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  • Don Tony's idea to end Hornswoggle angle: McMahon family can reveal they 'fooled' Vince w/ phony Bastard Child papers since Vince 'fooled' his family that he killed himself in the exploding limo..
  • Taking a close look at CM Punk's WWE run and why he is such a disappointment and overrated..
  • Dont Taze Me Bro! guy or Eric Simms? Who was humiliated more in 2007?..
  • Message to Buff Bagwell: Go to technical school, learn a trade, get off your lazy ass and stop with this 'I wrestle because its all I know' sh**..
  • Ric Flair off WWE TV right now is done on purpose so his return for his final run seems more meaningful..
  • Ripping TNA for trying to fraud wrestling students into paying $250 for nothing more than a 6 sided seminar with no real 'tryout'..
  • One night stand? Shelly 'Ariel' Martinez or Maria?..
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: We discuss why his claim of no Homosexuals in Iran could very well be true..
  • WWE offering drug treatment to former stars. If I was a former star looking to get back in WWE: Would I really want to tell WWE I had a drug problem?..
  • Once again the Florida DMV Court System kisses the Hogan family's asses..
  • Message to Brutus The Braindead Beefcake: Nick Bollea has no respect for the road and put alot of lives in jeopardy..
  • Maybe Nick Hogan can reenact a Road Runner Cartoon, drive off a cliff, crash, and we can watch the plume of smoke..
  • Are we the only ones that think The Patriot Del Wilkes is full of sh** when he claims he took 100 painkillers a day?..
  • Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets: Delicious or overrated?..
  • How bad was the Teddy Long / Kristal 'wedding' angle?..
  • Maybe WWE will do an angle that Vicki Guerrero tainted Teddy Long's Viagra..
  • Sorry Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Divorcing your wife then setting up a business with her is just bizarre..
  • Happy Birthday Joey 9:24..
  • Showing respect to Sonny Siaki and Monty Brown..
  • Kevin Castle addresses the rumors of him joining The Stylistics..
  • Laughing at loser on Bowflex Commercial..
  • Good Dog Lucky! Aarons Commercial continues to portray that 4 out of 5 customers with bad credit are African American..
  • Don Tony does not like Spongebob Squarepants..
  • Lets be honest. If you asked Abyss which would he rather do? Be a TNA Heavyweight Champion? Or possibly wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania?..
  • Big Show riding the coffin to Ron Simmons 'Damn': Great discussion between Kevin Castle and Don Tony on WWE comedy skits from 90's to today..
  • Please WWE stop trying to make us think Candice Michelle is in the league of Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, and others..
  • Looking at possible Wrestlemania 24 matches..
  • Coming soon: Andy Kaufman figure by Jakks Pacific..
  • Ricky Morton back in prison for unpaid child support..
  • Will WWE bring back Johnny The Bull under the REDRUM gimmick?..
  • Discussions on Jena Six, TNA Womens Division, Chris Jericho, Johnny Nitro Morrison, The Magic Bush, the crazy state of Utah, Judas Mesias and his injury.. 
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..
    Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24

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  • Kanyon proves why homosexuals will always be looked at as outcasts. How can you be treated as a normal person when you dont act like a normal person?..
  • Eric Gargiulo without question is the biggest asshole Don Tony has ever crossed in wrestling. Eric bashes Konnan Kidney drive, Anthony DeBlasi & Georgian Makopoulos..
  • Eric Gargiulo tries to convince us why it was more appropriate not to help Konnan and let him die without assistance, then the wrestling community help save his life..
  • Hornswoggle as Vince's son: WWE's way to give themselves free reign for discrimination jokes without the lashback..
  • Ripping internet for claiming TNA released Andrew Test Martin because he was too jacked up..
  • Kudos to US Navy for offering their assistance to help Konnan..
  • Message to Dixie Carter: Keep quiet. Promises youre making about longer matches make your current product look like sh**..
  • Speaking of sh**, for the umpteeth time, Jeff Jarrett circles himself around TV whenever there's a big change for TNA..
  • Laughing our fu**ing ass off at Candice Michelle 'opening her shell'. Bitch, your shell has been opened since your softcore porn movies on Cinemax..
  • Tony Humphries, Bad Boy Bill, and others would be histerical at Candice Michelle's interpretation of 'House Music', and Scooter?..
  • John Cena's father? Were we supposed to feel sorry for his beatdown by Randy Orton? Laughing at 20,000 fans chanting 'You Cant Wrestle' after he got his a** kicked..
  • WWE is now offering drug help to former stars that has addiction problems. We bet the ranch there's a clause that forces them not to do interviews about steroids, drugs, and WWE..
  • WWE now offering drug help to former stars. Wouldnt it be funny if current TNA stars that have problems make WWE pay for it?!..
  • As we've been saying for months, interesting how hard it is for WWE to not allow ANY steroid use whatsoever..
  • People, stop bitching about 'wasting' $40 on WWE PPV's. Just like lottery tickets. You bitch when you buy them and lose. But you'll go out and buy them again, and again, and again, and again..
  • It was nice to see Undertaker return at Unforgiven PPV. But how many times should we have to go thru these drawn out returns because he's been injured several times?..
  • Legal threat to Minority Report about comments made towards Nick Hogan Bollea?..
  • Rest In Peace Brett Summers..
  • Calvin Martin: First nominee for our Wall Of Shame. Listen to why this geek should be laughed at amongst the wrestling community..
  • We discuss details behind Booker T and his school, likely problems with WWE, and some tidbits you may not be aware of..
  • Discussion as to why WWE will not open as many international developmental schools as the rumors lead to believe..
  • Expect news articles on Blood Testing for HGH and why WWE should jump on this IMMEDIATELY..
  • Eric Gargiulo professes his love to Lex Luger and wants everyone to feel sorry for Lex since he lost millions, was arrested for 'minor issues', and attributing to Miss Elizabeth's death..
  • Dominos Pizza now making an Oreo Pizza?..
  • Don Tony explains why Geraldo Rivera, Greta, and other news media are blowing OJ Simpson arrest way out of proportion..
  • Don Tony wants Warren Jeffs to do life in prison for being a disturbed pedophile..
  • More discussion on Madelyn McCann disappearance and the weirdo that donated 200K to McCann family..
  • Comparing WCW Nitro 2001 Roster to WWE Raw 2007 Roster..
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi


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  • Michael Benoit is doing exactly what British Bulldog's father did. He's trying to sleep better at night. However Mr Benoit is trying to convince himself why his son was not a piece of sh** for killing his family..
  • Chris Nowinski. No matter what you find about brain issues with Chris Benoit or anyone. You can't play CLUE and claim that was the reason someone commits murder and/or suicide.. 
  • Hulk Hogan needs to check his Flip Flops and see that he stepped in sh** with his son's car accident. He's soooo lucky his son didn't injure or kill someone he didn't know..
  • Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie all arrested for driving related issues. Why the f*** hasn't Florida officials arrested Nick Hogan Bollea?..
  • Does Hulk Hogan think we are morons? He claims his son wasn't speeding even though his car looks like a pretzel. And how come noone mentions Hulkster allowed his son to cruise the town knowing his license only allowed him to drive while working?..
  • Anyone notice how many asshole mark wrestling websites that did not promote the second Konnan donation drive and our interview? Maybe because the interview is being called the Interview of the Year online..
  • And if you want to help Konnan and can't send a donation, help us expose their mark wrestling websites..
  • TNA prefers negative publicity instead of fan support. WWE puts comedic skits instead of an opportunity to push someone..
  • Hornswoggle being Vince McMahon's 'son' is stupid. WWE could have used that spot to push a wrestler. Instead it's wasted in favor of stupid comedic skits coming to WWE TV..
  • A special surprise during the show as the Kidney Donor for Konnan calls in and speaks to Don Tony..
  • We discuss in detail why Homicide would definitely be a credible X Division Champion for TNA..
  • Can someone send Joey 9:24 a Jit Gel Rag?!..
  • Kevin Kelly should be riding a boat, going on vacation, doing hobbies, working a second job; anything but doing a webcast..
  • Funaki took steroids not to get jakked, but to fit in with the crowd..
  • Senator Craig and his sexual passes in the mens room. Did anyone out there ever knew that there were bathroom signals to get di**?..
  • Usama Bin Laden: No play for Mr Grey!..
  • Funny story of a nude man at the beach who got his testicles stuck inside a bench chair..
  • Discussion on Ric Flair and King Booker T being off WWE television and their imminent returns..
  • Can these marks stop calling former WWE stars that sign with TNA 'WWE Rejects'..
  • Does anyone agree that Triple H is putting himself in situations where he is far more superior than his opponents?..
  • We express our continued support and love to those hurt by 9/11..
  • If you could, would you pay $250 to wrestle Shelly 'Ariel' Martinez? Would you pay to watch Daffney apartment wrestle women? Would you pay to referee a private match between Ariel and Daffney? Would we?..
  • Pacman Jones winning Tag Team Gold, Sting feud with Kurt Angle, Jay Lethal regains X Division Title. We called all three weeks ago. Are we that good? Or is TNA that fu**ing predictable?..
  • Now with TNA going 2 Hours, history will follow itself. Jeff Jarrett will mark out for himself once again and put himself as a focal point when TNA makes a TV change..
  • Anyone notice that WWE has removed almost all their sexist, raunchy, very adult questionable content from their product? Is it due to Congress investigating WWE?..
  • We discuss John Cena's leadership role in the locker room..
  • Brock Lesnar or King Booker T: Which one would you want in TNA and pushed the farthest?..
  • As Don Tony predicted, Smackdown and ECW appears on Raw to make up for stars suspended..
  • Funny story about a 17 year old who tried to mug a blind man (who mastered Judo!)..
  • Madelyn McCann: How embarrassing would mainstream stars look if it ends up her parents contributed to her death..
  • And its sad to say. Reason why so many find it impossible to believe the McCanns did this is because they look like a clean cut, attractive, white couple..
  • By popular request. Don Tony tells story when he and his friends worked in a supermarket. Who pissed on the lettuce, who sh** in chopmeat, who raided the deli counter and more!..
  • Reason why we haven't said anything negative about Mike Johnson for the last nine months..
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.


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  • Did you know that Konnan was in US Navy for 7 years and fought in Lebanon?..
  • Konnan offers his sincere thanks to the fans for the donation drive that led to his Kidney Transplant Surgery..
  • Konnan explains in detail his 23 days in the hospital battling his body rejecting the kidney, developing high blood pressure & diabetes, his bladder filling up with blood, and more..
  • Discusses his medical expenses, details behind broken promises TNA made to cover his surgeries..
  • Confirms Homicide being fined by TNA for sending him a Myspace message showing love and support with his recovery..
  • How TNA accused Konnan of blackmail, and why he is suing TNA. Keep in mind all these issues occurred while Konnan was suffering from his life threatening kidney ailment and hip replacement..
  • Details how TNA ignored the entire donation drive for Kidney Transplant..
  • Story behind 'James Storms' Night', Jeff Jarrett's attitude towards roster, disgruntled wrestlers in locker room, more..
  • Konnan explains why he's speaking to Congress, news media and more battling steroids issues in wrestling..
  • Konnan rips Ken Kennedy and other WWE stars who criticized his (and others) TV appearances. He also intelligently explains why neither WWE or TNA should be upset at his appearances in Congress and news media..
  • He compares WWE and their 'suspensions' to NBA towards referee scandal, and Atlanta Falcons towards Michael Vick..
  • Konnan comments on WWE main eventers, and their very muscular CEO..
  • Konnan discusses why steroids is an addiction and needs to be eliminated completely. Not one ounce should be allowed by WWE..
  • Konnan rips Eric Bischoff, Jarrett, and their 'blogs' on steroids issue..
  • Konnan rips Jeff Jarrett and how he was treated by JJ while he was battling his life threatening issues..
  • Konnan praises Ring Of Honor and AAA, their locker room, product, and more..
  • Konnan discusses how it appears WWE has moved on from marketing smaller Heavyweight Champions like Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio. He also explains how pissed off he was at WWE and how they used Eddie in storylines following his death..
  • Konnan also offers his Political views towards government, keeping it real to fans and friends..
  • Interview wraps up with another sincere thank you to everyone who has helped him thru this life threatening crisis. To him, it makes his 20+ year career all worth it.

Trust me when I tell you this. Konnan will do other wrestling interviews. Take it from someone who has developed a friendship with Konnan. This is a must listen. And we ask everyone to help once again in his serious time of need.


Both myself and Georgian Makropoulos of Wrestlingfigs.com led the last donation drive that raised close to $16,000 for Konnan's Hip Replacement Surgery. And every penny raised went towards that surgery. Both of us are extemely humbled by everyone's help and genorosity with that drive.

We are about to commence a second drive for Konnan. He has incurred thousands upon thousands in medical expenses due to his medical complications. His Kidney Anti-Rejection Drugs. He has developed Diabetes as a result from his complications. Not to mention he cannot work for several more months as a result of this surgery.

I hope we can all get together one more time and do it for this man. Feel confident that $1, $5, $10 is never too small to send. As Konnan has said himself. He had thousands of donations of just $1. $5. Every dollar adds up.

A Paypal account and email address (GetWellKonnan@aol.com) has been setup so everyone can send donations. Every penny donated will go towards Konnan's Kidney Transplant Surgery. If you do not have a Paypal account, setting one up takes 5 minutes. If you prefer to send a donation by mail, an address is listed at the bottom of this article.

For Paypal Donations, click the button link below.

CLICK HERE for donation information and PAYPAL links for Konnan.

With 2007 being filled with tragedy and scandal, Konnan's road to a healthy recovery and your help is one thing we can look back on and smile about.

Thank you for your time.
Anthony DeBlasi

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  • WWE MUST offer a 'Grace Period' to their stars. Let them reveal the pharmacies they bought steroids & drugs illegally in the past, and they don't get suspended. Listen why this is an absolute MUST for WWE to do and do right now..
  • For all you CM Punk fans & marks online: Here's your chance to show WWE he has a big following. 1.5 to 1.7 ECW rating for his title win will show his following is nothing more than John Morrison's, or Elijah Burke's..
  • Strong rumors around the WWE water coolers is that King Booker T is quite infuriated that he is suspended. And don't be surprised if you hear that Booker threatens or has walked out of WWE..
  • Message to Dave Batista: Unless you've never illegally bought steroids the last few years, shut the f*** up. Because if you did, sooner or later, it's going to come out..
  • Message to Ken 'Kennedy' Anderson: MISTER HYPOCRITE!..........HYPOCRITE!..
  • Melina: Oh how WWE creative writers have raped her character..
  • Triple H proves that main event wrestlers can be the dumbest mother fu**ers around..
  • Triple H tells WWE stars to 'stick together' because WWE is under attack. Hey stupid. The reason you're under 'attack' is because your fellow employees are shooting it in the a**..
  • Fired Fired Yeah Yeah! We debate the firings of Cryme Time, Eugene, and Mike 'Simon Dean' Bucci..
  • Don Tony has a weird feeling that John Cena will lose the heavyweight championship within the next 60 days..
  • Just as Pat Patterson was hot and bothered for certain WWF stars, someone backstage is wet over Randy Orton..
  • Comparing WCW Nitro 2001 roster to WWE Raw 2007 roster..
  • Laughing at marks like Bryan White and Jason Blaustein who lost all their money just so they can brag on myspace they smoozed with wrestlers..
  • Laughing even harder at Jason Blaustein's mother who was too busy looking to 'party' with wrestlers instead of setting an example to her son..
  • Does it make you laugh when Candice Michelle comes out during a beatdown to 'make the save'?.. 
  • Kevin Castle & Joey 9:24 explain why fans must give repackaged and new wrestlers a chance before immediately sh**ing on them..
  • Discussion as to why WWE hires Hollywood & MTV writers over wrestling legends and writers..
  • We explain Double Jeopardy and why Randy Orton is currently not suspended by WWE over Signature Pharmacy scandal..
  • Minority Report would rather have wrestlers like Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella to improve then having to always sh** on them. Although it is funny to do sometimes..
  • Its very hard to put strong faith in the Wellness Policy when WWE's owner Vince McMahon has been rumored to juice over the years..
  • Just as Francine was to ECW, James Storm tries out as head cheerleader for TNA..
  • Anyone notice the huge amounts of piped in cheers and jeers during the McMahon family skit during Raw?..
  • Different Strokes, Good Times, Rosanne: Looking at episodes where parents beating the sh** out of their kids..
  • Comments on Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' remake..
  • Lashley, Hornswoggle, Triple H: We discuss strong candidates for McMahon 'bastard child' angle..
  • More on rumors of Sid Vicious coming back to WWE..
  • Chris Cash, Kevin Kelly get Donkey Punched by The Minority Report..
  • Expressing appreciation for Don Tony signs showing up on WWE / ECW programming..
  • Sheamus O`Shaunessy: Future WWE main eventer or the 'nephew' of the Highlanders?..
  • California newspaper about to release controversial article on WWE and steroids issues..
  • Pay close attention to Randy Orton's forehead..
  • Kevin Castle's uncontrollable laughter leads to many listeners uncontrollably laughing. And noones seems to know why they are laughing!..
  • A must see Womens Wrestling show coming to NJ on 9/22/07..
  • Discussion on nerds, geeks, and weirdos and why they are much more apparent around wrestling than other mainstream sports..
  • Showing love to our female listeners..
  • Plus chat room questions, emails, Myspace questions, your calls, and so much more!..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.

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