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  • Bubba Ray Dudley = Stunatz..
  • Britney Spears should have donated her hair to Locks Of Love and she would have avoided alot of the heat she received..
  • We feel bad for his friends, fans, and former co-workers. We feel pity for Mike Awesome. But we do thank Mike Awesome for the memories and wish he could have overcome his problems..
  • TNA deserves the shi**y rating they received. They had 2 months to prepare for their Monday night special and Raw head to head. And they delivered sh** as a product for those two shows..
  • Why we think Steve Austin will referee 'Bald Stipulation' match..
  • Sh**ing on MTV for their handling of Wrestling Society X..
  • Let's see Kurt Angle wrestle a Non-American wrestler in Japan and see how he does..
  • Please TNA: Do not start making Abyss talk. And don't remove his fu**ing mask..
  • Feud idea: Have Randy Orton win spot on Money In The Bank match. Then he and Edge can get greedy and cause each other the win at Wrestlemania..
  • Laughing at how Tommy Dreamer crawls to the back after a match, goes thru the curtain, then gets up to grab a Donut..
  • We love Hulk Hogan. But we must sh** on his very greedy wife..
  • And how ridiculous is it that WWE is going to get 800,000 PPV buys, and sellout an 80,000 seat arena. Yet they couldn't work out a deal with The Hulkster?..
  • Us Minority Men admit it: We choked up at the Mr Perfect Curt Henning video package on Raw. Showing love to his career and his WWE Hall Of Fame nomination..
  • Message to TNA: You don't have to put every fu**ing wrestler on TV every week. Look at what WWE does with Kenny, Chris Masters, Cryme Time, and others..
  • One of our hosts masturbates to Barbara Walters..
  • Pick up the RF Video: On The Road With Abdullah The Butcher..
  • Anyone notice the new trend of WWE documentaries? Great story. Sh**ty match selections..
  • Speaking of such, we discuss the upcoming WWE DVD Release: Rick Flair and The Horsemen..
  • Bad coincidence or did Britney Spears f*** WWE twice in the proverbial ass..
  • Looking bad at the best tag teams from 1997 to 2007. Boy has WWE fu**ed up the legacy of Tag Team wrestling..
  • Please WWE: Do not have Melina vs Ashley at Wrestlemania..
  • Please WWE: Do not have Khali vs Kane at Wrestlemania..
  • Please WWE: Do not have Umaga vs Bobby Lashley..
  • Please WWE: Do not have ECW Hasbeens vs ECW Nobodies..
  • What the f*** happened to Victoria? Why did WWE kill the storyline so fu**ing fast?..
  • FHM Magazine out of business..
  • Vader or Damien Demento's Shoulder Pads?..
  • Lance Cade needs to slow down on the !$(%)% or he wont be around much longer..
  • Why is Vickie Guerrero back on WWE television?..
  • Discussions on the WKRP, Too Close For Comfort, Family Ties & Martin DVD's, Malcom X, Windows Vista, TNA vs The View, Teddy Hart, No Way Out PPV, your calls, chat room questions, emails, and lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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  • We called it a month ago: Vince McMahon vs Donald Trump @ Wrestlemania 23 with loser having his head shaved..
  • Why you should bet the ranch Vince McMahon will have his head shaved. An no Vince doesn't wear a toupee..
  • Reason why these geeks should shut up stop making fun of New Jack running a wrestling school..
  • Gotta love Test and his hypocritical steroid infested body. Maybe he'll do Hooked On Phonics while he's suspended..
  • Here's TNA Stupidity. Team 3D are 'faces'. TNA special has Eric Young sh**ing on Team 3D..
  • In a way, we want to see Lashley vs Khali at Wrestlemania 23 just to see how bad they f*** up..
  • Kevin Castle educating on the infamous Ken Patera incident that led to his two year jail sentence. If you never heard the story, this is a must listen..
  • And guaranteed if the Patera incident happened in 2006, he would have received no jail time..
  • Reason why Bobby Heenan verbally bashed Patera in the WWF 'Jail' vignettes..
  • Why WWE's decision to remove Fatal 4-Way at No Way Out makes no fu**ing sense at all..
  • 'If you wanna look Hardcore, you have to wear Hardcore'..
  • Rudy Giuliani will be your next president..
  • Reason why WWE did not push Deuce as 'Jimmy Snuka Jr'..
  • Who the fu** is El Happy Boy?..
  • You go to a High School reunion to celebrate with your graduating class. You don't go to hang out with students who graduated a different year. So why is Wrestlemania 23 celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Wrestlemania 3 if nothing about the fu**ing PPV is actually involving original talent?..
  • Imagine the stupid reason Donald Trump would have if he picked Lashley? Imagine if Vince chose Elijah Burke?..
  • Dustin Rhodes inducting Dusty Rhodes: Right choice?..
  • Anna Nicole Smith, RIP. But you have to admit it. Her son dies of drugs. Her baby is born with drugs. You'd think this idiot would have changed her ways. Like 'The Truth' commercial says: 'No You Don't Always Die From Tobacco!'..
  • If you can choose anyone: What wrestler / manager 'Two Pack' figure set would you want?..
  • An in depth discussion regarding CM Punk..
  • Which FOUR Minority Report hosts predicted 1.2 rating for Impact Special..
  • Don Tony explains Barack Obama 'clean cut' comments..
  • Laughing at Snitsky, Man Mountain Rock, Joanie Laurer, Madam Trimspa, Larry King..
  • Looking to buy a DVD Recorder? The Minority Report offers you tips..
  • Kudos to Hispanic & Mexican wrestling audience overseas. If we send Masked Maniac to Puerto Rico, can you promise to hit him with cups of piss?..
  • Showing love to Jake Roberts, Roddy Piper, Knobbs, Hacksaw, & Haku on Hogan Knows Best, Booker T..
  • Clips of our appearance on 2/8/07 Masked Maniac show..
  • Plus your calls, chat room questions, emails, TNA, WWE, ECW, Wrestling Society X discussion, & lots more..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.


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  • Why is Kurt Angle making all these wacky comments? How's about showing some class and integrity?..
  • What's up with these cheesy Cialis Commercials? And thanks Fox for airing Toe Fungus commercials during dinnertime..
  • Doesn't it seem like Lance Storm wrote his TNA ripping 5 minutes after Impact aired? Take a chill pill Lance..
  • Lizzy Valentine + 38 Daily Bulletins of Wrestling Society X = Head On, apply directly to the forehead. Head On apply directly to the forehead, Head On apply directly to the forehead..
  • Blame Ring of Honor for Samoa Joe leaving. What ROH must do in the future to avoid this from happening again..
  • Johnny Jeter + Accepting every fu**ing Friend Request including tracking profiles = Hacked.. And what you need to know to avoid being hacked yourself..
  • Personal message to Chasyn Rance: You're a piece of sh**..
  • LOL @ criminal troubles of Brandy, Ryan O'Neill, Bam Margera's pedophilia uncle..
  • Anyone pick up the subliminal message towards certain WWE / ECW stars in the Ric Flair promo towards Carlito on Raw?..
  • Kudos to Kevin Nash, Undertaker, HBK, & other 40+ year olds for being in such phoenominal shape?..
  • We called it weeks back. ECW Originals vs ECW New Breed..
  • We discuss what needs to be done to get Lashley over in wrestling..
  • Here's a Wrestlemania match idea: Lashley vs Umaga for ECW Title..
  • As we said the night he was arrested, Rob Van Dam put ECW on his shoulders, and smoked it away. Look at the Domino effect since his DUI..
  • Anyone else mark out for Prince performing during Super Bowl XLI?..
  • Ric Flair about to emulate on Raw similar to Kevin Nash towards the young guns of TNA?..
  • Quick Konnan / Health update, TNA receiving donations, & more..
  • The biggest reason why Vince Russo is always unfairly blamed for every crappy segment on TNA programming..
  • However, the Sting / Abyss storyline is horrid. What next? A gun is used? Abyss' father makes an appearance?..
  • Alex Shelly = Right way to push a 20 yr old on TV..
  • Kenny Dykstra = Wrong way to push a 20 yr old on TV..
  • Shi**ing on FIP for total lack of class towards Jake 'The Snake' Roberts incident..
  • Discussing Politics and Backstage Bulls*** in wrestling..
  • The Wild Samoans: First inductees in 2007 WWE Hall Of Fame..
  • Think of the game 'Clue' and compare it WWE / TNA wrestling and you'll see why certain characters will never be over..
  • Khali to attack Donald Trump on next week's Raw?..
  • Reminding everyone at stupid reports last month of Kevin Federline working for WWE Full Time..
  • And we discuss reason why WWE edited out one segment involving K-Fed and John Cena on Raw which you'll never see again..
  • WWE Wrestlemania 3 Championship Edition DVD: A must buy..
  • Mike Knox more popular than Val Venis at Wrestlemania signings?..
  • Something brewing in the Jim Ross camp and something we noticed about his blogs..
  • Ken Shamrock appearing in MMA version of 'Rocky'..
  • How great was Shotgun Saturday Night back in the day?..
  • Plus your calls, chat room questions, & lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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  • WWE amazing idea to avoid fans from sh**ing on Donald Trump storyline: Giving fans money to shut them up!..
  • Wrestlng Society X has sat and waited 3 years for their new found power. Amazing how WWE has tried to make their product hip & cool with MTV audience just to have MTV bite: with another fed!..
  • Everytime I see that Virgil / Convention pic, I smile and realize that my life will never be that bad..
  • ECW Originals led by Paul Heyman vs ECW Newbies?..
  • One Night Stand: Brooke Hogan or Ariel?..
  • Would you f*** Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or a WWE Diva if they had herpes?..
  • Bring Danny Bonaduce to wrestling!..
  • Fu** you Don Johnson for persuing a music career back in the 80's..
  • VKM constantly ripping TNA during interviews. Makes you wonder if they are trying to work the audience. If that be true, how pathetic TNA working fans at expense of bashing their own product..
  • Tony Schiovane: Bearer of the stupidest moment in wrestling history? on TV that is..
  • Chris Masters: The Dino Bravo of our generation?..
  • Royal Rumble 1992: How depressing was The Warlord at #30..
  • WWE is very lucky that there wasn't a riot when they stupidly choose to showering fans with real money during Raw..
  • I can't wait for fans & websites to start claiming that Rob Black was a few years ahead of his time with XPW..
  • Put your sauce on that, Porky Pig! Hey JR, that's four matches now we've discussed for Wrestlemania since November that will happen.
  • What ECW match must happen at Wrestlemania..
  • Wishing the ECW Zombie would have been in the Royal Rumble..
  • More updates on Konnan, benefit show, and WWE involvement..
  • Christy Hemme vs Kip James (Billy Gunn) at next TNA PPV?..
  • RIP Doug Gentry..
  • Nude Ariel Video: Was she dancing or having back spasms?..
  • Super Bowl Prediction: Chicago Bears 27 Indianapolis Colts 13..
  • Discussing Kurt Angle's controversial comments towards WWE..
  • Noone should rip Kenny Doane Dysktra for wanting to work a program with Ric Flair..
  • We discuss our all time favorite Black Wrestlers..
  • Feeling pity towards Trish Stratus, Teddy Hart, Virgil, The Assasin..
  • How pathetic was Vince McMahon arguing on Raw with a prerecorded clip of Donald Trump..
  • Joey Styles or Jim Ross: Which would fit better in TNA?..
  • Interesting comment during Raw that revealed another Wrestlemania match..
  • The lightening round: The entire Minority Report cast answers 50 random questions from the chat room in 30 minutes..
  • Plus Raw, Smackdown, TNA Impact, ECW, & lots more..

Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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