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Monday night June 25, 2007 at 11:15PM EST, we commenced our Minority Report Webcast. The show ran almost four hours and was one of the most emotional experiences I've ever encountered.

We planned originally to hold a tribute episode for Chris Benoit, and pay our respects to wife Nancy and son Daniel. However as the show went on 'in real time', so many details started to emerge surrounding their deaths. Ultimately during the show, the Double Murder-Suicide was confirmed.

As it happened, the emotion from close to 1000 fans listening live, chat room visitors, and us turned to anger. Then WWE started to remove tributes from their website. Then a huge debate sparked on the show. Should we be paying any type of tribute to a murderer. How the f*** do you murder your 7 year old son? Noone celebrates OJ Simpson's football career anymore. He is labeled simply as a double murderer. Sadly, I have to treat Chris Benoit the same way.

You cannot find fault with WWE airing the 3 hour tribute. They had no clue at the start of their show that it was a double murder-suicide. I'm sure some had that possible scenario in the back of their minds. It was too coincidental that Benoit stays home for a 'family emergency', and then they all end up deceased?

Speculation ran rampant Monday night as to why this occurred. We came up with the possibility of extra marital affairs. Medical issues with the family. One thing is for certain. There isn't any good ending to this story. Nothing whatsoever that could even remotely explain what led to this tragedy could allow me to nod my head and say 'yeah, I can understand better why one would do this'. There is no excuse to commit murder. And that innocent 7 year old child bothers me more than anything.

Chris Benoit was a great wrestler. In my opinion, he is in the top 5 during our generation. He was a champion at wrestling. But he jobbed out to life. No matter what, it is disgusting what he did, and all respect and appreciation for Chris Benoit went out the window.

I cringe reading comments on how he was a great family man. You dont get 'credits' for being a family man up until June 23, 2007 then commit double murder. He murdered his family. For me, all respect and family man references go right out the window.

Major news organizations have picked up this story online and in print. However TV News channels will ultimately sensationalize this story. It has all the aspects of one that will be covered quite a bit on television. And of course there are others in the news field that are chomping at the bit, waiting to learn if Benoit had any substances in his system.

Like many, I am floored as to why this happened. Especially why someone who was truly looked up to by so many and perceived as such a family man can do this.

Every single person should listen to this episode. I assure you at one point or another, every emotion that every person has felt about this tragedy was brought to the surface. Countless numbers of fans all throughout the world vented. And those who downloaded this show early have sent an overwhelming amount of appreciation for this show. It seems many want us to be the voice in their ears on this matter.

We addressed every single question you all will have, I guarantee it. Should WWE still air Benoit matches on WWE.com and 24/7? Should any tributes still take place? Is it wrong to watch Benoit matches? Should he be inducted in WWE Hall Of Fame? Could this have been premeditated? Did he murder his son so he wouldn't have to go thru life knowing his father killed his mother? Could there have been warning signs? Will some try to humanize Chris Benoit's actions? Will WWE be blamed if steroids are discovered?

As I look back we addressed close to 100 different questions surrounding this tragedy. This broadcast is something I truly think will help alot of people right now deal with this tragedy.

It's an episode I will never forget personally, and one I wish we never have had to do.

Anthony DeBlasi

PS: Please remember this broadcast was taped the night the world learned of this tragedy. Next Monday's show (7/2/07) will address everything else that has come out since this taping. There will be quite a bit of controversial comments made.

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  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle, and Smoked Out

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  • Irony of Vince McMahon's death: Just when you think he's finally off TV, the McMahons will take up more TV time then ever before..
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  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, and Kevin Castle

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Yes we were a bit lazy with posting the Synopsis for the 6/4/07 webcast. But it didn't stop anyone from downloading it! Some actually liked being surprised without knowing the content and entertainment beforehand. We'll post a synopsis eventually.

Running Time: 2 Hours 19 Minutes

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out. 

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