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  • I wonder what Randy Orton's fiance' thinks of her soon to be husband's actions? The only two things that can possibly wise up Randy Orton: Pu**y and having a child..
  • Borash / Ring Announcer; Tenay / West Duo; Message to TNA: Great they've helped TNA grow. But your loyalty to subpar talent is now stinking up the joint..
  • A treat for our listeners. 20 bonus minutes from our local hotline..
  • Message to Dixie Carter: Once in a while post some job listings. Even if you're not looking. You may come across a gem once in a while..
  • Problem with Rob Conway: He was a Rick Rude, a Mr Wonderful, and a Buff Bagwell - instead of a Rob Conway..
  • We've seen it in the states. How many countries does WWE have to now visit to realize that Cade & Murdoch isn't over with fans. And Lance Cade constantly acting pissed makes us laugh at this geek even more. Sorry Lance, you can't act..
  • Exposing, laughing, and sh**ing on the nutjob from Montana, Psycho Cybil. I wonder what her husband thinks of this wacko. And how the f*** can Montana Board of Health would allow this wackjob to handle tattoo needles and other tools..
  • If John Cena vs HBK 60 minute match would have had the WWE title on the line, it would have been considered the best Raw match in over 5 years..
  • Which 'Cheers' diva would you have fu**ed? Rebecca, Lillith, Carla, or Diane?..
  • Did anyone else find Jack Tripper's girlfriend from 'Three's A Crowd' ugly?..
  • Was it wise for TNA to have Abyss destroyed on Impact, injury angle, and off TV for the next month - just to have him do a run-in on an indy show later the same week..
  • As Don Tony predicted, CM Punk fu**s with ECW 'New Breed' storyline..
  • Showing love to Tammy Sytch, Miss Elizabeth, Mindpoop, You Tube hotties..
  • Adios Assassin and Deep South Wrestling..
  • Debate over News stations airing Seung-Hui Cho videos and why they needed to be seen..
  • Speaking of Cho, didn't he sound like a Korean Ahmed Johnson?..
  • He's Super, and he's Crazy, and he's injured..
  • Why the fu** does Hillary Clinton talk with a Southern Accent when she visits Southern states?..
  • Kevin Castle predicts Abyss and Samoa Joe in WWE by the early 2008..
  • WWE needs to stop treating the first month or two after Wrestlemania like a 'Spring Training'. There's no preseason WWE..
  • Laughing at Jim Ross' comments how 95% of the news on the net is bulls***. Can Good Ole Jr show even 1/4% of wrong news from our website?..
  • Why we feel TNA is an 'NWO angle away' from going to the next level..
  • Cause there isn't anyone on the roster right now to be the catalyst..
  • Discussing respect Korean community gave to Virginia Tech, Val Venis, Alec Baldwin..
  • For those who can't get enough of The Minority Report webcast, a bonus show is coming soon..
  • Discussing the best 'Four Horsemen' combination..
  • The debate over TNA getting rid of the NWA titles..
  • Plus your calls, emails, myspace messages, chat room questions and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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  • Santino Marella: Remember when you won a title meant you were the 'best' in your league?..
  • Message to TNA. Stop the 'all cage' Lockdown PPV's. Youre focusing more on gimmicks than storylines and heat..
  • We send our sympathy and thoughts to everyone in and around Virginia Tech. However, there is no fu**ing excuse why the school didn't open their mouths 5 minutes after discovering the first killings..
  • Hey Virginia Tech hierarchy: If a double murder occurs at Yankee Stadium during a game with 40,000 people, you think they would keep quiet? Give me a fu***ing break..
  • John Cena and Lashley in 2 ways, 3 ways, 4 ways: Lousy attempts by WWE to make these two look more powerful 'overcoming the odds'..
  • We analyze why fans feel CM Punk is not getting a proper push..
  • Does anyone remember XWF? Hulk Hogan needs to realize fans don't want 'traveling legends shows'. They want a company with intriguing storylines and entertainment. How's about doing something with TNA, or convincing Ted Turner to jump back in the tank?..
  • Santino Marella winning the IC Title: Something WWE should have done on an Italy HOUSE SHOW, then have him drop it before the UK tour. Maybe WWE can blame this horrid angle by saying Mick Foley had a retard GM book Raw..
  • Don Tony discusses why ROH has the best chance (more than Hogan) of succeeding mainstream and what ROH needs to change..
  • Will Brock Lesnar succeed in MMA? Will he quit if he gets his ass kicked in a fight? Would Brock Lesnar cry if he gets knocked square in the face?..
  • Here we go again. To the TNA marks chanting the geeky 'Fire Vince Russo', you don't even know what he's writing. You morons are nothing more than wrestling's version of Rosie O'Donnell..
  • We told you so. Geeks online now doing a 360 about Rob Van Dam leaving WWE..
  • WWE creating a 'Masters with the Mic' DVD? Should they?..
  • Don Tony thinks CM Punk boring 'turn' joining the New Breed is an angle to actually have him f*** with New Breed..
  • Jim Ross. Do you actually expect fans to think Jerry Lawler had 'miscommunication' with WWE? Here's a statement Mr Hall Of Famer. Noone there 'miscommunicates' with WWE..
  • Larry Zybysko in XXX video and a movie trailer as a vampire: He actually could make it in B Movies in hokey comedy roles..
  • LOL at Steve Austin, Jim Ross, and others who say 'competition' is good. Yet everytime someone plans a high profile show, WWE tries to f*** with it..
  • Remember when Jillian Hall lied on Myspace and denied mocking Brooke Hogan on Smackdown? Stupid ****..
  • Minority Report host 'Smoked Out' does his best impersonation of Stacks (Goodfellas), gets stoned and passes out during the show!..
  • WWE in HD? We discuss real problems WWE will encounter if they start programming in High Definition..
  • Showing some love to Lance Russell, Konnan, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, our listener emails, and even Larry Zybysko!..
  • Laughing at G.I. Ho, Glen Gilberti, Lionel Tate..
  • Don Tony pitches his USA PRO / UXW ticket seller match idea that never occurred..
  • Even if you dont like TNA, you have to credit them for putting faith in smaller wrestlers like Homicide, Jay Lethal, Senshi, Austin Starr, and others..
  • We've discussed this for a month and fans are starting to realize it. New WWE PPV format will hurt quite a few mid carders..
  • Prediction: WWE will make us Double Dip with the Four Horsemen in a few years..
  • WWE needs to change or tweak MVP's name ASAP..
  • Don Tony spends 30 minutes alone answering chat room questions..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, ECW discussion, your calls, and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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  • Message to OVW Valet 'Rockstar' Roni Jonah who is asking for donations to get Breast Implants: Get a fu**ing job.
  • Why didn't 'Mr McMahon' interract with the Make-A-Wish kid? He should have threatened him with a 'Make-A-Wish Bitchslap'!..
  • Get well Sean O'Haire. Even if you may have been an a**hole at the SC clubs, you don't deserve what happened..
  • Laughing at South Carolina newspaper, club, law enforcement, and everyone trying to diminish the criminal assault on Sean O'Haire. Thank God none of us live there..
  • Download WWE: The Jobbers Vol#1 Free!..
  • Does anyone else have 'Post Wrestlemania Depression' right now?..
  • Does anyone out there really participating in Slomming?..
  • Praying that Vickie Guerrero watched some Apex Tech commercials and learned a new trade while off WWE TV..
  • Shame on everyone in the audience from Raw that booed the Make A Wish kid. However, I wouldn't be surprised if many fans didn't believe he was really a Make-A-Wish kid..
  • Anyone see this Firefighter who was arrested wearing only a thong and bikini? Problem is, he's a man!..
  • What Don Imus did was wrong. He deserves to be suspended. But Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to find a new line of work. Where the f*** is their passion, marches, and pressure against radio stations that air Hip Hop garbage? The record companies? We don't see them parading in front of the studios? Does that make them prejudicial against non-blacks?..
  • Was ECW Originals vs New Breed Extreme Rules match really that good? Or has WWE fed us so much extreme sh** over the last 6 months, it just made it seem better than what it was.. 
  • WWE: The land of missed opportunity. We discuss some perfect random examples over the last month..
  • Matt Striker: $500 per week WWE salary + WWE termination = $1000 - $1500 per show on the indies..
  • Thank you for the memories Kanyon. We sincerely feel you were one of the most underrated superstars over the last 10 years..
  • Did you know that XXX star Peter North is bisexual?..
  • Ripping comparisons of WWE to classic NWA wrestling..
  • Recap of John Cena on MTV Punk'd and how The Minority Report would have scripted Cena's appearance on MTV Punk'd..
  • Laughing at news reports about Carlito, Matt Hardy, and others..
  • Kevin Castle rehashes bad memories of Gerardo and his very shi**y song Rico Suave!..
  • Did you ever blast a true wrestling theme in a car with the windows open?..
  • Reviewing the 'Ric Flair And The Four Horsemen' DVD..
  • The debate over Steve 'Mongo' McMichael. Why some of the hosts hated him, and why Don Tony always liked him..
  • Offering our best wishes and prayers for Matt Cappotelli..
  • Diana Hart has no business asking relatives of Owen Hart to 'warm up' to WWE since Harry Smith is going to debut..
  • Quick update on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 video game..
  • Whenever Kennedy says 'Mr Money In The Bank', do you think of Rob Van Dam?..
  • If you can pick one wrestler, faction, or tag team, and WWE would make it, what would it be?..
  • Discussion XPW One Night Stand show proposed for this summer..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, ECW discussion, your calls, chat room questions, and lots more..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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  • Lashley vs Umaga on Raw the day after Wrestlemania: See what happens when you put a 1.5 rating ECW main eventer (Lashley) on Raw without Austin, Vince, or Trump ringside? Absolute sh** match. And trust us folks, it will get worse..
  • John Cena will undergo another transformation during 2007..
  • Sean Michaels saying on Raw how he 'only wants heavyweight gold, same exact sh** Edge did one year ago..
  • Sorry Jim Ross. John Cena being shi**ed on by fans does not make him 'controversial'. Steve Austin's character (going against authority) was controversial..
  • Why do all the men in the movie '300' have perfect abs?..
  • You geeks should shut the fu** up at your bitching about how Donald Trump 'didnt seem to be into Wrestlemania'..
  • Does anyone think on their own? Vince & Donald teasing a rematch at next year's Wrestlemania is just a tongue and cheek comment. It's not going to fu**ing happen..
  • Good one WWE: You have a bland ECW Originals vs New Breed tag match at Wrestlemania. Then give an 'Extreme Rules' match on Sci-Fi..
  • Anyone notice how the last few Starburst commercials have had homosexual overtones?..
  • In order for Vince McMahon bald comedy storyline to continue, he must start growing his hair. LOL, we explain why..
  • We offer some great analysis why Batista's punches like a bitch in his matches, RVD thows forearms, Sean O'Haire, lots more..
  • WWE laughing at all the marks that bitched about no Hogan, Savage, Piper, Beefcake, or other legends on Wrestlemania. Because you bitched, but still ordered the PPV..
  • We told you it would happen. William Shatner was absoultely sh**ed on at the WWE Hall Of Fame..
  • Jerry Lawler had the chance to finally act like a man at the WWE Hall Of Fame. No mention of his family. Cracking stupid jokes. What a goof..
  • After watching Ashley vs Melina and Khali vs Kane at 'mania, Carlito had every right to rip WWE..
  • Don Tony's Wrestlemania predictions result? 8-0..
  • Why was London & Kendrick (Smackdown Tag Champs) competing on Raw for Raw tag team titles?..
  • Vintage story involving one of the hosts vomiting in an ex-girlfriend's mouth..
  • We discuss reason why Khali had to defeat Kane at 'Mania..
  • Warming up to Crystal & Melina, souring very fast on Ashley..
  • Anyone notice the lack of buzz around Candice Michelle & Ashley Massaro's Playboy covers compared to Chyna and Sable?..
  • A very simple fix to get John Cena better received by fans..
  • Compared to other countries, US fans should be happy with the amount of wrestling they get on TV..
  • A wild prediction. Vince McMahon will fake a heartattack as a storyline sometime in the future..
  • Don't be surprised if Rob Van Dam stays in WWE..
  • People should stop complaining at the match order from Wrestlemania 23..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, ECW discussion, your calls, chat room questions, and lots more..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Mo Black.

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