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Minority Report Webcast 7/24 & 7/25/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Everytime we see Test, we want to give him a Carrot..
  • Can you believe WWE's lack of publicity about Booker T becoming the first ever African American WWE Heavyweight Champion?..
  • Remember when ECW brought in WCW Wrestlers? We compare that to the current WWE wrestlers appearing on ECW TV..
  • Mike Knox: Perfect example of a wrestler no fans want to see, but gets pushed anyway. He must suck some good @%)!$!^#%..
  • Fans better remember The Heartthrobs WWE run when CM Punk makes his wrestling debut..
  • Dont be surprised if WWE tightens their 'Wellness Program'..
  • THQ Pulls the plus on Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for Playstation 3..
  • Congratulations to Stephanie & Triple H On Their New Baby..
  • When tanning, never do a double in the buff..
  • Can you imagine Dvon Dudley's Enzyme count in his liver?..
  • Not one person should be surprised about WWE suspensions..
  • Team ECW vs Team WWE coming to ECW, and noone cares..
  • How could Pwspyware geeks mistaken Paul Heyman's 'Kiss of Death' for a homosexual reference? Oops I forgot, they're geeks..
  • Kurt Angle heel turn, praise for Big Show, future feuds..
  • Analyzing Court Documents on RVD & Sabu Arrest..
  • Why Sabu takes Testolactone, & it's not just to avoid Women Tits..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW discussion, your calls and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 7/24/06 & Tuesday 7/25/2006)



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Minority Report Webcast 7/17/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • TNA's latest Knockout: Sirelda, but you call her Sir for short..
  • Brock Lesnar doesn't want to lose credibility by jobbing IWGP belt. Credibility means sh** if he gets his ass kicked in his MMA match..
  • Speaking of Brock, did he use Japan to help settle his WWE lawsuit then spit on them once he did?..
  • 'Dvon, get the steroids!' And speaking of Dvon, has anyone noticed he's the only person that goes to the ring without a shirt on, and puts it on during the match!
  • No Raw mention of Bob Orton Sr passing because of Randy Orton..
  • Speaking of Orton, anyone notice Randy staring at Brooke's pu***?..
  • TNA Senshi: Are his matches a bit too one sided?..
  • Lance Cade's new look: Tribute to Blackjack Lanza?..
  • Hey Mick Foley, if you like Melina that much, tell her her hairstyle looks like sh**..
  • Were we supposed to care that Candice Michelle and her 'face' decisions?..
  • You find it a coincidence Dvon's transformation has happened during the same period since Scott Steiner has been in TNA?..
  • Is it becoming obvious that TNA offering title runs in their talent agreements?..
  • Now ECW website mixing 'work' & 'shoot' comments & it's Extremely hokey..
  • Was SMNE the last time we ever see Mark Henry in a WWE ring?..
  • Funny story about Lex Luger mistaking Billy Jack Haynes for Randy Savage..
  • If WCW was around, Mike Knox would be a jobber on WCW Saturday Night..
  • Can Goldberg clarify what he means when he says he wants TNA to do to 'become serious' against WWE as a competitor?..
  • Is WWE hyping this Poontang Prison match w/ Khali / Taker too much?..
  • Discussing Indy Wrestling and their 'Cable TV deals'..
  • Why its so hard these days for a nationwide audience to support an Indy fed..
  • You Tube video clip Iron Shiek sh**ing on Brian Blair..
  • Was there something in the water this week with the funky callers to the show?..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW discussion and lots more!..


(Recorded Monday 7/17/2006)

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Minority Report Webcast 7/10/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • As a bonus, this webcast includes our WWECW Tuesday night hotline report!..
  • CM Punk: I dont drink or do drugs. But I break up marriages and promote infidelity..
  • Will MSG / WWF Classics outdraw ECW?..
  • If WCW was around, Mike Knox would be a jobber on WCW Saturday Night..
  • ECW is the Purgatory of Wrestling..
  • Introducing to ECW Fans, Balls Mahoney!..
  • Why didn't Orton have a 'Countdown to 18 Clock' for Brooke Hogan to heat up the Hulk Hogan storyline?..
  • Message to WWE: When Kevin 'Da Vampire' Fertig still green in the ring after 7 years, he's going to always suck..
  • Or have Orton grab his nuts after he cuts a promo about Brooke..
  • We debate that Legendary Wrestlers don't need to 'Pass The Torch' anymore..
  • WWE 24/7 now available in large part of Long Island, NY..
  • Why this Saturday's SNME will have an 80's feel & not disappoint..
  • Dustin 'Screech' Diamond the next Andy Kaufman?..
  • 27 Year Old Geek Threatens to sue WWE & Ken Doane..
  • Respect for Italy winning the World Cup 2006!..
  • Do you think of Eddie Guerrero when you now think about Kurt Angle?..
  • Doesn't this year's Divas Search airheads look alot like last year's contestants?..
  • A deep conversation about Florida Championship Wrestling, Memphis, comparing crowds of the 70's thru today..
  • Is it just us, but does TNA come up with shi**y names for wrestlers?..
  • Flair / Big Show match was great, but stop calling it 'ECW'..
  • Why Ric Flair should take a page from Harley Race and become a manager..
  • Why can ECW invade Raw & Raw invade ECW, but Smackdown can't?..
  • More reasons why to get the Billy Jack Haynes Shoot Interview!..
  • Can someone break Tommy Dreamer's fingers so he doesnt have to write stupid columns anymore?..
  • Why does Ric Flair get ECW Title Shot when ECW roster can't?..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown discussion and lots more!..


(Recorded Monday 7/10/2006 & Tuesday 7/11/2006

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Minority Report Webcast 7/3/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Somewhere, Triple H is saying 'I told you we should have never given RVD a World Title run'..
  • Somewhere, Scott Steiner is saying that Triple H is a piece of sh**..
  • Speaking of Steiner, give him the NWA World Title for a run..
  • Give it 2-4 weeks, watch how 'over' Edge ends up with the fans..
  • Call in from OH resident describes location where RVD was speeding stoned..
  • Get the Billy Jack Haynes Shoot Interview!..
  • Hulk Hogan vs Umaga, WWE make the match!..
  • 10 Years from now we'll say RVD finally got his chance as the #1 guy, and he blew it..
  • Joey Styles & Paul Heyman can never bitch about WWE 'disrespecting and not trusting' RVD before giving him the belt..
  • If you think just RVD & Sabu's jobs could be on the line, think again..
  • Wow we have lots of marijuana smokers that listen to our show! An education on how much weed RVD had, the debate over eating or smoking weed, weed muffins, & lots more..
  • RVD getting behind the wheel and driving stoned is what is doing him in..
  • Enterprise, Hertz, Alamo & others will soon 'Say No' to RVD..
  • Imagine if Edge was in the car? Remember Duggan / Shiek?!..
  • Blame WWE for not testing for marijuana in the first place..
  • Gotta love Tod Geeky Gordon writing a book about ECW bad behavior behind the scenes (that he allowed)..
  • Are the recent Sting interviews confusing you?..
  • Um Gabe, did you forget you were just a gopher who screwed up ticket orders?..
  • Vince's 8th Wonder of the World Penis..
  • We take notice of the lack of 'adult' interaction with DX, now we get blow jobs on Raw..
  • Gotta love the kid's reaction on camera when Edge won the belt. I wonder what his reaction was when the mustard jar shot a load.. 
  • America's Top Bisexual Model close to signing with WWE?
  • Who would win in a shoot fight right now? Tracy Smothers or Kurt Angle?..
  • Johnny Nitro not IC Material - Yet..
  • Wait until Mike Knox cuts a promo. Geek Squad here he comes!..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown discussion and lots more!..


(Recorded Wednesday 7/3/2006)

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