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  • Hogan Knows Best? Sorry Hulk. You are amongst our all time favorites, a childhood hero for several of us hosts. But you are to blame for Nick Hogan auto accident..
  • Details behind Nick Hogan drag racing which led to accident, what will happen to his Drivers License, and Don Tony predicting Florida Law Enforcement will pu**y out and give Hogan preferential treatment..
  • Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, Pacman Jones, Ron Killings. After hearing upcoming confusing angles, feuds, storylines, and title changes, our brains feel like we're inside a washing machine on full spin cycle..
  • Smoked Out on Michael Vick: You can take the n***** out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the n******..
  • Michael Vick found Jesus. Why is it that people like his kind always find Jesus when they are busted? Some very candid comments towards this fraud..
  • Don Tony trying to buy one of the banned Japanese Arm Wrestling Video Games..
  • Rey Mysterio returns as the Silver Bullet. We discuss reasoning behind body paint..
  • Showing sympathy to 22 year old Marine that returned from Iraq and was critically injured in Nick Hogan accident. But, we willingly took part in drag racing and 'If you play, you must pay'. And before you get pissed at the comment, remember that these two could have killed innocent people on the road..
  • Looking forward to Batista's upcoming book. Hopefully he doesnt softball certain incidents..
  • Looking back at WWF jobbers in the 80's..
  • Would you buy a Konnan Energy Drink if it helped raise money for his medical expenses?..
  • Laughing at Lauren Jones and Fox's failure to sell Anchorwoman to viewers..
  • TNA and Vince McMahon proving that 2007 is worse than 1994 as a wrestling fan..
  • Joey 9:24 tunes into Smackdown for the first time in a long time - just to see Matt Hardy and MVP playing basketball..
  • And why is MVP holding two titles if he has a serious heart condition?..
  • Kudos to Kip 'Billy Gunn' James for voicing displeasure to TNA about Pacman Jones..
  • Laughing at TNA. Did you ever not open an envelope or not listen to a message that has bad news thinking the bad news would be less severe? That's how TNA is treating negative feedback from us and fans..
  • Do all men hate shopping for pants?..
  • Legit warning to all Verizon customers regarding privacy issues..
  • Plus call-ins, listener emails, chatroom questions..
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Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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  • A quote from Goodfellas for Michael Vick: Bye bye di**head. See you in Attica di**head..
  • Laughing at Sports Analysts that think Michael Vick's gambling is more deserving of an NFL ban that killing animals. I guess that Pete Rose should have electrocuted 50 cats instead of gambling and he'd be in the Hall of Fame right now..
  • Did you know that 1/2 of talent on Summerslam 1991 is deceased?..
  • How come WWE never fired the employee that handled receiving prescriptions from several wrestlers that all came from the same doctor?..
  • Wouldn't it be funny if Umaga was Vince err Mr McMahon's 'son'? And we explain why a 'freak' and comedy seems to be the way for this angle to proceed..
  • Paying our respects to Dewey 'Missing Link' Robinson who is gravely ill..
  • How ridiculous is that TNA tied up X Division and Tag Titles for two months with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe? TNA is running WWE type angles without the fanbase to make them profitable..
  • Dont be surprised if Hulk Hogan's $100,000 in jewelry claiming to be stolen, was actually misplaced or thrown in the garbage. And if that becomes true, betcha it turns into a Hogan Knows Best episode..
  • Could Brock Lesnar joining TNA mean Samoa Joe jumping to WWE?..
  • WTF is with the racial overtones in these 'Aarons Electronics' commercials during Raw?..
  • We explain why there are so many goofy, weird, freaks and weirdos that are wrestling fans..
  • DAMN did WWE fu** up Ron Simmons' gimmick and make it unfunny with that restaurant skit..
  • WWE should turn Santino Marella into an Italian Homosexual hairdresser on Raw! We are not joking. Listen why..
  • Ouch. Matt Bentley confirms he was never drug tested by TNA over the years..
  • WWE needs to ban steroids completely. If you dont allow it, you avoid wrestlers ultimately abusing levels..
  • WWE should hire Matt Bentley and Jerry Lynn for ECW..
  • We wonder how many of WWE's current stars will live past 60..
  • Brooke Hogan. Unless she stars smoozing and flirting with male Hip Hop producers, her singing career is almost over..
  • Blame media for allowing these crazy Black Activists on their news programs defending Michael Vick..
  • Funny High School story involving Don Tony, Rome Italy, alcohol and a chubby chick..
  • Keith Hernandez won Best Sports Mustache Award over Goose Gossage, Rollie Fingers and others?..
  • Reason why Rick Martel and his pink colors during 'The Model' gimmick was not looked at as homosexual..
  • Laughing at WWE calling London & Kendrick's win over Cade & Murdoch as an 'upset'..
  • Discussing why it's the wrong time to start a new indy wrestling company. And laughing at Micmarks who try to run shows with 'No money down'..
  • Okay WWE. Calm down about Cody Rhodes. He will be a star. But jobbing Haas & Benjamin to Rhodes is going to hurt all three..
  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle explain why wrestlers losing is not just 'entertainment' and 'doing your job'..
  • Someone send Kevin Castle some NASCAR merchandise!..
  • Discussing Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, President Giuliani, Michael Moore, Nancy Benoit's adult magazine pics, Australian stars that made it in USA, Chuck Polumbo, Ashley Massaro on Survivor, Trinity, Xanex, Tammy Sytch back to 'Sunny' weight, great story involving Terry Funk, New Jack, and Don Tony, and more..
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Hosted by Don Tony and Kevin Castle.

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  • Jeff Jarrett's mindset still on his family tragedy? Explain releasing wrestlers citing cost cuts - yet drop a boatload of cash on Pacman Jones; who wrestling fans dont give a f*** about..
  • Go figure. WWE releases Mike Knox's girlfriend but not Mike Knox..
  • We show love and pay respect to Dewey 'Missing Link' Robinson who is gravely ill..
  • We pay respect to Bryan 'Crush' Adams. RIP..
  • Brutus Beefcake, Rock & Roll Buck Zumhofe, Ric Rude's Lips, Outback Jack, and others: What was the most embarassing T-Shirt you ever wore?..
  • Why the f**** is Rob Zombie releasing "Halloween" on August 31st?..
  • We explain why we have no problem with Comedy Central didn't edit 'Chris Benoit' remark out of the Flavor Flav Roast..
  • Kudos to Kevin Castle dropping knowledge on a vast array of topics..
  • Pacman Jones on the mic: And I thought Ahmed Johnson was horrible..
  • Didnt TNA PPV have a very dark eerie feeling thoughout the PPV?..
  • Legit reason why male 'Cena Sucks' chants are more important than female and kids 'Lets Go Cena' chants..
  • Special thank you to our NY fans for 'Don Tony' signs on Raw..
  • MSG fans show love to Dlo Brown; hopefully Raw can once again get down with the brown..
  • Coming soon to the Minority Roundtable, Bob Saget! (Full House, America's Funniest Home Videos)..
  • Jerry Lawler turning into Frankie Valli..
  • Buy the uncensored Wrestling With Shadows DVD..
  • Shi**ing on Illegal Mexican who murdered the three students in New Jersey..
  • Kurt Angle should retire. He's holding every fu**ing TNA title. He can't go any higher..
  • Don Tony discusses why Hulk Hogan will not start a full promotion but a legends tour instead..
  • We look back at our favorite matches from Saturday Night's Main Event (not the sh** from the last 2 years)..
  • How much you want to bet TNA promised Pacman Jones a title belt as part of his deal..
  • Showing love to Raven, Prince Nana, Chuck Polumbo, 70's & 80's Horror Films, our large female listening audience..
  • Even though we are 100% against Pacman Jones in TNA, we do explain legally how he could wrestle for TNA and not have legal issues with NFL and Titans..
  • Remember fans. Many of released WWE and TNA stars are only in their 20's. They can always come back a few years later once seasoned and polished..
  • Indy wrestlers need to go thru hard times like 70's and 80's and you'll see the fire in their eyes..
  • Don Tony lightening up on Matt Stiker?..
  • Discussion on WWE and their 'animal cruelty' over the years..
  • Why does it seem that Dixie Carter will put any fu**ing sports athlete on TNA TV if they are willing to show up?..
  • Discussion on classic wrestling moves wrestlers no longer use..
  • I Hate That!..
  • Plus great call-ins with awesome discussion, listener emails, chatroom questions..
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Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.

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  • Dont you get it TNA? Mike Tyson, Lawrence Taylor, Karl Malone, Kevin Greene were badass and had a following. Noone gives a sh** about Pacman Jones, and no wrestling fan itches to see him wrestle - let alone with the TNA Tag Titles..
  • WWE Stupidity: The Dating Game skit from Raw (which we enjoyed) should have been on Saturday Night's Main Event..
  • Has anyone noticed how much of a d*** Jerry Lawler is coming off on WWE 24/7 Legends shows?..
  • A huge discussion why we believe Jerry Lawler would just be a Memphis Legend and not WWE Hall of Famer if he didn't cross paths with Andy Kaufman..
  • Continued support for Konnan as he encounters issues with his body rejecting his new Kidney..
  • Comments from Don Tony as to why TNA drug testing policy will be a nice gesture, but will lead to alot of problems. And why I strongly feel WWE deserves no blame to steroid issues by Mysterio, Holly, Benoit, Jindrak, and others..
  • Laughing at two Philly morons accused of Identity Fraud towards Paris Hilton, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb and others. And no we dont really want people to send Change Of Address cards to forward Vince McMahon's mail to Phil Muchnick..
  • Imagine if Vince 'Paternity' angle reveals Stephanie f***ed her father. Sick isn't it? Blame perverted McMahon family for proposing that one..
  • Iron Shiek, Brian Blair, Michael Gross? (Family Ties)..
  • Dont misconstrue us WWE. We sh** on Santino Marella because he's sh**. Not because he's now a heel. He doesnt belong in the 'big time'. He is that bad..
  • Anyone ever buy extra Fast Food items in order to obtain additional Game Pieces for their contests?..
  • Isnt Hacksaw Jim Duggan a legend? Randy Orton please punt Duggan with one of those girly kicks..
  • Laughing at WWE Publicist that says Rosey S.H.I.T. was released because he wasn't 'over' and not fat. But yet you keep people like The Miz, Santino, Mike Knox, and others under contract..
  • Sh**ing on New York media ripping Jonathan Coachman getting a gig with MSG Network. Yes we rip you a new a**hole and expose your ignorance about The Coach..
  • Sid Vicious coming in as Vince McMahon's bodyguard?..
  • Laughing at Aaron 'Idol' Stevens if he threatened WWE with TNA. Sir, you are still on step one of a 100 ft ladder towards being a star..
  • Booker T DVD Boxed set: Something we would definitely buy. But WWE must smooth things out between Stevie Ray & Booker T..
  • 2 recent wins + 2 Years of wasted time + 2 years of jobbing = 2 late for WWE to push Stevie Richards. Disagree? WWE will show you, you'll see!..
  • Did anyone notice something about Raw Battle Royal for GM Position stipulation?..
  • Anyone have a Dell Computer that has a loud internal fan that sounds like a hair dryer? A must hear to resolve your problem..
  • Don Tony: I see seagulls; thanks Kevin Castle! And yes the Medulla Oblongata is really part of the body..
  • Remember people. Decline in Raw ratings started with McMahon Death Angle, and not Chris Benoit tragedy..
  • How come Eric Simms hasn't been arrested for making drug deals for Iron Shiek which is seen on RF Video Shoot Interview?..
  • Doesnt anyone realize that Iron Shiek is entertaining because of illegal activities and alcohol abuse?..
  • Discussing Jeff Hardy and why he's suspended..
  • Quick comments on Gabe Sapolsky and new Ring Of Honor angle involving himself..
  • Our analysis on future of X Division Title, smaller TNA wrestlers, and new title belts..
  • Some Ebay recommendations for vintage wrestling footage and bootleg videos..
  • Quick comments on Jac Sabboth..
  • I Hate That!..
  • With mainstream media drooling at sh**ing on WWE, you think Vince would avoid controversial storylines right now and just improve actual wrestling and wrestler storylines..
  • Plus great call-ins with awesome discussion, listener emails, chatroom questions..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, and Joey 9:24.

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  • Keep Konnan in your prayers. Just because the Kidney Transplant surgery was successful, the next few weeks will be critical. Hopefully his body doesn't start rejecting his new kidney..
  • Even our Latino viewers find the eighteen La Cantante commercials during Raw very fu**ing annoying..
  • Santino Marella: Perfect reason why you don't put title belts on just anyone..
  • We discuss and debate TNA expressing interest in Pacman Jones.. We compare it to WWE using Mike Tyson, and the argument that TNA is fu**ing foolish rewarding bad behavior..
  • Pacman Jones' agent telling the world he wont wrestle, it's short term, and he wont be a heel. While you're at it spoiling the details, tell us how much he's making, who's blowing him, and who will he 'knock out' on TNA TV..
  • Message to TNA. How's about using your $$ to improve your roster and creative team instead of bad mainstream publicity..
  • 'The Punisher' Adam Martin (formally TEST / WWE)..
  • Carlito pinning John Cena and Stevie Richards pinning Kevin Thorn: Two perfect examples why WWE creative and the 'shock' victory reactions are absolutely stupid..
  • Sid Vicious a good fit for TNA?..
  • Cryme Time: Fake n****z, yeah yeah! Extended Piss Break, yeah yeah! Some real analysis as to why Cryme Time really need to stay of WWE TV for a few years..
  • Kudos to Joey 9:24 for predicting Hornswoggle winning the Cruiserweight Title..
  • Elaborating more on why the clouds really hurt and deflated Kurt Angle's 'impact' on TNA..
  • Johnny Nitro as ECW Champion over CM Punk: Hurts Punk 100x more than it helps Nitro err Morrison..
  • John Heidenreich: How the not so mighty have fallen quicker than a man's pants in Pat Patterson's bedroom..
  • Snitsky: He wasn't talented when he kicked babies, and sucked feet. What will change his shi**y wrestling now?..
  • The Naturals receiving WWE Tryout: Can we call them TNA legends so Randy Orton can punt them in the head?..
  • Showing some love to Jim Ross, Keith Hernandez, Christian Cage, DDP, Cody Rhodes, Dustin 'call me Platinum' Runnels,
  • You think WWE will try to sue Goldust and TNA for the upcoming Platinum gimmick?..
  • A quicker, leaner Bobby Lashley will improve his in ring work substantially..
  • Noone should sh** on Jim Ross' menu promoting 'Crossface Chicken Wings'..
  • Joey 9:24 and Smoked Out tell if they thought the Bret Hart 'screwjob' was a work or shoot..
  • Looking at ratings for WWE Raw and WCW Nitro prior to and following Survivor Series 97..
  • A new feature to the Minority Report Webcasts: "I HATE THAT"..
  • Smoked Out passes out once again during the broadcast..
  • WWE and their ridiculous obsession with 'erasing' Chris Benoit's memory. Yes we sh** on it, yes we will ignore it, but we can't erase it..
  • Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin. As soon as he's no longer invited to MTV and Hollywood parties, he will be gone from WWE..
  • However, we agree WWE is removing Chris Benoit from the Raw vs Smackdown video game.. Guaranteed someone is going to try and make a kid and Chris Benoit in the game, record Chris Benoit putting the Crossface on the kid, then post the video on You Tube..
  • Win $50! Take part in our 'WWE Dont Try This At Home Commercial' contest!..
  • Discussing why WWE bans all signs promoting websites. (No reason you cant bring a Don Tony sign or two! :) ..
  • WWE rips Ultimate Warrior's legacy. Yet they make 20 different wrestling figures of Warrior..
  • Samoa Joe should be TNA's first Triple Crown Winner..
  • With all due respect Jim Ross: Candice Michelle has improved. But she doesn't tell a story in the ring whatsoever..
  • Laughing at Dan Spivey, Jac Sabboth, Triple H's gut, Windows Vista, Chris Cash, Fat Bastards coming to ABC, and Nancy Grace..
  • Advice to Joanie 'Chyna' Laurer: Dont go on Nancy Grace. It's not going to further your career. She wants to showcase you as a freak and bastardize your name..
  • Non TNA fans should stop complaining about the 6 sided ring. TNA wont generate additional viewers if they had a 4 sided ring tomorrow..
  • Reasons why Steve Austin DVD Boxed set was pushed back to it's original release date..
  • Recommended viewing: Buy a subscription to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter..
  • Do you find it interesting that TNA allows their workers perform at Booker T's wrestling school events?..
  • Dont buy into rumors of King Booker T having dissension with WWE..
  • Ken Kennedy and his upcoming 'Im The Real #1 Contender' gimmick..
  • Update on future Minority Report Webcast episodes and the hosts..
  • Plus lots of calls, listener emails, chatroom questions..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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