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  • How TNA can get Brock Lesnar legally on Impact..
  • TNA must perform Damage Control w/ Kurt Angle NOW!..
  • Who's more unattractive? Rosie O'Donnell or Vickie Guerrero?..
  • Chris Benoit to follow Kurt Angle into TNA?..
  • Expect the 'Self Destruction Of Kurt Angle' soon by WWE..
  • DX, Carlito, Jeff Hardy, etc.. Why didn't anyone 'save' John Cena from the 135 Minute beatdown by Smackdown on Raw?..
  • Ill pay $35 to see Kurt Angle headbutt Sirelda..
  • Why do Burger King burgers on their commercials look so good yet in person they look like shriveled up sh**?..
  • Paul Heyman must feel like an idiot plugging a commercial for 'Extreme Strip Poker' in 2 weeks..
  • Vince McMahon just doesn't fire wrestlers like Kurt Angle without a good reason..
  • Is Jerry Lawler getting hair weaves?..
  • Showing love to Family Guy, Dana Delany, & The Boogeyman..
  • You think Dave Querer will blame Brian Pillman DVD on low ECW rating Tuesday?..
  • Maybe Batista needs to die to get a good 10 month storyline..
  • TNA Primetime is nice but it still needs to be live and/or 2 hours weekly. But this is a start..
  • Before everyone starts having orgasms with Kurt Angle / TNA Fantasy matches, remember he won't be wrestling for months..
  • The debate over Vince Russo being rehired to TNA..
  • JR drooling right now and its not over a rack of ribs and grits..
  • Kurt Angle can rest for 80 years; the neck won't get better..
  • Did Eric Bischoff promo plant seeds involving DX vs NWO?..
  • Has your birthday landed on a monumental wrestling moment?..
  • Matt Morgan to TNA?..
  • Showing love to Justin Credible, 'AL', and Bobby Roode..
  • TNA proves that losing doesn't mean you lost..
  • Discussing who shouldn't have been TNA, WCW, & WWE champions..
  • MMA: Lesnar vs Angle > Puder vs Angle > Shamrock vs Angle..
  • Does anyone remember Kurt Angle's admittance before Wrestlemania 19?..
  • Cryme Time will win tag titles within a month on Raw- guaranteed..
  • September 2005: TNA goes to level 2 (of 4) to compete with WWE..
  • And lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 9/25/2006)




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  • Sorry WWE. Even if he f***ed up the Yankees if off the field, Alex Rodriguez still wouldn't be able to play if he was suspended for violation of a Wellness program..
  • TNA rewarding a fan for hating Jeff Jarrett. Imagine if they award the contest to a real psychopath that really hates Jarrett?!..
  • What's worse? Striker making Steve Irwin remark? Or John Cena using the term 'Dirty Sanchez' to kids watching his 5Q Videos..
  • Vince McMahon new very well the heat that would generate over Irwin remark..
  • Sorry WWE. Even if he f***ed up the Dallas Cowboys if off the field, Terrell Owens still wouldn't be able to play if he was suspended for violation of a Wellness program..
  • TNA, you need another f***ing singles title..
  • Showing love to our listeners in Australia, Ireland, UK, and other countries listening to our webcast..
  • Aussie fan gives another reason why WWE apologized for Matt Striker's jackass remark about Steve Irwin..
  • Anyone notice the lack of crowd reaction Monday for her last Raw match?..
  • Why a Finlay push will never work..
  • Why Super Crazy on Raw will not work..
  • Sucks to be Rob Van Dam. Great to be Randy Orton, drugs and all..
  • Test bangin another WWE female..
  • Instead of 'Head TV', we want 'ED TV'!!..
  • Maybe Vickie Guerrero is working off the remainder of Eddie Guerrero's contract..
  • Sorry WWE. Even if he f***ed up the LA Lakers if off the field, Kobe Bryant still wouldn't be able to play if he was suspended for violation of a Wellness program..
  • Its been 3 weeks since Kurt Angle's release. Has he addressed his addiction yet?..
  • Who Ballsier than Kanyon?! He may have legit gripe against WWE termination. Why did he wait so long to address it?..
  • Weird sh**. We talk about if WWE should bring in Brad Armstrong and later this week it happened..
  • Showing love to Justin Credible, Francine, Scott Steiner, Roddy Piper, Xpac..
  • Legit reasons why we think John Cena's 'The Marine' will suck..
  • Our feelings about wrestlers doing wrestling moves in non-wrestling movies..
  • Why did they wait so long to put Shannon Moore on TV, just to get 'Punked Out'?..
  • Reiterating why TNA has to do a Monday Night 9PM-11PM Special..
  • Story about TNA walking around Universal Studios plugging the 'New Age Outlaws' to get fans to attend..
  • And lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 9/11/2006)



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  • If WWE brings in Cryme Time to spoof racial overtones, why not use real stereotypical names? Leroy, Teshawn, Tyrone, Jackson, etc..
  • Steve Irwin: The Australian version of Jackass?..
  • CM Punk eventually a Bret Hart / WWE incident waiting to happen? WWE needs to test CM Punk sooner than later. And we don't mean a drug test..
  • Do you celebrate Rushahoma too?..
  • What does everybody want! Let Vickie be the female Al Snow and come out with a Head of Eddie Guerrero..
  • Well we tried to give Jim Ross the benefit of the doubt. But the chubster came up with the Katrina joke himself..
  • Big Show brags about holding all 3 belts. We have someone who has held the NWA, WCW, WWE, & ECW Heavyweight Titles..
  • Sorry mom, I cant watch ECW tonight, I have school in 6 days!..
  • Ive said it before and Ill say it again. WWE must come out with Gummy Worms for The Boogeyman and sell them to fans!..
  • Steve Irwin, RIP Mate. But if you f*** with wild animals enough, eventually it will bite you in the ass. Well in this case, stab you in the chest..
  • Anyone remember Irwin putting his 1 year old around crocs?..
  • Did WWE change Trytan's (former TNA wrestler) name to Titus because of John Cena's name in The Marine?..
  • Super Crazy to Raw: Anyone wonder about ECW 2006: Where's your X-Division types? Luchadores? Lightweights?..
  • WWE Rolled the dice splitting MnM thinking Nitro was ready to be a singles star. And they came up craps..
  • Does WWE realize the 'Mean & Lean' comments towards Chris Masters is actually sh**s on his original 'Masterpiece' body?..
  • Kevin welcomes Jerry Lynn to 1989 and discusses his current illness..
  • DX on ECW was a critical episode towards ECW's future. Listen why..
  • Didnt Mr Drummond (Different Strokes) look like a pedophile?..
  • PWI 500 annual Kool-Aid list is out. Who's #1, Who should be #1 and why..
  • WWE needs to team Randy Orton and Chris Masters as a team..
  • Does Booker T look in the mirror and realize how much of a Goof WWE is making him with this King crap?..
  • Were you embarassed at Chris Jericho's milktoast gestures on Celebrity Duets?..
  • Showing respect to Konnan and how he pushed for Homicide in TNA..
  • The future of The Spirit Squad..
  • The answers to the 'Guess The Shadows' contest!..
  • Anyone wondering who Sonny Siaki has pissed off in WWE?..
  • Freakin Deacon reekin Smackdown soon..
  • Why WWE would not change Eugene's character is he's being considered for the pink slip..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 9/4/2006)


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