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  • Kurt Angle sounds just like a smoker, alcoholic, fat f***, 'Yeah I'm going to get help': Until he actually does, he could be just home popping pills anyway..
  • Sorry Vickie; your husband dying doesnt make you a wrestling character. If you need money that bad, go work at Target. If WWE wants to help, put her in the office. But she must stop torturing us with her TV appearances..
  • Anyone else get offended by Jim Ross' Katrina comment?..
  • Discussing Angle's painkiller addiction with actual people addicted to painkillers..
  • When WWE has all their storylines built around disrespect, it takes away from angles like DX, Kiss My Ass, etc..
  • Kurt Angle needs to call fellow Pittsburgh resident - Shane Douglas..
  • Interesting how Angle left out one very important reason why he should leave wrestling..
  • How pathetic does this basketball movie Crossover look?..
  • WWE's continued attempts to find the right image for John Cena..
  • 'Guess The Shadows' trivia contest!..
  • Is WWE trying to take away Booker T's blackness?..
  • Why we think Sci-Fi channel is the perfect channel for ECW, and we mean this in a good way..
  • The neverending angle: Eddie Guerrero. Did WWE dig a hole with this storyline they can't figure out how to end?..
  • You think WWE released Kurt Angle (instead of helping him and stay under contract) so in case something tragic happens, it's not under their watch?..
  • Is it just us or does The Miz really REALLY comes off as a geek..
  • Who will replace Trish Stratus as the top WWE Diva..
  • Gotta love Mickie James' intentional sexy looking bumps and pin attempts..
  • Beverly Phonix = Brutus Beefcake, Hacksaw = Silly Putty, Vickie Guerrero = Bertha Faye..
  • Johnny Nitro, Randy Orton, and Melina just look lost..
  • Coming to ECW, the new 'Lean Mean' Chris Masters..
  • We've prepped you about DX invading ECW & Smackdown. Are you ready?!..
  • Showing some love to TNA, LAX, and a few storylines..
  • Addressing rumors of WWE attempting to ban the words 'belt' and 'strap'..
  • Why fans need to stop shi**ing on Lex Lugar's entire career..
  • How pathetic does Edge look with a spinning 'R' title belt..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 8/28/2006)


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Minority Report Webcast 8/21/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Get ready to see ECW and Smackdown vandalized with 'DX'..
  • Message to TNA: Run a special on the night wrestling fans have the mindset that they want to watch wrestling fans..
  • Now if Vince could 'fire' Mick Foley, why wouldn't he 'fire' DX?..
  • INCEST! Vince McMahon and his idea wanting to say he fu**ed his daughter Stephanie McMahon..
  • Mike Knox pimping hookers Johnny Ace's way?..
  • Who's dressing Vicki Guerrero, the Salvation Army?.. 
  • Every Summerslam '06 match just like many movies: Good beginnings, decent plots, very sh***y and stupid finishes..
  • TNA NEEDS another singles title and FAST!..
  • Get your groove on Mike Johnson; buy a Hummer!..
  • Competition doesnt always equal better storylines amongst competitors..
  • Ever wonder how much more popular ECW would have been if the internet came out 5 years earlier?..
  • Jeff Hardy will fizzle out in a month, if he doesnt unite with Matt Hardy..
  • WWE should have just ONE Tag Team and Women's Champ and defend the belts on all three brands..
  • Showing some love to Kevin Thorne, Giant Gonzales, Great Khali..
  • Is it just us, or did Summerslam feel just like every other WWE PPV..
  • The art of backstage interviews and promos are now gone to sh**..
  • You think Trish Stratus will be screwed at the Raw PPV in Canada?..
  • Why Elix Skipper should be, but isn't in WWE right now..
  • Lashley is over with WWE fans, but are they buying his merch?..
  • Can the Jobber Police please come and arrest Mike Knox?..
  • John Cena 'The Marine' The more explosions and attempted murders, the more fans will sh** on Cena in the ring..
  • Tommy Dreamers latest blog shows why TNA is more ECW than ECW '06.. 
  • F*** You TNA for changing our mind on Kevin Nash, just to pull the neck injury sh**..
  • If TNA took a page from KFC, you'd see a Monday Night Spike TV Special..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 8/21/2006)..
Please pardon the echo during some of the broadcast; our server company had some technical issues Monday night. Hey, it's better than fu*king nothing right?!



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  • Audio trivia contest open to all this week. Win T-Shirts, DVD's, and $$$!..
  • Rest In Peace Roadkill, thanks for the memories..
  • Randy Orton & Trish Stratus playing Tonsil Hockey?..
  • Tommy Dreamers latest blog shows why TNA is more ECW than ECW '06.. 
  • F*** You TNA for changing our mind on Kevin Nash, just to pull the neck injury sh**..
  • Sorry WWE. Lita wrestling like a lazy sh** in the ring is not her being methodical..
  • Fake Hulkster to Real Hulk: Whatcha gonna do brotha, when I cant run the ropes, sell a punch, and on Raw make a total fool out of you!!..
  • Kevin Nash better hope Prosource didn't hear about his latest bullsh**..
  • A-1, Chris Divine, Lance Hoyt, etc = Off Broadway of Wrestling..
  • Bottom line ECW equaled Respect: Something the current product lacks, no matter how many 'extreme' spots you put on.. 
  • WWE Survivor Series 2006 brought to you by The Covenant!..
  • Educating wrestling fans why WWE cant run ECW at the Hammerstein Ballroom weekly..
  • Nothing personal Sir, but Sirelda should be bouncing at a Lesbian Nightclub..
  • DX is truly degenerating into a very boring, change the channel storyline.. 
  • Jeff Hardy on Raw? Even though we predicted it, we never thought WWE would do it. Nitro vs Hardy feud? Id put money on it..
  • Amazingly enough, we explain why Khali should be on Summerslam PPV..
  • Was the revealing DX behind the scenes article on WWE.com a good idea? Why we think WWE made a big mistake on that one..
  • Goldberg vs Samoa Joe coming to TNA PPV?..
  • More debate why TNA has to do a Monday Night special right now..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, Celebrity Fit Club, Mel Gibson talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 8/14/2006)


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Minority Report Webcast 8/7 & 8/8/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Now is the time for TNA to do a 'Clash of The Champions' type special Monday night from 9PM - 11PM Live against WWE Raw..
  • Matt Hardy (Infected Nipple and all) can thank Jeff Hardy for saving his job..
  • If Angle vs Sabu was not Extreme Rules, why wasn't Sabu DQ'd the minute RVD hit the ring and attacked Angle?..
  • Our analysis why we think Hulk Hogan vs Randy Orton will happen at Summerslam..
  • Can you imagine 'Spite TV' and fans channel surfing WWE to TNA?..
  • Why Eddie Guerrero should not be praised for the Wellness program starting because of his death..
  • Speaking of Eddie, why the F*** is Vicki Guerrero on WWE TV?..
  • Lita thinking of becoming an actress? Has she ever watched or heard herself on WWE TV?..
  • Remember last month when we said Paul Heyman thinks he's Raven?..
  • Sorry WWE, having Mike Knox winning every match doesn't make his wrestling ability (or should we say inability) any better..
  • Its amazing noone is bringing up the Backyard Wrestling surge from 1999 when that 7 year old survey came out this week..
  • Does reality love shows elevate women sh**ing on floors?..
  • We like Batista (well most of us here), but he really is 'Extremely' stupid..
  • Is it just us, or is Mike The Miz really coming off as a member of the Geek Squad?..
  • Sorry but ECW will not make Rene Dupree a star..
  • Once again Johnny Ace hiring his with his d*** instead of his brain..
  • Umaga is undefeated, yet he hasn't a Summerslam PPV match..
  • Why do all Islamic translators scream?..
  • Airhead who was eliminated this week is the perfect example why the Divas Search will never be accepted by the wrestling community..
  • Even though it's not right, if TNA isn't careful, they will get a bad reputation about drugs..
  • How much does it suck to be a female Indy wrestler?..
  • How much does it suck to be Sirelda?..
  • Lita, Trish Stratus, Pat Patterson all on the way out of WWE..
  • How can WWE even allow the setting for fans to sh** on them?..
  • Jeff Hardy needs quality opponents or his return will fizzle out in 3 weeks..
  • How much is Johnny Nitro vs Kane going to suck?..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, Celebrity Fit Club, Mel Gibson talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 8/7 & 8/8/2006)



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Minority Report Webcast 7/31/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Diamonds In The Rut - Elix Skipper / TNA Falling Out, WWE Bound?..
  • Its a f***ing miracle. Lashley, Khali, & others healed in a week!..
  • How bad has DX become? Triple H gets 'arrested' on Raw, 5 minutes later HBK is doing Irish jigs and happy in the main event..
  • Randy Orton 'spoofs' Hulk Hogan by not 'spoofing' Hulk Hogan? Stupid..
  • How unhip is it now to wear an Austin 3:16 shirt in the street?!..
  • TNA needs TNA (Totally New Attire!) Why does everyone in the X Division wear the same shi*?..
  • Christy Kanyon, Tom Byron, Traci Lords, Stacy Dash, Jenna Jameson, Umaga?..
  • Speaking of Hogan / Orton being dull, how great is the Mick Foley / Ric Flair feud? Remember our HIAC prediction a month ago?..
  • It's not brain surgery people; Triple H will 'reveal and haunt' Vince about being the father of Steph's kid (storyline of course)..
  • Discussing the much talked about DX / NWO Survivor Series PPV Poster..
  • Did Hulk Hogan ease up on his 'Dont talk about my bald head' clause? And if Hogan showed up on ECW TV, would he be booed?..
  • With NY Blackout possible, wouldnt it be funny if the lights went off during ECW Tuesday and they dont come back on?..
  • Missing Vince Russo, but he's an idiot for putting his Born Again religion onto TV..
  • The debate why Hollywood writers are better than wrestlers as bookers..
  • Is it just us or does Dustin 'Goldust' Runnels seem suicidal?..
  • Miami Vice, Honeymooners, Dukes of Hazzard: You think there will be a remake of a wrestling movie?..
  • Tidbits on AD's wrestling debut; 2000 thumbtacks, beer bottle, no match..
  • Its fuc**** amazing TNA or WWE hasn't signed Daffney to a deal in 2006..
  • We've said it before, but buy the Billy Jack Haynes shoot interview!..
  • Oh yeah David Young / TNA problems, but who cares..
  • Audio trivia contests starting next week!..
  • Abdullah The Butcher / WWE..
  • Youre a retard if you complain about ECW, then attend their shows..
  • Anyone ever stop & wonder why fans prefer Khali or Big Show?..
  • Discussion on Dvon Dudley's transformation into a cyclops..
  • Torrie Wilson losing her Sex appeal? And did anyone notice the 35 year old geek with the I LOVE TORRIE sign at Raw?!..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, WWE Classics discussion, your calls and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 7/31/2006)



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