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  • How Don Tony would punish Michael Vick: Strip him naked, tie him to a chair, spread Alpo Liver & Cheese all over his body, let 6 of his 'trained pitbulls' in the room, close the door and walk away..
  • WCW Midnight bitching that she made less than WCW 'Eye Candy' that didn't take bumps. Sorry, I never saw Midnight posters, calenders, and used panties in demand by fans..
  • Mr 619 travels to 404 for Medication: Has anyone else found it strange he traveled to GA to see a doctor instead of Cali?..
  • Audio of Iron Sheik incident in Canada last week inside. Prime example why we never thought he would ever get a weekly WWE Raw segment..
  • Wow the movie La Cantana must really suck. Why the f*** did I need to see 9 commercials for this film during Raw?..
  • Survivor Series 97 / Wrestling With Shadows revisted. Three great examples why Don Tony thinks the whole film was scripted..
  • Please keep Konnan in your prayers as he faces the biggest battle of his life by undergoing Kidney Transplant Surgery..
  • Showing love to John Kronus (RIP). Plus a favor to ask from fans and former co-workers of Kronus for his son Gage..
  • Hornswoggle winning the Cruiserweight Title: Split second pop maybe. In the big picture, very stupid. You dont award a loyal midget a title. Give him a $$ bonus, a Big Wheel, anything but a title belt..
  • Windows Vista. What a fu**ing nightmare..
  • Christian vs Edge: Why it could and likely will happen in the future..
  • Discussing why Don Tony has no problem with Great Khali being Smackdown Heavyweight Champion..
  • Continued concern for Daivari and his WWE future..
  • What's worse: Jimmy Kimmels very stupid Chris Benoit joke at the Flavor Flav roast? Or Comedy Central roasting Flavor Flav at all?..
  • ECW: There's no reason why any WWE brand should be doing ratings in the low 1's..
  • When I look at Randy Orton's lethal 'kicks' to various heads, Orton kicks like a girl..
  • TNA and their stupid decision to tie up all their belts around Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Check out why the decision is quite stupid..
  • Great analysis why Kurt Angle's 'impact' on TNA has been quite a letdown. And comparing it to Hulk Hogan's WCW signing in 1994..
  • Laughing at the ghetto bitch that's suing WWE and The Sandman..
  • Johnny Nitro, John Hennigan, John Morrison. Does WWE realize fans don't care for him as champ or buy into his reign?..
  • TNA will have a two hour show by the end of 2007. But they must do a live TV show at least a few times per year..
  • Analysis why mainstream media doesn't sh** on UFC with all their positive tests for steroids..
  • Praising Jay Lethal as 'Black Machismo', and sh**ing on Sonjay Dutt's new gimmick. And a great reason why Dutt's gimmick will not work..
  • Discussing why Mexico and TNA isn't including in the steroids issues in mainstream news..
  • Dont be surprised if you hear the term 'Independent Contractor' more and more in the near future by WWE. Guaranteed..
  • Defending my comments ripping the obese pigs that will appear on the upcoming ABC series competing for $$$..
  • Reason why WWE will NEVER go back to a kid focused product ever again..
  • Why does WWE constantly book elder wrestlers like sh**?..
  • Laughing at the Independent Idiot wrestler that committed suicide emulating Chris Benoit..
  • Continued laughter at Santino Marella..
  • Entire Minority Report crew returns next Monday Night..
  • If you enjoyed that this episode was a solo report by Don Tony, please email us feedback..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi

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  • Message to WWE. Instead of removing Chris Benoit items, you should offer any profits from Benoit DVD's, shirts, and figures  to foundations for Battered Women and Abused Children. Dont produce new items and don't push them. But offer the above. You'll help others who have been abused and show some great PR at the same time..
  • Imagine someone like Chris Masters the night after a Wellness Test. He knows he wont be tested again for a while. Betcha that night following the test, his ass looks like Pinhead..
  • We compare and explain why WWE should treat their Wellness Program like Alcoholics Anonymous, Betty Ford, and other clinics..
  • Proving that Larry King continues to be dope of the year. And exposing an assenine comment John Cena made about testosterone..
  • RIP John Kronus. Regardless of the rumors surrounding your death, Rest In Peace and thank you for the memories..
  • Comparing Chris Benoit to Wyoming sniper David Munis who killed his Country Singer wife while performing then committed suicide this week..
  • Venting about TNA and their total disrespect for Konnan, donation drive and hip replacement surgery $$. Sorry TNA for having to make this public. But its about time this comes out..
  • Comparing WWE's handling of Chris Benoit to a scene from Goodfellas..
  • Discussing the serious injury to Edge, Khali winning the Smackdown title, and how short his reign will likely be and why..
  • Johnny Nitro now calls himself John Morrison. LOL are we supposed to take him more serious then? Does that make the character more manly? Thank God he's only featured on the 1.3 rated show..
  • Taking a close look at the Toxicology Reports and discuss the alcohol, xanex, and norco factor. Even at therapeutic levels, mix those pills with alcohol and see what happens..
  • ABC is doing a reality show featuring Obese fat people competing to lose weight. Unfuc*ingbelieveable. And Rosey S.H.I.T. will be on the show..
  • Remy Ma: How come shootings in the music industry always involve rap artists?..
  • Gotta love Dave Meltzer confronting Dr Pill's attorney and Jerry McDipsh** on the same show. It's so refreshing to see someone have the ba**s and land some hardnose questions, Larry King, Dan Abrams, and Nancy Grace wouldn't dare ask..
  • Thoughts on the TNA PPV, the possibility of XXX reforming and feuding with LAX, the Samoa Joe / Kurt Angle feud and much more..
  • Interesting how neither Vince nor Linda McMahon are appearing on any newscasts. Instead they send WWE wrestlers to attempt 'damage control'. And it is hurting WWE 1000x more. And it isn't going to avoid them from being sued in the near future as well..
  • Dont be surprised if rumors start that Chris Benoit was dealing and supplying steroids to a few wrestlers..
  • Scott Hall: Please dye your hair. Remember, no play for Mr Grey!..
  • Rumors are that WWE had a meeting where Vince McMahon told the roster to 'get off the drugs'. And if it really happened, why many WWE stars will ignore him and laugh behind his back..
  • Message to Penny Durham. We truly feel sorry for your loss. But if you continue to blame everyone else for your husband Johnny Grunge's death, you're subjecting yourself to become part of the 'Blame Game'..
  • Raw rating down to 3.4, ECW down to 1.3. We discuss why WWE has to be quite nervous about this. They can eliminate the effect of Benoit on WWE.com. But WWE cannot eliminate the effect on viewership decline.. 
  • Anyone have the You Tube footage of Iron Sheik being arrested last week in Canada?..
  • Discussing chances of Colt Cabana succeeding in WWE..
  • Plus an awesome selection of chatroom questions answered..
  • If you enjoyed that this episode was a solo report by Don Tony, please email us feedback..

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi

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Unfortunately this update rips the comments being made by the widow of Johnny Grunge, Penny Durham. She is blaming everything for her husband's death except the kitchen sink. Is she doing this to sleep better at night? Maybe she's trying to gain ammunition to make a few bucks off of Dr Astin's negligence? And what if the Benoit family didn't die? She would still be in Atlanta and still silent about her husband's passing after 2 years. You may not like what was said in this update. However after a few important issues are discussed, I have a feeling that the majority of people listening will agree with what was said.

Johnny Grunge was ultimately responsible for his irresponsibility. He was morbidly obese, abused food, medications, and laziness. And if Dr Astin wasn't around, he would have found his medications somewhere else.

Also covered in this update is some blunt commentary on WWE signing Teddy Hart to a developmental deal.... Why we compare Ring Of Honor Wrestling to an Off-Broadway play... Souring on Bill O'Reilly... Continuing our push about Alcohol factor with Benoit murders.. Ripping the Pageant about the bullsh** photos surrounding Miss New Jersey... Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe feud... Showing love to Rick Martel's AWA Title Reign... A musical question... and more.

This Minority Report 'Mini Update' for Thursday July 12, 2007 runs 30 minutes and is hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi.

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  • 'Pick up the phone brotha!' 'Whatcha gonna do if you don't answer the phone dude!" "Answer the fu**ing phone, cause Hogan Knows Best brotha!"..
  • If you were married and found out your husband / wife bought a life insurance policy and put their ex as the beneficiary, you wouldn't throw him / her out of the fu**ing house?..
  • Kevin Sullivan: Please hire an attorney and start threatening lawsuits to these idiots that accuse you of killing the Benoit Family..
  • Kudos to Rob Van Dam for turning down an RF Video Shoot Interview. And even though we love RF Video's shoots, we tell you why RVD did the right thing..
  • We will convince you in less than 60 seconds why every single wrestling fan should order at least one Ring Of Honor PPV..
  • Since no new news on the Benoit tragedy broke at this time, why would WWE take John Cena off Raw for Larry King Live?..
  • Laughing at attorneys Manny Arora and WWE's Jerry McDevitt (or should we say McDipsh**). We caught both of you in lies, eh!..
  • Anyone notice the Sandman splashing beer all over the 8 year old girls next to him during his Raw entrance?..
  • Stop the stupid rumors. Chris Jericho will likely return to WWE..
  • Before you buy those Platinos: True supermarket stories: Employees urinating on lettuce, sh**ing in chopmeat, spitting in coffee, coughing on fruit, and more..
  • Our huge announcement regarding big changes to Wrestling-News.com and weekly audio Minority 'mini-updates' coming to the net!..
  • We show respect to one of our listeners that has a 15 year old child stricken with Fragile X. But we do explain why there are certain people that use shady tactics to raise money for foundations. And yes Fragile X is one of them (in our opinion)..
  • How complacent was Larry King talking to Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, John Cena, and others?..
  • Larry King needs to retire and take up Bingo, Gin Rummy, and Checkers. His expiration date on his career has passed and he is now growing mold on his ugly forehead..
  • Even though Nancy Benoit didn't deserve to die, she wasn't an angel. And we offer our scenario as to what we think happened the weekend of the tragedy..
  • John Cena on Larry King: 'As long as you can entertain and draw money, you have a spot and don't need steroids'. Then why Mr Cena do so many take steroids then? And why did Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit won Heavyweight Gold after their bodies morphed into freaks of nature..
  • One Night Stand: Candice Michelle or Rosie Perez?..
  • How we think the storyline will go down with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, after they win the Tag Titles from Team 3-D..
  • Anyone find it interesting that WWE is having a Texas Bullrope Match so close to the Benoit strangulations?..
  • Coming soon: Minority Report merchandise!..
  • Wondering if WWE is going to stupidly release Daivari?..
  • Story behind Hulk Hogan and the George Foreman Grill..
  • There's nothing like a bitter wrestler on a news show right now in the heat of the Benoit tragedies!..
  • Showing love to Dusty & Cody Rhodes, Nestle Quik, Christy Canyon, Brooke Hogan's breast implants..
  • True story involving Don Tony, a stripper, and breast milk..
  • Anyone notice no closeup shots of Beth Phoenix's face on Raw?..
  • Fudgie The Whale, Cookie O Puss: Doesn't Dave Kapoor (Khali's Interpreter) look like he should be selling Carvel instead of being on TV?..
  • Discussions on Transformers the movie. Since WCW brought us Robocop in the ring, will TNA bring debut 'The Transformer'?..
  • Taking a look back at New Jack City..
  • A must hear interview: Minority Roundtable and Diamond Dallas Page! And coming soon, Jimmy 'Boogie Woogie Man' Valiant!
  • Laughing at Brent Albright, Snitsky, Candice Michelle's nose, Santino Marella..
  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out

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