laughing at wrestling geeks that for some reason thought this was funny..
  • If anyone is amazed that HHH is not main eventing right now, wait until it gets closer to Wrestlemania..
  • Message to The Major Brothers who didn't know Steve Williams and Robert Gibson's legendary tag team career..
  • Minority Report recommends Lillian Garcia's latest CD..
  • Expect a change to ECW roster very soon..
  • Discussing again how TNA puts loyalty (ie: Don West, Jeremy Borash) in front of poor quality..
  • Showing love to Professor Elliot Marin with hope he recovers from his latest health issues..
  • Notice how PWInsider and others are finally acknowledging what we've been saying towards lower WWE ratings for years..
  • Charity Wrestling event coming to Vermont for Alexis Cross Foundation..
  • Message to Gabe Sapolsky: There's never enough money to be made. Get some name talent and older stars in ROH..
  • Hopefully WWE puts Snitsky's Halloween skits on TV or WWE.com..
  • It appears that King Booker T's WWE career could be over..
  • J-Lo Jennifer Lopez attended same school with Don Tony?..
  • Hustler, Swank, or Playboy: Which do you prefer?..
  • Expect a flurry of TNA stars to start working in Japan soon..
  • Laughing at Chris Cash putting wrestler numbers in his cell phone to brag to his friends. Talk about supermark..
  • Strong rumors that several upper TNA stars have requested Jeff Jarrett to be removed from his position..
  • Plus Awesome Kong's Bologna t*ts, Indy Wrestlers wasting Myspace pages, others using Myspace for profit, WWE 24/7, Matt Zombie, remembering a friend who committed suicide, Don West wrestling, naked divas, Jillian Hall, Michael Jackson, CM Punk's pre WWE matches, Nicole Bass, Goldust, OJ Simpson, Colorado Rockies, your emails, calls, Myspace messages, and lots more!
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24..



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  • How come noone has talked about how Kurt Angle was mixing alcohol and pills when he was arrested?..
  • Message to Adam Pacman Jones. Put down the Cisco. The Indo. The 40 oz. You have to be on drugs if you think the wrestling world thinks you are a 'good guy face'..
  • Kevin Castle has received news from a very reliable source that a flurry of TNA stars could be leaving shortly..
  • In the wake of Congress / steroids trials, Benoit tragedy, and suspensions, you'd think Kurt Angle would have wanted to take a blood test when Police arrested him for DUI. But he refused which shows he was hiding other drugs in his system..
  • US Navy steps up and joins the help to assist Konnan with his medical bills. Hey Calvin Martin, there's an audio message for you during the show..
  • Message to Pacman Jones: Dave Winfield is a class act. He spent his entire sports career donating $$ and tickets to kids with his Foundation. You donate tickets to kids for a TNA PPV to boost your image? What about years past? Years in the future? Winfield did it cause he cared for kids. You did it cause you care about your image. You really are a piece of sh**..
  • We told you Nick Hogan was full of sh** when he said his pal was going to recover. Now we confirm John Graziano will be a vegetable the rest of his life. Again its sad to say, but Graziano chose not to wear a seatbelt while his inexperienced pal was driving like a nut. Now he's the male Terri Schiavo of Florida..
  • Jeff Hardy and Jimmy Snuka: If you can only buy one, which 'Best Of' DVD would you buy?..
  • Can WWE please stop fu**ing up the Smackdown US and Tag Titles and take them off of MVP?..
  • How much you want to bet WWE does a fans pick the 'Contest' for MVP and Matt Hardy at Cyber Sunday?..
  • Putting the rumors to rest. TNA is negotiating to bring in D-Lo Brown. And that's a good thing..
  • As much as we are glad WWE is no longer brainwashing us with John Cena championship push, shame on all of you who are celebrating he suffered a serious injury..
  • How the fu** was Kurt Angle caught with 'pills in his mouth' by Police? Was he sucking on them like Certs? As I type this sentence, I swallowed two - that fast..
  • BTW, PA Police had every right to go to Kurt Angle's house and arrest him for DUI even though he wasn't caught while driving..
  • NY Yankees get slammed by Cleveland Indians..
  • Discussing the CM Punk / Tony Atlas incident..
  • Reminiscing Paul Heyman's lack of grooming skills. Or as Kevin Castle describes him as a Dirty Skanky Fu**..
  • Who would have ever thought we would anticipate Batista's book revealing what WWE Divas he ******..
  • An honest look at TNA's first two hour show on Spike TV..
  • Don Tony does it again. He accidentally swallows the 'Do Not Eat' thing found in pill jars..
  • HBK returns to Raw. If WWE plans on turning HHH heel soon, HBK will have to move to Smackdown or feud with HHH...
  • Who will Chris Jericho feud with first? Kennedy? Orton?..
  • Jessica Hatch being eliminated from WWE Divas Search. Should we feel sorry for her, or laugh?..
  • Divas Search contestant Taryn Terrell proves that you can be stupid and be a WWE Diva at the same time..
  • $20 to the first person that can get us Kurt Angle's mugshot..
  • Where are they now: Lenny Lane performs at wrestling parties for kids..
  • Even if you didn't agree or like HHH fighting three matches on No Mercy PPV, he is the 'go to guy' WWE can trust when they are in a bind. But we didn't like that sneaky title change to make HHH that much closer to surpass Ric Flair's title reign..
  • Anyone notice that the WWE Heavyweight Title doesn't spin anymore?..
  • Amazing how WWE does the ECW three week 'Battle For The Gold', just to fu** it up with Viscera involvement..
  • Randy Orton reading Cue Cards while cutting promos..
  • Jacob Duncan one step closer to WWE TV..
  • Plus George Steinbrenner, John Fogerty, David Lee Roth, No Mercy PPV, The New Bionic Woman, Dr Astin, Karen Angle, Dustin Runnels, Dwayne 'Dont Call Me The Rock Anymore' Johnson, your emails, calls, Myspace messages, and lots more!

    Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24..

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  • No matter how bad wrestling is right now, we should all be thankful to be alive during this era of wrestling. From NWO to World Class. AWA to ECW. TNA to Glow. 50 years ago, 50 years from now, wrestling was and will never be this entertaining and interactive..
  • Message to TNA. Concentrate on getting your stars out in other publicity instead of outsiders into your company for publicity..
  • In a perfect world, Don Tony prays that Adam Pacman Jones goes back to his criminal roots and gets arrested. And fast..
  • Did you know that Salvatore Bellomo owns the only wrestling school in Belgium?..
  • Toxicology for Bryan Adams is in. We point out something the wrestling world hasn't discussed about his death that could save lives..
  • Are fans into Chris Jericho's return? Or is the buzz more because fans are having more fun cracking codes and hints?..
  • Are Latinos in Corona NY wearing short skirts and thin see thru shirts to look sexy or because they can't afford good clothing?..
  • Don Tony explains why the Internet has not killed wrestling.. 
  • How horrible was Marella At The Movies? Sure its to set up Austin beating up Marella, but come on now..
  • My apologies to our Jamaican fans who were offended last week at Don Tony's comments. However any nationality that would have been brought up would have complained..
  • Discussing MLB Playoffs, Mets blunder, and more..
  • Sorry to say it, but laughing at CM Punk's geeky gestures and bland promos. I never thought Id want Johnny Nitro Morrison have the title over CM Punk..
  • Did Save Us 222 tease us with a HBK reference?..
  • How bad is the In Your Head wrestling webcast? Discussion on other wrestling webcasts, good, bad, and pathetic..
  • Laughing again at WWE for ripping Ultimate Warrior on DVD..
  • Hulk Hogan can claim all he wants that he raised $20 million of $40 mil to start a wrestling promotion. Hulk Hogan will not start a wrestling company anytime soon and we discuss why..
  • Lance Storm professionally critiques TNA and we couldn't agree more at his comments..
  • Great advice for wrestling fans that are thinking about spending a boatload of cash on Wrestlemania tickets..
  • Ricky Banderes' TNA run could end up a short one..
  • No 'Magic Bush' for Don Tony this week..
  • Discussion on TNA going two hours..
  • John Cena had a one year championship run. Has anyone who he's feuded with received any 'rub'?..
  • Laughing at Josh Rich the nerd, Jac Sabboth, Carmine Sabia, Candice Michelle, and more..
  • Were makers of Viagra very pissed about WWE and the Teddy Long angle?..
  • Minority cast fears taking Viagra and having uncontrollable erections around ugly fat elderly Italian people..
  • Can ECW fans stop and realize what we've said for over a year that its nothing more than a developmental program with TV..
  • How the f*** is Doctor 'Pill' Astin broke?..
  • How funny is it when WWE calls The Condemned the #1 action flick on DVD? Sorry but that means jack sh**..
  • WWE Photoshopping Undertaker's Sara tattoo. Although funny, welcome wrestling fans to world of retouching. All magazines do it..
  • Plus more on Sandman's release, WWE Veterans Title, Brittany Spears, Kevin Federline, Hebners / WWE Hall Of Fame, Special Olympics, and more..
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24..



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