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  • Irony: Gregory Helms suffers two broken vertebrae. Something tells me you wont find 'Vertebraeker' in his IPOD..
  • Anyone notice how 90% of the time, Lashley opens up a promo with a question?..
  • Amy Fisher back with Joey Buttafuoco. Maybe we can set up Jim Ross with Mary Jo..
  • WWE releases Ariel & Scotty Too Hotty. Well at least we'll get more nudes of Ariel in the future..
  • Inevitable: Something wrestling angles should never have..
  • Inevitable: Ray Charles can see Cade & Murdoch turning on The Hardys..
  • Inevitable: MVP would eventually defeat Chris Benoit for the US Title..
  • Enough with the marks thinking Snoop Dog is going to wrestle or even manage. He's not..
  • Do these geeks realize how stupid they come off in these Raw Fan Nation commercials?..
  • Message to Louis Glennon Jr who found WWE Blackberry. We support you 100%. Dont give it back to WWE and tell them you lost it at a baseball game..
  • Last week it was Rory Mcallister with myspace reverse psychology. This week, Beth Phoenix attempts the same..
  • Our thoughts on ABC doing a Geico Caveman TV spinoff..
  • Imagine if Joey cheats on Amy, and she shoots him in the face!..
  • Minority Report now polluting the airwaves in Singapore!..
  • F*** Taco Bell, 711 Angus Burgers & White Castle is the true Fourth Meal..
  • Why does it always take an injury for WWE to come up with creative unexpected storylines?..
  • Please WWE. Have Daivari be the mouthpiece for Khali. Not this Arab WWE writer. Toothpicks have more personality than Dave Kapoor..
  • We discuss what Wrestling T-Shirts we would still wear in public..
  • How sad will it be when non WWE wrestlers in WWE HOF will be remembered mostly as a WWE Hall of Famer to younger fans..
  • Jim Ross. We know you have a job to do on WWE TV. But please dont hype Candice Michelle in your blogs. She's doing basic moves and still sucks donkey di**..
  • Our views on Prime Minister Tony Blair..
  • Showing love to Raven. If fans understood the medical reasons why he's gained weight..
  • TNA should have Ariel valet Raven or even Christopher Daniels..
  • MVP real name is Hassan Assad. Talk about racial profiling. Can you imagine if he committed armed robbery post 9-11?..
  • We strongly recommend everyone to pick up all of the upcoming RF Video Shoot Interviews. We guarantee you'll enjoy them..
  • Woodflame BBQ's. If you dont like charcoal, pick one up..
  • We discuss why TNA is right in pushing former WWE stars. But we do expose a big problem with TNA and their homegrown talent..
  • AJ Styles: Should he have won the World Title already?..
  • Showing love to Cheech & Chong, Chris Benoit, Make A Wish Foundation, Victoria, our loyal listeners, Rob Feinstein..
  • Sabu released: As we said months ago, The Sheik inducted in HOF this year was done now so Sabu could be part of it - before he was to be released..
  • An interesting discussion on Bobby 'Black Lesnar' Lashley. And listen close and you'll hear only the African Americans in the debate sh**ing on Lashley..
  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle, and Smoked Out.

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  • Sorry Rory Mcallister (Highlanders), we dont feel bad for you. Your Myspace message depressed that your g/f is fu**ing someone else, nothing but Reverse Psychology to get virtual hugs..
  • ROH running PPVs to get exposure will shoot themselves in the foot. TNA and WWE can sit back, watch, and see who they want to hire..
  • Message to TNA. PPV's should always end with a period or an exclamation point. Not a fu**ing question mark like Sacrifice PPV..
  • How the mighty have fallen, Kevin Kelly. Then again was he ever mighty? Or Mighty Mouse?..
  • If we owned a restaurant, would we let O.J. Simpson dine?..
  • Laughing out fu**ing loud at NWA and its pathetic president desperately trying to feel he's an important part of the business..
  • Showing love to Dr Death Steve Williams, Andy Kaufman, WWE 24/7, Rugged Ronnie Garvin..
  • Gotta love WWE giving clean finishes to HBK against current champions Cena and Edge, only when its non-title..
  • Go* Dammit, mother fu**er, son of a bi*ch. WWE released Rob Conway..
  • Message to Jim Ross. If you don't know all the details behind the Sammartino / WWE situation, don't tell Bruno he should 'let it go'..
  • Andy Douglas of The Naturals bitching he wasn't happy the last few months in TNA. We assure you Andy, us fans weren't happy at your boring, bland, poor in ring work the few months too..
  • WWE releasing Too Cold Scorpio. Maybe he really is Too Old Scorpio..
  • How fu**ing horrible is this The Daltons gimmick debuting on Smackdown..
  • Discussing rumors of Chris Jericho coming back to WWE this summer..
  • Verbal confrontation between Don Tony and the 20 year old punk racist Chris Cash..
  • Anyone notice that the ECW title Vince McMahon is holding looks different?..
  • The biggest reason why ROH should not be running PPV's right now..
  • Imagine if Paris Hilton was sent to Rikers Island?!..
  • Did you hear about 6th grade teachers in TN who played a joke on students that a gunman was trying to kill them?..
  • Chris Cash checking the ba**s of ROH stars for The Minority Report..
  • Must buy Shoot Interviews coming out: Leatherface, Scott Norton, Bart Gunn, Bruno Sammartino, Bill Demott..
  • 1984: How many people got a fu**ing headache hearing Jump and Beat It 17 times a day on the radio?..
  • Ken Kennedy needs to come back after his injury as a face and feud with Edge..
  • More on Superstar Billy Graham and being an advocate for the disabled..
  • Buy the William Shatner and Pamela Anderson Celebrity Roasts..
  • Updated! Chris Masters' total offense arsenal count: 5..
  • Does anyone else besides us think there is something wrong with Vince McMahon's health?..
  • Why Hulk Hogan will never consider being involved with ROH..
  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle, and Smoked Out.

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  • We want Ring Of Honor to succeed on PPV. But if TNA has trouble getting 50,000 PPV Buys, how can ROH think they can get even 1/2 with people like Bernard Bland, William Whitehead, and David Richards..
  • Brooke Hogan's very revealing photos from Sunfest. We zoom in on the guy staring at Brooke's ti*s, p****, and his erect ***** next to her a**. Gotta love how Hulk must have reacted to these pics..
  • How to you say sh** in Italian? Santino Marella..
  • WWE writing of RVD, Black Lesnar (aka Lashley) and Vince this week: Perfect example why ECW scores 1.5 ratings..
  • Turkey: The African American & Spanish white meat?..
  • Even though the video was funny, we really feel bad for Daddy Drunk, David Hasselhoff..
  • Hey JR. Serious promos from Randy Orton doesn't have a fu**ing thing to do with his behavior problems and roid rage incidents..
  • Batista & Kennedy injuries: Discussion why we think Edge should jump to Smackdown and feud for the title..
  • Why we compare Ring Of Honor going PPV to ECW 1994..
  • The Bitchslap heard around the world: Iron Shiek to Eric Simms..
  • Blame Eric Simms 100% for NJ incident that involved Iron Shiek and The Ultimate Warrior..
  • Mickey Mouse stars on Hamas TV and promotes terrorism!..
  • One Night Stand: Which 'Angel' from the vintage Charlie Angels?..
  • Lanny Poffo is truly a genius. We discuss how he made over 1/2 Million Dollars from WCW sitting home. And how he was supposed to be Gorgeous George in WCW..
  • Coming Soon: Stone Cold Shark Boy!..
  • Gotta love Abraham Arab holding the Santino Marella sign..We discuss our favorite Raw matches over the last 5 years..
  • How come we hear about someone entertaining kids, we think of Jerry Lawler?..
  • Extreme Expose', Diva shoots on WWE.com: Dont believe rumors that Divas are going 'classy'. Not to mention wait until the Divas Search..
  • Anyone notice how WWE refs always check shoulders now before a 3 count..
  • How the f*** can WWE expect fans to embrace Santino Marella when he was handed the IC Title. Not to mention the lousy match he had with Chris Masters..
  • Don Tony testifies on how RVD was bitchslapped this week, way before his ECW match with Vince, Shane, & Umaga..
  • We discuss fan comparisons of Kennedy to Stunning Steve Austin..
  • We remember the night we saw Ric Flair enter a NYC hotel with Ann Margaret..
  • Wondered what Carlito said on Raw during his rant on Torrie Wilson, Ric Flair, and the fans? We translate for you..
  • Remember, you can now hear our webcasts over the phone and its free!..
  • Which would you buy first? Demolition DVD or Vader DVD?..
  • Psycho Cybil: Go ahead, slit her wrists..
  • Reason why so many wrestlers from yesteryear will be overshadowed for WWE Hall Of Fame..
  • Showing love to Ian Rotten, Tom Brandi, Wrestling Radio Network..
  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle, and Smoked Out.

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  • Jim Ross' website. Good blogs; but betcha didn't know those fan comments apparently have some artificial ingredients. Legit proof that Jim Ross webmaster creating fan Kool-Aid comments..
  • A huge difference in opinion between Kevin Castle and Anthony DeBlasi on the Billy Graham story. However, we must ask it: What if he was allowed in and saw the Rembrandt exhibit? Would he still be an advocate for the disabled? If he were black, would Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson be at the Phoenix Art Museum right now calling for people to be fired?..
  • Please WWE. We love Ric Flair. But no more closeup shots of his head. I had a nightmare in my sleep from it. Imagine if we saw that in HDTV?..
  • Great performance on Raw Randy Orton. 5 star match with Edge. However, having 5 star matches doesn't treat Roid rage son..
  • Now you can hear our webcasts over the phone and its free!..
  • Friend of Sean O'Haire rips us for defending O'Haire's behavior. And in doing so, shoots himself in the foot..
  • Don Tony likes Vince as ECW champion, predicted and enjoys Khali vs Cena, says don't worry about The Condemned box office revenue. Is there something in the water?..
  • Chat room treats: Download the 4 Horsemen DVD for free, view naked WWE, TNA divas, lots more!..
  • Why fans are going to accept MVP as US Champ, and sh** on Santino Marella..
  • Reminiscing about Salvatore Bellomo. Gimme a Rainbow ice!..
  • Vince McMahon should have handed ECW title to New Breed or Elijah Burke..
  • Kamala visits Smoked Out's house..
  • Male caller offers an indecent proposal to Joey 9:24..
  • Signs you MUST MAKE if attending an indy / TNA show that features Brother Ray / Bubba Ray Dudley..\
  • WWE has to be very careful with building Kennedy the next 10 months. Don't be surprised if he loses his Title Shot before Wrestlemania..
  • Looking at the Batista / UK Autograph Signing disaster..
  • Psycho Cybil followup. We expose her criminal record that includes forgery, drugs, and Identity Fraud..
  • Could Ring Of Honor (ROH) take it to the next level?..
  • Would you still consider Slick in WWE Hall Of Fame if 'Jive Soul Bro' never existed?..
  • Laughing at AWA Dale 'Gagne' Gagner and the lawsuit WWE filed against him. We defended Dale last year. Not anymore!..
  • Laughing at geeks making a fu**ing big deal about Mickie James winning womens title at WWE house show..
  • Great Falls Tribune really needs to fire the reporter of that Psycho Cu** story and the nerve to try and justify it in a followup story..
  • Which girls from Charles In Charge would you have ******?..
  • Why WWE Films is heading towards the XFL path unless they make one very important change..
  • Laughing at the Anna Nicole Smith story being filmed..
  • One of our listeners used to blast Sexual Chocolate entrance theme in his car..
  • Discussing the rumor that MVP spent 10 years in prison..
  • How come everyone named Jami / Jamie / Jaime is fu**ed up?..
  • AXE Shower Gel soothes your skin and leaves you smelling nice..
  • Interesting tidbit you may not have known about WWE Pyros..
  • For those that cannot get enough of our webcast, a second show comes later this week: Minority Roundtable..
  • Showing love to our new listeners, Matt Morgan, Brutus Beefcake, Gail Kim, Baby Doll, Wrestling Radio Network..
  • Lots of listener emails, Myspace messages, phone calls, chatroom questions answered and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle, and Smoked Out.

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For those who cannot get enough of our Monday night 'Minority Report Webcast', a secondary show has been added each week.

The 'Minority Roundtable', will feature exactly how it's titled, a roundtable discussion. From time to time you will hear interviews with wrestling stars of today and yesteryear. And to give this show a different flavor, Monday's cohosts of Joey 9:24, Mo Black, Smoked Out, and Kevin Castle will be featured on the secondary broadcast.

Well, truth is that Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi seems to munch away a large part of Monday's airtime. And with so many different topics discussed on Mondays, it leaves no time for any true 'roundtable' discussion. Therefore, since MnM is 'Monday Night Minority', TnT will be 'Tuesday No Tony'. Well if the demand is big enough, I'm sure Don Tony will appear as a guest from time to time :)

Monday night's show, hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, and the Minority crew will remain the same.

Here is the first installment of Minority Roundtable from 5/1/2007. The show runs about 2 Hours.


Remember you can always listen to the Minority Report Webcast LIVE online Monday nights @ 11:15PM EST right here at Wrestling-News.com. And, you can always call into our show and talk to us live during the broadcast! (866-352-8485)

Thank you to everyone who enjoys The 'Minority Report Webcast'. Our show no receives over 20,000 downloads weekly! We hope you enjoy the 'Minority Roundtable' the same.

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