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  • Joey Mercury: Why we believe he was released due to substance abuse. WWE sent him to drug rehab a year ago and warned him he'd be fired if he went back to the 'Flintstone vitamins'..
  • In a perfect world for Jerry Lawler, Dakota Fanning would have inducted The King..
  • Would Batista ending Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak comparable to Kevin Nash fu**ing up Goldberg's streak?..
  • Taking a close look at CM Punk and why he isn't receiving a bigger spotlight on WWE / ECW television..
  • Don Tony has been feeling this for months and reaffirms the hunch that John Cena will retain at Wrestlemania..
  • Looking at Samoa Joe's derogatory remarks towards TNA..
  • Cocaine & Marijuana, we discuss how long it stays in your system and how this has to do with the WWE Wellness Program..
  • Plus a true story involving an ex girlfriend of one of the hosts and how she sniffed a hotel rug to inhale cocaine remnants..
  • Despite personal feelings towards Jim Ross' past, we show some respect and congratulate him on his Hall Of Fame Induction..
  • Reasons why noone should sh** on Wade Boggs inducting Curt Henning..
  • Discussing the 20 year old rumor on how Bruiser Brody was going to show up at WWE back in '85 to 'take out' Hulk Hogan and Mr T..
  • Is there anything 'natural' about Chris Masters?..
  • An in depth discussion why The Undertaker will not be pinned at Wrestlemania..
  • Jerry Lawler: Sorry King, I didn't seem to see you at William Shatner's Celebrity Roast. Look around 3/31 at the families surrounding the inductees then look at yourself..
  • Reason why TNA will never have Kurt Angle 'put over' younger / midcarders..
  • Regardless of what the 'popular talk' is amongst the wrestling world, Lex Luger was over in the early to mid 90's..
  • The obese 'Computer Graphics' pig from the Wrestling With Shadows Documentary sends us a derogatory email..
  • A few quick predictions for Wrestlemania 23..
  • Its official: Anna Nicole Smith the whackjob overdosed..
  • Recommended listening material: New Jack on Masked Maniac Webcast from 3/22/2007..
  • Does anyone else feel like us that we really soured on Ashley Massaro?..
  • Mick Foley becoming very insecure?..
  • Reasons why WWE Hall Of Fame will expand quite a bit in the near future..
  • Looking at Team 3D and the stupid idea of showing their WWE & ECW tag titles during TNA Impact..
  • Showing love to Dance Fever, 'Expose', Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Michaels, AWA DVD..
  • Plus Raw, Wrestlemania, TNA, ECW discussion, and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Smoked Out, and Mo Black.

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  • Randy Orton + Six types of Steroids = Roid Rage? Mood Swings? Behavior problems with WWE? Sh**ing in Bags? Fights?..
  • Johnny Ace, Kevin Dunn, we now introduce to you the latest jackass: Mike Graham. You are all invited to join the club and sh** on Mr. Graham..
  • Gotta laugh at WWE downplaying Steroid Scandal by saying it happened before The Wellness Program..
  • Story behind last episode SOL thanks to Windows Fuc**ng Vista..
  • Coming to The Minority Report webcast next week: Legendary NWA Diva, Baby Doll!..
  • Even if you dislike Edge, you have to show him respect for his comments on Sports Illustrated story..
  • A wrestling fan's dream weekend next year in FL: Ring Of Honor on Friday, WWE Hall of Fame Saturday, Wrestlemania Sunday, TNA Impact taping on Monday..
  • Anyone else watch Dancing With The Stars this week to see if Heather Mills' leg pop off?!..
  • We told you geeky marks before. Don't single out Vince Russo when TNA storylines go hokey. Now we have several legit reasons to laugh at everyone single one of you..
  • Would Randy Orton be TNA's top superstar if WWE released him?..
  • Anyone ever notice how some wrestlers' heads literally changed shape while on steroids?..
  • The Pounce Heard Around The World! Anyone see how pissed Sabu was after receiving it on ECW TV?..
  • How great is the Legends show on WWE 24/7..
  • Did anyone else hate Saved By The Bell when it came out?..
  • Anyone else have an LJN Roddy Piper figures at 16 years old?..
  • Missing Muhammad Hassan..
  • Can you believe Ferris Bueller is almost 50 years old?!..
  • Rest in Peace Chris Masters.. By the way, anyone notice how we've been doing the RIP for a year, now JBL is doing it. Not saying he took it from us. But we always understood since day one why he was doing it. And yes we laughed at the marks that thought JBL 'made a mistake' when he said the 'late' King Kong Bundy..
  • Who we would want to induct Curt Henning, The Sheik, Jerry Lawler..
  • Even though we understand why WWE did it, Lashley breaking The Masterlock Challenge didn't help Lashley at all..
  • Thank you Chris Benoit for showing the world how horrible John Cena can really be in a wrestling match. We invite anyone to watch 3/19 Raw match again and see what we mean..
  • Taking a close look at Sting's TNA stint and the true reason why he wouldn't go to WWE..
  • Laughing at the obese pig in the Wrestling With Shadows Documentary..
  • Kane / Toy Crane segment a few years ago: WWE's attempt to 'humanize' Kane succeeded in literally 90 seconds. TNA and Dutch Mantell has spent 4 months trying to do it, and have failed horribly..
  • We discuss what current WWE superstars should have a Best Of DVD (that hasn't had one yet)..
  • An awesome discussion as we discuss who we feel are the Top 20 Draws in Wrestling during our generation (1980-Present)..
  • Should WWE had stopped the show when Owen Hart passed? Reason why there will never be a right or wrong answer..
  • Plus Raw, Wrestlemania, TNA, ECW discussion, and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Mo Black.

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  • Message to Kevin Dunn: Dont assume fans wouldn't know who Lance Russell is you fu**ing moron..
  • Kevin Dunn: Reason #11 why WWE Hall Of Fame has such a hard time being taken seriously..
  • Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, and Donald Trump: Three distractions err reasons why Lashley won't suck at Wrestlemania..
  • Bam Bam Bigelow autopsy results reveal sad ending to one of the best big men in wrestling history..
  • Buy the World Class documentary. You will not be disappointed..
  • Here's a Wrestlemania idea: Have JBL take the 'Masterlock Challenge'..
  • Doesnt it appear that Batista is holding back and seems to be afraid to be injured again?..
  • Showing respect to JSK of Wrestling News Live - RIP..
  • Jillian Hall's nose grew another foot for lying about not mocking Brooke Hogan..
  • Could MnM be your next Raw tag team champions?..
  • Why we think ECW 'New Breed' have most to gain from Wrestlemania 23..
  • Coming next week, Skype numbers for UK, Australia, & Canadian listeners of our webcast..
  • The first hour and 57 minutes of Raw was one of the best in years. The last 7 minutes sucked donkey di**..
  • A huge heated discussion on ECW and why 'Originals' don't need to lose for 'New Breed' to gain..
  • WWE can't turn Shawn Michaels heel for the sake of John Cena. If they did, who would be the second biggest 'face' on Raw then?..
  • One of the hosts has the video of 2 & 5 year old kids smoking weed on his IPOD. And, why isn't Texas drug testing the mother?..
  • Showing love to Nick Bockwinkle, Daffney, Missy Hyatt, Becky Bayless, Kevin Matthews, Alex Shelley, Undertaker..
  • We discuss which WWE diva we want to see in Playboy instead of Ashley Massaro..
  • How many out there is thinking John Cena will win at Mania?..
  • WWE needs to create a Hall Of Fame museum..
  • Do these fuc**ng geeks realize Wrestling Society X is an indy fed? There's nothing stopping them from holding shows in the future..
  • As we've been predicting for a month now, Randy Orton will be in the Money In The Bank match at Mania. Let the dissension with Edge begin..
  • How fu**ing horrible is Christian Cage & Rey Mysterio's upcoming movies look?..
  • Need a job Chris Cash?..
  • Reminiscing Kanyon / Molloy, throwing eyeballs at students, giving Ex-Lax to kids, transsexuals approaching our cars, Greek friends bribing club girls for sex, and more!..
  • Please TNA. Don't do a 'Shane Douglas' with NWA TNA titles..
  • Kennedy: Odds on favorite to win MITB match at Wrestlemania?..
  • Whoever wins MITB match at Mania will NOT win their title shot..
  • One of the hosts took 10 chairshots last week at wrestling event..
  • Thank you to Jorge' from the Bodega for the 15 year old Freshen-Up gum..
  • Lots of Chat Room questions, your calls, ECW, TNA, WWE discussion, and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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  • To define Stunatz, Bubba Ray Dudley is a horse's testicle..
  • Can people shut the f*** up about accusing Vince McMahon of intentionally sabotaging ECW..
  • TNA must STOP their talent from doing interviews questioning their own product. You NEVER hear that happen with WWE stars. Well except for RVD sometimes..
  • The problem with Lashley #5: You can't humanize an animal. WWE spent two years to build him as an animal. Now they are trying to humanize him..
  • Sorry WWE. Hulk Hogan does deserve the big payday for Wrestlemania..
  • Laughing at how WWE wont pay Hogan the big bucks to appear. Yet Vince cuts himself a $10+ Million Dividend check for himself right before Mania..
  • This year's Wrestlemania lacks 'electricity'..
  • Doesn't it seem that 8 men in the Money In The Bank match is too many?..
  • We don't believe for one minute Test asked for his own release from WWE..
  • Laughing at Donald Trump picking Lindsey for Wrestlemania..
  • An interesting predicting about James Mitchell's new protege' in TNA..
  • Strong advice to anyone thinking about buying Windows Vista..
  • Taking a very deep look at Vince McMahon's tasteless business actions over the years. How he uses charity and other outlets to improve his public image. And how he will humanize the day he becomes very ill..
  • The real reason why The Hardy's are part of the Money In The Bank match..
  • Ever notice how some wrestlers say hello to fans, when it's time to say goodbye?..
  • Looking at the change WWE plans to make with a few select PPV's..
  • Anyone notice how tag teams have disappeared from Raw once again? (And we dont mean Edge / Orton / HBK / Cena)..
  • Showing love to all of our new listeners..
  • If you can get arrested for hiring an Alien, housing an Alien, etc, then how is it legal to give money / credit to an Alien? Since Bank Of America is offering Credit Cards to Illegal Aliens, one of us is applying for 40 under fictitious names..
  • Why does Jim Ross always single out promo issues with Shelton Benjamin, yet someone like CM Punk rarely cuts one at all..
  • Laughing at Maxim picking Roddy Piper's 'They Live' as part of an all time 'worst' list..
  • Anyone remember watching Scarface, Good Fellas, Halloween on syndicated TV and how they edited vulgar language and violence?..
  • True story about Pedro, the gay Mexican who schemed to get US citizenship..
  • Is it just us, but Lillian Garcia is getting too emotional with her introductions..
  • How Myspace is replacing email, phone numbers, advertising, more..
  • Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa Johns?..
  • What the hell is wrong with using Cliff Notes for term papers?..
  • Listen and enjoy to a small altercation between two of the hosts..
  • Feeling cocky about how our show is played live in a few pubs..
  • Discussions on best promo cutters and racial overtones in wrestling over the years,  ECW, TNA,  your emails, and lots more. Also as a bonus, 20 minutes from our Tuesday hotline report..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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