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A special 3 Hour Pre-Recorded HOLIDAY 2006 episode of The Minority Report:

  • The Year In Review: WWE, TNA, and ECW in 2006..
  • Who wants to see Spike TV MXC show more violent? Have them fall onto spikes and put alligators in the lakes!..
  • 'Hey Pepe, look at de spots on da liva!' Anyone worrying that Konnan is getting surgery in MEXICO?..
  • David Flair selling Slurpies?..
  • Is it just us or does Lashley sound like a girl?..
  • TNA needs another mouthpiece for LAX and fast. Why not Savio Vega for a temporary fix?..
  • TNA needs to go 90 minutes, NOT two hours for at least another year. And please tell Spike TV to rearrange your commercial spots during Impact. You're turning off lots of fans especially during Main Events..
  • Mama Guerrero's heart attack, Eddie's wife in car accident, Kerwin White, Vickie on TV period: Is a big part of the Guerrero family just a little bit warped?..
  • James Brown & Ray Charles rekindle their feud in the heavens..
  • Are you sick of all the remakes of f*****g movies and songs? Wait until Halloween..
  • Message to VKM: Milk the skits to at least Survivor Series 2007! You'll have lots of material coming soon!..
  • If you can leave Vickie Guerrero on TV, you would think WWE would have kept Paul Heyman as an on-air character. Especially since fans appreciate him..
  • Do you dream about the last thing you watch on TV at night?..
  • Discussing reasons why TNA has not had a House Show in NY..
  • Debating WWE massive publicity for Tribute To The Troops..
  • Can people like Jim Ross and others finally shut the f*** up about how 'most of what you read on the net is not true'..
  • WWE desperately trying to gain the Hip-Hop MTV demographic..
  • Great Khali could have been a true throwback for wrestling fans. But WWE refuses to allow it..
  • Speaking of, watch closely how WWE will take stupid measures so you don't cheer Haas & Benjamin..
  • Looking back at how bad WWE feuds were in 2006. This debate is probably our most entertaining and best debate of this year..
  • Wrestlers jumping to MMA. Who will do well, and who will suck donkey di**..
  • Got to love how WWE keeps saying trip to Iraq was 'voluntary'. Yet when talent doesn't go, WWE gets pissed off..
  • Does Test get the Hypocrite Of The Year Award for 2006?!..
  • Discussing the Painkiller addictions in wrestling, and so much more!.
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Mo Black.

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  • Shouldn't Cryme Time have brought out Carmello Anthony or do a Knicks skit instead of George W Bush?..
  • Why is it that a WWE wrestler can violate drug policy and keep his push. Yet behavioral issues result in taken off events?..
  • If Kevin Federline really wants to be Americas Most Hated, shouldn't he no sell John Cena and walk out and embarass WWE?!..
  • Coming (or should we say cumming) this weekend to the site, naked photos of ECW Ariel!..
  • You'd think with a 3 hour Raw, WWE would have focused more on pushing underutilized talent instead of wrestlers working triple duty..
  • WWE George Bush, Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, and other skits are cheap attempts of WWE trying to get media to mention them..
  • Friendly message to fans. Until Rob Van Dam leaves WWE, please shut up about the RVD TNA matches in 2007..
  • Spirit Squad Kenny & Johnny - Dysktra / Jeter connection..
  • Our preview of the Blackheart Year End Awards..
  • Speaking of Feud of The Year, what about the altercation between Kevin Castle and Mo Black during the show?..
  • Was someone having sex with a dog during the show?..
  • Who is the president of Africa?..
  • The $1,000,000 answer why wrestling will never fall flat on its face and recover as it did in the past..
  • Why do so many YouTube TubeHos dance sexy sideways on cam?..
  • Thanks JR and your stupid comments in the Oleg Prudis skit..
  • Showing love to The Spoiler, Mike Tobin, XPeeps.com, Molly Holly new DVD, Joey Mercury, Frank Stallone, & Rocky Balboa..
  • Reason why TNA can't go two hours right now. But 90 minutes would be perfect..
  • Poking fun at the Three Faces Of Lashley..
  • Which Rocky movie was your favorite?..
  • Kevin Federline to 'double cross' Johnny Nitro & Melina?..
  • Audio clips of John Cena from 2003 compared to 2006. Great example how WWE & Cena has said f*** you to the adult fans and hello to the kiddies, teenie girls, and geeks..
  • The reason why the hokey promos of 20 years ago is still enjoyable yet the ones of today suck donkey ba***..
  • Did Hulk Hogan really fear Dr D. David Schultz back in the day?..
  • Shi**ing on MVP, Tommy Dreamer, Vickie Guerrero, NY Yankees..
  • Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi goes solo for 30 minutes and answers dozens of wrestling questions from the chat room..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.


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  • Previewing the 2006 Blackheart Year End Awards, we pick what WWE wrestler we would f*** if we were homosexual. Hear who chose Umaga? Finlay's Little Bastard? Jim Ross? Vickie Guerrero?..
  • Hey JR, you bash Rick Martel as AWA champ but have the b**** to say **** as champion material?..
  • Kudos to WWE for Tribute To The Troops. But that doesn't give you a free pass to be disrespectful and tasteless during the non-holiday season..
  • Showing love and a new found respect for Verne & Greg Gagne..
  • Funny observation with the Snickers commercial that airs during Raw..
  • Comparing Kevin Federline and Mike Tyson WWE involvement. Why Tyson worked and K-Fed simply won't..
  • Mike Tyson = Bad Ass, Mr Britney Spears = Dumb Ass. Good one Johnny Ace you stupid f***..
  • Taking a look at the upcoming Rocky film and why noone should sh** on it..
  • As we predicted all along, Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe would be a three match storyline. First one for Kurt, second for Samoa Joe, and the third?..
  • You stupid marks sh**ing on Vince Russo. You prefer TNA to keep getting 30,000 PPV buys and 0.8 ratings? And remember the Jackass skits BEFORE Russo took over? Shut up and stop drinking Anti-Russo Kool Aid just to feel part of a clique..
  • Quick update and discussion on DDP suing Jay-Z for Diamond Cutter symbol. A message for DDP. It's sad you think you need a symbol to get your Yoga sh** over. Actually, do you realize we laugh at you for doing the cutter before doing a Yoga move?..
  • Every single one of us deep down would love to see Triple H & Shawn Michaels have a confrontation between VKM..
  • Jac 'The Pu**y' Sabboth no-shows Don Tony challenge..
  • Minority Report has been asking for Haas & Benjamin to return as a team, and we got it but..
  • Ok Kenny Doane will be a star. But he's not f***ing ready. Stop the upper roster push please..
  • Anyone notice how Cryme Time's skits have been taped lately? JR says theyre not 'comfortable' on TV yet. Actually, it's hard for these two to come off black when having milk toast whiteys from creative telling them how to be black in skits..
  • Remembering Salvatore Bellomo..
  • Small subtle change with Johnny Nitro that recently happened that noone may have noticed, but will shortly..
  • The reason why TNA is doing the David Eckstein / MLB angle right now..
  • The reason why Eugene will not 'show up' on WWE TV as Nick Dinsmore..
  • Interesting how WWE went the NFL route over the years and never the MLB..
  • Secret to Diva Search success and why we predicted every winner since the start..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.

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  • How milky white has Cryme Time become? Shouldnt they have kicked the eldery, stole the presents, and hopped thru the window of the Old Age Home? Now that would have been entertaining..
  • All WWE had to do is give the fans one payoff for them at the ECW PPV, and the feedback would be entirely different. Maybe WWE thought Lashley was it. LMFAO..
  • Lashley + Sloppy in ring work = Record number of 'You Fu**ed Up' chants..
  • Ending the stupid rumors that WWE owns or has any financial interest in TNA..
  • Defending TNA for airing a PPV Quality match on Impact..
  • Laughing at pwspyware marks who bitched thinking Spirit Squad was back at OVW. Stevie Wonder could have seen their 'OVW shipment' was a joke..
  • Sorry WWE. The vignettes end sooner or later and when they do, you have several 'Not Ready For Primetime Players' on television..
  • Wouldn't it be funny if Eric Bischoff ends up as the ECW GM?!..
  • Only a few more months and Vickie Guerrero will be off TV. Patience my dear friends. Patience..
  • Come on TNA. It shouldnt be this hard to work out a deal with Scott Steiner..
  • A message for the Pink Skinned Geek Macho Spam Davey Scheravage..
  • Pay attention to how WWE focuses on Sylvester Terkay's MMA background..
  • We told you for weeks. WWE should keep the Sabu problems backstage and not cheat the fans on camera. And what did they do at the ECW PPV?!..
  • Maybe WWE is listening to us, finally they reunite Benjamin and Haas..
  • Relax friends. Even though they are riding a momentum, TNA needs 2 more years to grow before giving some competition to WWE..
  • WTF is with these re-releases of the Rocky DVD's?..
  • When Paul Heyman is not his own boss, sooner or later he will butt heads with management too much and get fired. Oh wait we told you this before..
  • Showing love to Big Show, CM Punk, Edge, Dave Taylor, VKM..
  • Shi**ing on Senshi (as part of LAX), Eugene, Val Venis' Lesbians, The Miz..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, Raw vs Smackdown 2007 Video Game discussion, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, Mo Black, and Smoked Out.


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  • Hey whiney geeks, stop overanalyzing the Voodoo Kin Mafia skits. Sit back and enjoy the fun..
  • Speaking of VKM, when Triple H paused during his Promo at Survivor Series, did you think he was going to sh** on TNA?..
  • Lita confusing her fans about backstage politics, fans, Cryme Time skit, and more..
  • And in storyline, why didnt Edge or anyone come to rescue her during Cryme Time Ho Sale?..
  • Analyzing the art of comedy in wrestling skits..
  • No matter what problems Sabu is having with WWE. Paying fans should not suffer from it by having him wrestle 2 minute squash matches. Deal with him or anyone else backstage and leave it fuc***g backstage..
  • Is Test using enhancment drugs once again? Don't be surprised if WWE stars are accepting fines and abusing steroids once again..
  • Can you feel the Milk Toast White Boy WWE Creative Writer trying to make Cryme Time's promos more black?..
  • How bad has Vince aged, and how little Edge has since 1999..
  • Should Trish Stratus, Erik Estrada, LaToya Jackson and midgets be allowed to carry guns and fight crimes even if its reality TV?..
  • Sad it took Trish and Lita retiring, but finally Victoria is back in the Womens Title hunt..
  • TNA close to f**king up Bobby err Robert Roode's TNA career..
  • Hmm ECW has been around 8 months. What feuds are being settled on the December PPV? LOL..
  • Chavo, Benoit, Vickie, Rey = New Filthy Animals..
  • Showing love to Roddy Piper, Frankie Kazarian, Snitsky, Stan Hansen, Dr D David Schultz, Tyson Tomko, Square Pegs?..
  • Ripping the Legends SS match and Ric Flair killing on Raw..
  • Showing love and best wishes to Roddy Piper., and the DVD..
  • Again. Stop bitching about Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle's first match. It's only the start of something special..
  • Funny how Mike Knox was treated on PPV, yet he's their fellow employee. If he's that bad WWE, why the f*** is he employed?..
  • Rumors of Undertaker vs Batista at Wrestlemania 23..
  • Survivor Series trivia contest! Win Piper or Pillman DVD!..
  • Come on WWE, let Sylvester Terkay do his Bruiser Brody character..
  • Poking fun at 'This Week In Wrestling History, WWE Style..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, Raw vs Smackdown 2007 Video Game discussion, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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  • Hey whiney geeks, stop bitching about Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle match. It's only the start of something special..
  • And TNA shouldnt have a 'Match of The Decade' while they're only getting 0.8 ratings..
  • LOL @ Vince Russo giving Jim Cornette the horrible angle of stripping LAX of the belts. Long drive home ay there Jimbo!..
  • One of us emphatically thinks WWE should bring OJ Simpson to Raw..
  • Minority Report will remember Lita as sloppy, and how she showed that some inexperienced r*** can get to the top..
  • And why didn't WWE make Lita vs Mickie James @ Survivor Series a retirement match?..
  • WTF WWE. No King Kong (Bruiser) Brody, Abdullah The Butcher, Rick Martel, Ken Patera, Stan Hansen, Dick The Bruiser matches on the AWA DVD? (To name a few)..
  • Gotta love TMZ and how they censored Kramer saying f***, but kept all the ni**er words in..
  • Prediction: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe will 'switch sides' soon..
  • David Arquette is praying WWE puts the title on Kevin Federline..
  • Shi**ing on Vince's ass cartoon, TNA's handling of Bobby Roode..
  • Supernerds, shut the f*** up about Samoa Joe losing his first match. We told you he had to do it soon. And by losing, he is winning..
  • Apologizing to Kevin Nash for some recent comments on the show..
  • LOL ECW PPV is less than 2 weeks away, and only 1 match announced..
  • Oh God please TNA don't add Senshi or anyone else to team LAX..
  • TNA must change their announce team. Get Borash out of the f***ing ring, put Don West in the back, and take Tenay off Play by Play..
  • How TNA can boost their viewing audience with some simple shuffling of their show..
  • Have you seen Tatanka's new look?..
  • Coming soon: K-Fed training videos?..
  • LOL @ websites reporting Hulk Hogan music on Victoria Secret commercials..
  • Debate over how WWE will react to Voodoo Kin Mafia skits..
  • Showing love to Tyson Tomko, Abyss, Roddy Piper, Sting, HBK..
  • WWE meeting with Pride for a Wrestlemania match?..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown, Raw vs Smackdown 2007 Video Game discussion, your calls, and lots more!..
Hosted by Don Tony, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24, and Smoked Out.

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  • Did my eyes deceive me? Or did I see John Cena now wearing (and kissing) Dog Tags?..
  • Exposing the shady moronic CT State Employees. Amazing how geeks that f*** with shows always 'go on vacation'..
  • Hey morons, dont sh** on TNA and Outlaws for rehashing 1998 angle. Doesnt WWE do it each week with return of DX? And as we called it, James Gang (aka New Age Outlaws) tape TNA segments at WWE HQ..
  • JBL abuses Tully Blanchard, and WWE doesn't do a damn thing about it.
  • Isnt it amazing how JBL cries when he feels he's treated like sh**, yet does the same to others? By the way, use floss the next time you smile on Fox News Channel..
  • Pick up the 'Dr. D' David Schultz Shoot Interview..
  • Open Invitation for Kanyon to come (not cum) aboard The Minority Report..
  • Kevin Federline will be Americas Most Loved (well by us) if he releases the Britney Spears Sex Video..
  • Rumors of Cher's Son dipping his d*** in bleach after f****ing Paris Hilton..
  • Anyone notice how WWE didn't even mention Eddie Guerrero during Raw, the exact 1 year anniversary of his passing?..
  • TNA wouldn't air footage of CT incident if they were the ones that fu**ed up. And if I were TNA, say F*** You to CT and never go back..
  • Wow Jonathan Coachman isn't afraid at DX anymore..
  • Gotta love those huge WSX Main Events!..
  • Sh**ing on Spirit Squad vs Legends storyline, WSX overhype, Milk Toast Cryme Time, Chris Cash..
  • Guess the TNA Primetime Rating contest..
  • Why didn't WWE ever have Kane attempt to gouge eyeballs of his opponents?..
  • WWE Cartoon based on a buttock. I wonder if ***** d*** plays a supporting role inside the buttock..
  • Which would you rather %%#(!)? Sharmell or Kristal?
  • 11/11: The date fans will look back on as the start of TNA vs WWE war. And TNA needs to have 'attitude'..
  • Showing love to Borat, LiveLeak.com, SD vs Raw 2007, Cookiegate, Talia Madison..
  • Hey Minister Ted, you gonna bash the Jews again when you tour NY?..
  • Story behind WWE's 3 attempts to sue Wrestling-News.com..
  • Imagine if WWE matches still told stories..
  • Ever dream of wrestling for Ring Of Honor? Now you can now buy the actual ROH ring!
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown discussion, your calls, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 11/13/2006)
Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, and Kevin Castle


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  • The brilliant reason why TNA had a shemale, midget, A-1, and a disabled wrestler in Kevin Nash X-Division Invitational. And why not one of you should have bashed the idea..
  • F*** you to everyone who complained abour Lita vs Cena on Raw last month, then voted Coach vs Cena..
  • Praising the Mean Gene Okerlund, Heidenreich, and Hart Foundation shoot interviews, Shi**ing on Christian shoot interview..
  • Hey Cryme Time, overdoing their blackness & greenness doesnt mix..
  • Showing love to Talia Madison, Lanny Barbie, Ultimate Warrior, Big Show, Undertaker vs Undertaker, Four Horsemen, Jazz, John Layfield..
  • Please WWE, team Benjamin and Haas already go*damit..
  • First there was Myspace, now there is Ni*gaspace..
  • The Minority Report version of Dateline 'To Catch A Predator', laughing at weirdos busted, why Chris Henson needs to be careful..
  • TNA needs to change their announce team..
  • WWE Agent who pushed for Arn Anderson to manage CW Anderson and elevate his character..
  • Always wear clean underwear when going for a drive..
  • Hopefully WWE doesnt turn Sylvester Turkay into ECW Beowolf..
  • Even Vince McMahon could run out of creative steam..
  • WWE planting Cyberseeds, and we will predict every vote outcome..
  • Over a month we've predicted Chavo slipping the Platinos to Vickie Guerrero. Check out the newest rumor about that storyline..
  • If youre gonna download porn from us, share yours or else..
  • Interpretation why WWE didn't apologize to Cpl Kirchner..
  • Don't be surprised if WWE brings back APA shirts..
  • Comparing fan 'pops' of yesteryear and today..
  • Yodels, delicious..
  • Shi**ing on Lance Cade, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Naturals, Tazz..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown discussion, your calls, PPV Predictions content, and lots more!..
WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE & ADULT CONTENT..RUNNING TIME: 3 HOURS 20 MINUTES..(Recorded Monday 10/30/2006)..Hosted by Don Tony, Joey 9:24, Kevin Castle, and Smoked Out.

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  • Why Samoa Joe needs to lose his first match soon -  and by who..
  • Interesting facts uncovered that conflicts Kurt Angle's recent claims of leaving WWE, painkiller addiction, and more..
  • Why the Nerd Demographic must keep Ring Of Honor afloat..
  • Defending TNA and the 'Turkey' gift to Tammy Lynn Sytch..
  • Amazing how Kevin Federline did a better job on WWE TV than Big Show, Booker T, etc..
  • Hey Kanyon: If WWE fired you because you are gay, why not hire a lawyer and sue for wrongful termination? Or are you doing all this publicity to get c***..
  • How disrespectful to have TNA emulate Miss Elizabeth storyline with a rat who managed midcarders..
  • Cpl Kirchner should be glad WWE falsely reported his death. Brutus Beefcake, Bryan Adams, Ahmed Johnson and others wish WWE would report they died..
  • One huge reason noone ever talks about why TV ratings are down..
  • Using vintage WWF wrestling figures as real weapons..
  • Does anybody care if Eugene flips out, acts retarded, smiles, cries, screams?..
  • Why Wade Keller, Mike Johnson, and others suck the c*** of Gabe and Cary..
  • Nothing hotter than a sixteen year old 'exhibitionist' eh WWE?..
  • Can fans shut the f*** up about the low TNA Impact ratings?..
  • The debate over how to treat a retard..
  • Spike TV should do a TNA all day block to introduce new fans..
  • Sh**ing on Cyber Sunday, WWE editing entrances, Kanyon..
  • 'LOL I'll pretend you said 18'..
  • Showing love to K-Fed, The Honeymooners, Joe Spinnel, Ultimate Warrior, Designing Women..
  • Billy Kidman: The human glass of milk..
  • Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle for TNA Genesis is WAY TOO SOON!..
  • Why Sting as TNA Heavyweight Champ unfortunately is a mistake..
  • Keep on the lookout for Johnny Jeter and Kenny Doane..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown discussion, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 10/23/2006)

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  • Why WWE Champion Of Champions match is a foolish idea..
  • Ever listen to the ECW commercial? They've sat and waited for their new found power. Get the f*** out of here..
  • Hey Eric Bischoff. Is the wife swapping in your book?..
  • Who to believe: Dave Meltzer or Marty Jannetty. Sorry Marty..
  • WWE editing Real American into NWO entrances is sacrilegious..
  • Jumpin Joey Maggs isn't jumpin anymore..
  • Why Bischoff will be the referee at the Cyber Sunday PPV. And why the Heavyweight Title that will be on the line will win the match..
  • If you are an LAX fan, buy the JAPW 'Revolution' DVD of Homicide vs Teddy Hart street fight. We'll refund your money if you don't enjoy the DVD..
  • Would you slip the Platinos to Queen Latifah?..
  • Our feelings on Cryme Time's debut..
  • Showing love to Francine. Perfect example why WWE hasn't a clue how to maximize their viewing audience..
  • Kurt Angle made himself the biggest story of 2006; comparing him to Hulk Hogan going to WCW..
  • Someone on our show masturbated to Brooke Hogan..
  • Umaga vs Steve O brought back memories of Perry Saturn vs Mike Bell..
  • Why Teddy Hart is not in TNA or WWE right now..
  • Guess who has the #1 TNA #1 ECW #2 WWE #2 pro wrestling webcast on Itunes?!..
  • Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Louie Ramos!..
  • How f***ed up is the WWE tag team scene? Sites are actually making a big deal about Squire Dave Taylor's return..
  • Rob Conway should become black..
  • How come no head turns from women, kids, and the brothas when we saw The Marine?..
  • Why the DX vs Edge & Orton is designed only to help one person..
  • Brent Albright 'cleans out his WWE desk'..
  • Hey JR. Talent working elsewhere doesn't mean hiatus..
  • Who's uglier? Vickie Guerrero or Bertha Faye..
  • Discussing the story behind Shane Douglas / Francine animosity..
  • Remember when we compared CM Punk to The Heartbreakers WWE stint?..
  • Why the debate of The Internet hurting or helping wrestling should stop..
  • Discussing why WWE keeping skipping over legends for DVD's..
  • Plus Raw, TNA, Smackdown discussion, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 10/16/2006)

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  • Who's uglier? Vickie Guerrero or Mimi from Drew Carey?..
  • Why NWO is still so dominant in Eric Bischoff book promos..
  • Who would have thought Mike would end up so Rotunda..
  • The Minority Report anticipates the Dr D David Schultz Shoot Interview..
  • They say they want TNA to excel and have success. Yet why don't superstars like Sting never do 'freebies'?..
  • In storyline, why isn't Edge trying to attack John Cena anymore?..
  • Why Scott Hall and XPac is a better NWO feud for DX than Kevin Nash..
  • Comparing WWE to receiving oral sex from a wife of 20 years..
  • Message to Jim Cornette. We appreciate what you've done for wrestling. But shut up and stop acting like a whining bit**..
  • Is WWE leading to Chavo slipping Vickie Guerrero the Platinos?!..
  • Why Tally-Ho Extreme Strip Poker won't generate a better rating..
  • Why another singles title is even more important now for TNA since Kurt Angle is now the topic of conversation..
  • Dont be surprised if WWE approaches Bret Hart about his book..
  • MVP: Perfect example of overhype of a green wrestler noone knows or cares about..
  • Coming soon to co-host The Minority Report: DLO Brown!..
  • Why do fans complain after dozens of sh**y WWE PPV's ? Here's some advice. Don't order the next one you fu**ing goofball..
  • Didn't Batista look rejuvinated on the Raw Reunion show?..
  • Lashley needs facial hair..
  • Did I miss something? Why is John Cena acting like a marine outside the movie studio?..
  • Why Jackass skits in TNA backfired..
  • Why news sites need to hold back from reporting certain items..
  • How WWE can make more money off their PPV's..
  • Looking at Vince McMahon's comments from WWE Byte This..
  • The ABC's on how to differentiate Vince McMahon the person and the character..
  • Is Kanyon helping or hurting his chances for a TV wrestling return..
  • Clubber Lang turns down Rocky for a stupid reality show..
  • You think if JR passed on right now, it would be from a 'broken heart' too?..
  • Gotta laugh at WWE's apologize for the nudity on the No Mercy PPV..
  • Shelton Benjamin will be released shortly - unfortunately..
  • Showing love to Scott Steiner, JBL (The Commentator); Jay Lethal
  • Chris Sabin losing his mid-card luster..
  • And lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 10/9/2006)

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  • Eric Bischoff planting more NWO seeds than Wilt Chamberlain..
  • Sorry fans. There's no magic lightbulb WWE can turn on to make storylines great if TNA becomes competition..
  • Dixie Carter attempts Damage Control for Kurt Angle. We dissect her very slick comments about Kurt Angle..
  • Has the IC Title become the WWE version of the X-Division Title?..
  • Get ready for 'taking out the trash' ripoff towards DX..
  • Our 2 guaranteed scenarios for DX vs NWO feud..
  • Reason why we never paid attention to JBL / WWE contract rumors..
  • WWE visiting troops, doing Make A Wish, donating $$ etc doesn't give them 'credits' towards being disrespectful..
  • We told you after the First Vignette Cryme Time would be over big time with fans as 'faces'..
  • Gotta love WWE stupidity touting a faux pa' as being 'extreme'..
  • We review and highly recommend the Brian Pillman WWE DVD..
  • Did PBA (Police Brothas Association) complain about Cryme Time?..
  • Audio preview of new Raw theme by Papa Roach and why we compare it to fingernails across a blackboard..
  • Raw Reunion Special will lead to new storylines & Survivor Series angles..
  • Will you watch the Dustin 'Screech' Diamond XXX Video?..
  • Comparing Arnold Skaaland to a Potted Plant..
  • Reason why WWE doing a Saturday Byte This w/ Vince McMahon..
  • Why you can't compare recycled wrestling storylines to the music industry..
  • Shouldnt the Edge / Cena cagematch have happened BEFORE the TLC match?..
  • Gotta feel bad for Chris Masters and the remark made by HHH..
  • Reason why DX has been wrestling in their shirts..
  • Showing love to Bam Bam Bigelow, Konnan, Gail Kim, Latino Prostitutes, Perry Saturn, Lex Luger..
  • Why Jeff Jarrett deserves to be in the Top 10 of 2006..
  • RIP Chris Cash. Maybe we'll give you a job for our show..
  • New Chat Room launched for Wrestling-News.com and Webcasts..
  • Showing lots of love for Bob Backlund..
  • Vickie Guerrero makes Katie Vick sexy and interesting..
  • Does Shane McMahon come across as the good apple of the McMahon family?..
  • And lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 10/2/2006)




Direct download: MinRep10022006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 7:00pm EST


  • How TNA can get Brock Lesnar legally on Impact..
  • TNA must perform Damage Control w/ Kurt Angle NOW!..
  • Who's more unattractive? Rosie O'Donnell or Vickie Guerrero?..
  • Chris Benoit to follow Kurt Angle into TNA?..
  • Expect the 'Self Destruction Of Kurt Angle' soon by WWE..
  • DX, Carlito, Jeff Hardy, etc.. Why didn't anyone 'save' John Cena from the 135 Minute beatdown by Smackdown on Raw?..
  • Ill pay $35 to see Kurt Angle headbutt Sirelda..
  • Why do Burger King burgers on their commercials look so good yet in person they look like shriveled up sh**?..
  • Paul Heyman must feel like an idiot plugging a commercial for 'Extreme Strip Poker' in 2 weeks..
  • Vince McMahon just doesn't fire wrestlers like Kurt Angle without a good reason..
  • Is Jerry Lawler getting hair weaves?..
  • Showing love to Family Guy, Dana Delany, & The Boogeyman..
  • You think Dave Querer will blame Brian Pillman DVD on low ECW rating Tuesday?..
  • Maybe Batista needs to die to get a good 10 month storyline..
  • TNA Primetime is nice but it still needs to be live and/or 2 hours weekly. But this is a start..
  • Before everyone starts having orgasms with Kurt Angle / TNA Fantasy matches, remember he won't be wrestling for months..
  • The debate over Vince Russo being rehired to TNA..
  • JR drooling right now and its not over a rack of ribs and grits..
  • Kurt Angle can rest for 80 years; the neck won't get better..
  • Did Eric Bischoff promo plant seeds involving DX vs NWO?..
  • Has your birthday landed on a monumental wrestling moment?..
  • Matt Morgan to TNA?..
  • Showing love to Justin Credible, 'AL', and Bobby Roode..
  • TNA proves that losing doesn't mean you lost..
  • Discussing who shouldn't have been TNA, WCW, & WWE champions..
  • MMA: Lesnar vs Angle > Puder vs Angle > Shamrock vs Angle..
  • Does anyone remember Kurt Angle's admittance before Wrestlemania 19?..
  • Cryme Time will win tag titles within a month on Raw- guaranteed..
  • September 2005: TNA goes to level 2 (of 4) to compete with WWE..
  • And lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 9/25/2006)




Direct download: MinRep9252006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 6:57pm EST


  • Sorry WWE. Even if he f***ed up the Yankees if off the field, Alex Rodriguez still wouldn't be able to play if he was suspended for violation of a Wellness program..
  • TNA rewarding a fan for hating Jeff Jarrett. Imagine if they award the contest to a real psychopath that really hates Jarrett?!..
  • What's worse? Striker making Steve Irwin remark? Or John Cena using the term 'Dirty Sanchez' to kids watching his 5Q Videos..
  • Vince McMahon new very well the heat that would generate over Irwin remark..
  • Sorry WWE. Even if he f***ed up the Dallas Cowboys if off the field, Terrell Owens still wouldn't be able to play if he was suspended for violation of a Wellness program..
  • TNA, you need another f***ing singles title..
  • Showing love to our listeners in Australia, Ireland, UK, and other countries listening to our webcast..
  • Aussie fan gives another reason why WWE apologized for Matt Striker's jackass remark about Steve Irwin..
  • Anyone notice the lack of crowd reaction Monday for her last Raw match?..
  • Why a Finlay push will never work..
  • Why Super Crazy on Raw will not work..
  • Sucks to be Rob Van Dam. Great to be Randy Orton, drugs and all..
  • Test bangin another WWE female..
  • Instead of 'Head TV', we want 'ED TV'!!..
  • Maybe Vickie Guerrero is working off the remainder of Eddie Guerrero's contract..
  • Sorry WWE. Even if he f***ed up the LA Lakers if off the field, Kobe Bryant still wouldn't be able to play if he was suspended for violation of a Wellness program..
  • Its been 3 weeks since Kurt Angle's release. Has he addressed his addiction yet?..
  • Who Ballsier than Kanyon?! He may have legit gripe against WWE termination. Why did he wait so long to address it?..
  • Weird sh**. We talk about if WWE should bring in Brad Armstrong and later this week it happened..
  • Showing love to Justin Credible, Francine, Scott Steiner, Roddy Piper, Xpac..
  • Legit reasons why we think John Cena's 'The Marine' will suck..
  • Our feelings about wrestlers doing wrestling moves in non-wrestling movies..
  • Why did they wait so long to put Shannon Moore on TV, just to get 'Punked Out'?..
  • Reiterating why TNA has to do a Monday Night 9PM-11PM Special..
  • Story about TNA walking around Universal Studios plugging the 'New Age Outlaws' to get fans to attend..
  • And lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 9/11/2006)



Direct download: MinRep9112006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 10:31pm EST


  • If WWE brings in Cryme Time to spoof racial overtones, why not use real stereotypical names? Leroy, Teshawn, Tyrone, Jackson, etc..
  • Steve Irwin: The Australian version of Jackass?..
  • CM Punk eventually a Bret Hart / WWE incident waiting to happen? WWE needs to test CM Punk sooner than later. And we don't mean a drug test..
  • Do you celebrate Rushahoma too?..
  • What does everybody want! Let Vickie be the female Al Snow and come out with a Head of Eddie Guerrero..
  • Well we tried to give Jim Ross the benefit of the doubt. But the chubster came up with the Katrina joke himself..
  • Big Show brags about holding all 3 belts. We have someone who has held the NWA, WCW, WWE, & ECW Heavyweight Titles..
  • Sorry mom, I cant watch ECW tonight, I have school in 6 days!..
  • Ive said it before and Ill say it again. WWE must come out with Gummy Worms for The Boogeyman and sell them to fans!..
  • Steve Irwin, RIP Mate. But if you f*** with wild animals enough, eventually it will bite you in the ass. Well in this case, stab you in the chest..
  • Anyone remember Irwin putting his 1 year old around crocs?..
  • Did WWE change Trytan's (former TNA wrestler) name to Titus because of John Cena's name in The Marine?..
  • Super Crazy to Raw: Anyone wonder about ECW 2006: Where's your X-Division types? Luchadores? Lightweights?..
  • WWE Rolled the dice splitting MnM thinking Nitro was ready to be a singles star. And they came up craps..
  • Does WWE realize the 'Mean & Lean' comments towards Chris Masters is actually sh**s on his original 'Masterpiece' body?..
  • Kevin welcomes Jerry Lynn to 1989 and discusses his current illness..
  • DX on ECW was a critical episode towards ECW's future. Listen why..
  • Didnt Mr Drummond (Different Strokes) look like a pedophile?..
  • PWI 500 annual Kool-Aid list is out. Who's #1, Who should be #1 and why..
  • WWE needs to team Randy Orton and Chris Masters as a team..
  • Does Booker T look in the mirror and realize how much of a Goof WWE is making him with this King crap?..
  • Were you embarassed at Chris Jericho's milktoast gestures on Celebrity Duets?..
  • Showing respect to Konnan and how he pushed for Homicide in TNA..
  • The future of The Spirit Squad..
  • The answers to the 'Guess The Shadows' contest!..
  • Anyone wondering who Sonny Siaki has pissed off in WWE?..
  • Freakin Deacon reekin Smackdown soon..
  • Why WWE would not change Eugene's character is he's being considered for the pink slip..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 9/4/2006)


Direct download: MinRep9042006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 7:00pm EST



  • Kurt Angle sounds just like a smoker, alcoholic, fat f***, 'Yeah I'm going to get help': Until he actually does, he could be just home popping pills anyway..
  • Sorry Vickie; your husband dying doesnt make you a wrestling character. If you need money that bad, go work at Target. If WWE wants to help, put her in the office. But she must stop torturing us with her TV appearances..
  • Anyone else get offended by Jim Ross' Katrina comment?..
  • Discussing Angle's painkiller addiction with actual people addicted to painkillers..
  • When WWE has all their storylines built around disrespect, it takes away from angles like DX, Kiss My Ass, etc..
  • Kurt Angle needs to call fellow Pittsburgh resident - Shane Douglas..
  • Interesting how Angle left out one very important reason why he should leave wrestling..
  • How pathetic does this basketball movie Crossover look?..
  • WWE's continued attempts to find the right image for John Cena..
  • 'Guess The Shadows' trivia contest!..
  • Is WWE trying to take away Booker T's blackness?..
  • Why we think Sci-Fi channel is the perfect channel for ECW, and we mean this in a good way..
  • The neverending angle: Eddie Guerrero. Did WWE dig a hole with this storyline they can't figure out how to end?..
  • You think WWE released Kurt Angle (instead of helping him and stay under contract) so in case something tragic happens, it's not under their watch?..
  • Is it just us or does The Miz really REALLY comes off as a geek..
  • Who will replace Trish Stratus as the top WWE Diva..
  • Gotta love Mickie James' intentional sexy looking bumps and pin attempts..
  • Beverly Phonix = Brutus Beefcake, Hacksaw = Silly Putty, Vickie Guerrero = Bertha Faye..
  • Johnny Nitro, Randy Orton, and Melina just look lost..
  • Coming to ECW, the new 'Lean Mean' Chris Masters..
  • We've prepped you about DX invading ECW & Smackdown. Are you ready?!..
  • Showing some love to TNA, LAX, and a few storylines..
  • Addressing rumors of WWE attempting to ban the words 'belt' and 'strap'..
  • Why fans need to stop shi**ing on Lex Lugar's entire career..
  • How pathetic does Edge look with a spinning 'R' title belt..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 8/28/2006)


Direct download: MinRep8292006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 7:47pm EST

Minority Report Webcast 8/21/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Get ready to see ECW and Smackdown vandalized with 'DX'..
  • Message to TNA: Run a special on the night wrestling fans have the mindset that they want to watch wrestling fans..
  • Now if Vince could 'fire' Mick Foley, why wouldn't he 'fire' DX?..
  • INCEST! Vince McMahon and his idea wanting to say he fu**ed his daughter Stephanie McMahon..
  • Mike Knox pimping hookers Johnny Ace's way?..
  • Who's dressing Vicki Guerrero, the Salvation Army?.. 
  • Every Summerslam '06 match just like many movies: Good beginnings, decent plots, very sh***y and stupid finishes..
  • TNA NEEDS another singles title and FAST!..
  • Get your groove on Mike Johnson; buy a Hummer!..
  • Competition doesnt always equal better storylines amongst competitors..
  • Ever wonder how much more popular ECW would have been if the internet came out 5 years earlier?..
  • Jeff Hardy will fizzle out in a month, if he doesnt unite with Matt Hardy..
  • WWE should have just ONE Tag Team and Women's Champ and defend the belts on all three brands..
  • Showing some love to Kevin Thorne, Giant Gonzales, Great Khali..
  • Is it just us, or did Summerslam feel just like every other WWE PPV..
  • The art of backstage interviews and promos are now gone to sh**..
  • You think Trish Stratus will be screwed at the Raw PPV in Canada?..
  • Why Elix Skipper should be, but isn't in WWE right now..
  • Lashley is over with WWE fans, but are they buying his merch?..
  • Can the Jobber Police please come and arrest Mike Knox?..
  • John Cena 'The Marine' The more explosions and attempted murders, the more fans will sh** on Cena in the ring..
  • Tommy Dreamers latest blog shows why TNA is more ECW than ECW '06.. 
  • F*** You TNA for changing our mind on Kevin Nash, just to pull the neck injury sh**..
  • If TNA took a page from KFC, you'd see a Monday Night Spike TV Special..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 8/21/2006)..
Please pardon the echo during some of the broadcast; our server company had some technical issues Monday night. Hey, it's better than fu*king nothing right?!



Direct download: MinRep8212006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 5:09pm EST



  • Audio trivia contest open to all this week. Win T-Shirts, DVD's, and $$$!..
  • Rest In Peace Roadkill, thanks for the memories..
  • Randy Orton & Trish Stratus playing Tonsil Hockey?..
  • Tommy Dreamers latest blog shows why TNA is more ECW than ECW '06.. 
  • F*** You TNA for changing our mind on Kevin Nash, just to pull the neck injury sh**..
  • Sorry WWE. Lita wrestling like a lazy sh** in the ring is not her being methodical..
  • Fake Hulkster to Real Hulk: Whatcha gonna do brotha, when I cant run the ropes, sell a punch, and on Raw make a total fool out of you!!..
  • Kevin Nash better hope Prosource didn't hear about his latest bullsh**..
  • A-1, Chris Divine, Lance Hoyt, etc = Off Broadway of Wrestling..
  • Bottom line ECW equaled Respect: Something the current product lacks, no matter how many 'extreme' spots you put on.. 
  • WWE Survivor Series 2006 brought to you by The Covenant!..
  • Educating wrestling fans why WWE cant run ECW at the Hammerstein Ballroom weekly..
  • Nothing personal Sir, but Sirelda should be bouncing at a Lesbian Nightclub..
  • DX is truly degenerating into a very boring, change the channel storyline.. 
  • Jeff Hardy on Raw? Even though we predicted it, we never thought WWE would do it. Nitro vs Hardy feud? Id put money on it..
  • Amazingly enough, we explain why Khali should be on Summerslam PPV..
  • Was the revealing DX behind the scenes article on WWE.com a good idea? Why we think WWE made a big mistake on that one..
  • Goldberg vs Samoa Joe coming to TNA PPV?..
  • More debate why TNA has to do a Monday Night special right now..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, Celebrity Fit Club, Mel Gibson talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 8/14/2006)


Direct download: MinRep8142006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 8:09pm EST

Minority Report Webcast 8/7 & 8/8/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Now is the time for TNA to do a 'Clash of The Champions' type special Monday night from 9PM - 11PM Live against WWE Raw..
  • Matt Hardy (Infected Nipple and all) can thank Jeff Hardy for saving his job..
  • If Angle vs Sabu was not Extreme Rules, why wasn't Sabu DQ'd the minute RVD hit the ring and attacked Angle?..
  • Our analysis why we think Hulk Hogan vs Randy Orton will happen at Summerslam..
  • Can you imagine 'Spite TV' and fans channel surfing WWE to TNA?..
  • Why Eddie Guerrero should not be praised for the Wellness program starting because of his death..
  • Speaking of Eddie, why the F*** is Vicki Guerrero on WWE TV?..
  • Lita thinking of becoming an actress? Has she ever watched or heard herself on WWE TV?..
  • Remember last month when we said Paul Heyman thinks he's Raven?..
  • Sorry WWE, having Mike Knox winning every match doesn't make his wrestling ability (or should we say inability) any better..
  • Its amazing noone is bringing up the Backyard Wrestling surge from 1999 when that 7 year old survey came out this week..
  • Does reality love shows elevate women sh**ing on floors?..
  • We like Batista (well most of us here), but he really is 'Extremely' stupid..
  • Is it just us, or is Mike The Miz really coming off as a member of the Geek Squad?..
  • Sorry but ECW will not make Rene Dupree a star..
  • Once again Johnny Ace hiring his with his d*** instead of his brain..
  • Umaga is undefeated, yet he hasn't a Summerslam PPV match..
  • Why do all Islamic translators scream?..
  • Airhead who was eliminated this week is the perfect example why the Divas Search will never be accepted by the wrestling community..
  • Even though it's not right, if TNA isn't careful, they will get a bad reputation about drugs..
  • How much does it suck to be a female Indy wrestler?..
  • How much does it suck to be Sirelda?..
  • Lita, Trish Stratus, Pat Patterson all on the way out of WWE..
  • How can WWE even allow the setting for fans to sh** on them?..
  • Jeff Hardy needs quality opponents or his return will fizzle out in 3 weeks..
  • How much is Johnny Nitro vs Kane going to suck?..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, Celebrity Fit Club, Mel Gibson talk, and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 8/7 & 8/8/2006)



Direct download: MinRep8072006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 11:01pm EST

Minority Report Webcast 7/31/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Diamonds In The Rut - Elix Skipper / TNA Falling Out, WWE Bound?..
  • Its a f***ing miracle. Lashley, Khali, & others healed in a week!..
  • How bad has DX become? Triple H gets 'arrested' on Raw, 5 minutes later HBK is doing Irish jigs and happy in the main event..
  • Randy Orton 'spoofs' Hulk Hogan by not 'spoofing' Hulk Hogan? Stupid..
  • How unhip is it now to wear an Austin 3:16 shirt in the street?!..
  • TNA needs TNA (Totally New Attire!) Why does everyone in the X Division wear the same shi*?..
  • Christy Kanyon, Tom Byron, Traci Lords, Stacy Dash, Jenna Jameson, Umaga?..
  • Speaking of Hogan / Orton being dull, how great is the Mick Foley / Ric Flair feud? Remember our HIAC prediction a month ago?..
  • It's not brain surgery people; Triple H will 'reveal and haunt' Vince about being the father of Steph's kid (storyline of course)..
  • Discussing the much talked about DX / NWO Survivor Series PPV Poster..
  • Did Hulk Hogan ease up on his 'Dont talk about my bald head' clause? And if Hogan showed up on ECW TV, would he be booed?..
  • With NY Blackout possible, wouldnt it be funny if the lights went off during ECW Tuesday and they dont come back on?..
  • Missing Vince Russo, but he's an idiot for putting his Born Again religion onto TV..
  • The debate why Hollywood writers are better than wrestlers as bookers..
  • Is it just us or does Dustin 'Goldust' Runnels seem suicidal?..
  • Miami Vice, Honeymooners, Dukes of Hazzard: You think there will be a remake of a wrestling movie?..
  • Tidbits on AD's wrestling debut; 2000 thumbtacks, beer bottle, no match..
  • Its fuc**** amazing TNA or WWE hasn't signed Daffney to a deal in 2006..
  • We've said it before, but buy the Billy Jack Haynes shoot interview!..
  • Oh yeah David Young / TNA problems, but who cares..
  • Audio trivia contests starting next week!..
  • Abdullah The Butcher / WWE..
  • Youre a retard if you complain about ECW, then attend their shows..
  • Anyone ever stop & wonder why fans prefer Khali or Big Show?..
  • Discussion on Dvon Dudley's transformation into a cyclops..
  • Torrie Wilson losing her Sex appeal? And did anyone notice the 35 year old geek with the I LOVE TORRIE sign at Raw?!..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, WWE Classics discussion, your calls and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 7/31/2006)



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Minority Report Webcast 7/24 & 7/25/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Everytime we see Test, we want to give him a Carrot..
  • Can you believe WWE's lack of publicity about Booker T becoming the first ever African American WWE Heavyweight Champion?..
  • Remember when ECW brought in WCW Wrestlers? We compare that to the current WWE wrestlers appearing on ECW TV..
  • Mike Knox: Perfect example of a wrestler no fans want to see, but gets pushed anyway. He must suck some good @%)!$!^#%..
  • Fans better remember The Heartthrobs WWE run when CM Punk makes his wrestling debut..
  • Dont be surprised if WWE tightens their 'Wellness Program'..
  • THQ Pulls the plus on Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for Playstation 3..
  • Congratulations to Stephanie & Triple H On Their New Baby..
  • When tanning, never do a double in the buff..
  • Can you imagine Dvon Dudley's Enzyme count in his liver?..
  • Not one person should be surprised about WWE suspensions..
  • Team ECW vs Team WWE coming to ECW, and noone cares..
  • How could Pwspyware geeks mistaken Paul Heyman's 'Kiss of Death' for a homosexual reference? Oops I forgot, they're geeks..
  • Kurt Angle heel turn, praise for Big Show, future feuds..
  • Analyzing Court Documents on RVD & Sabu Arrest..
  • Why Sabu takes Testolactone, & it's not just to avoid Women Tits..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW discussion, your calls and lots more!..
(Recorded Monday 7/24/06 & Tuesday 7/25/2006)



Direct download: MinRep7242006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 11:52pm EST

Minority Report Webcast 7/17/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • TNA's latest Knockout: Sirelda, but you call her Sir for short..
  • Brock Lesnar doesn't want to lose credibility by jobbing IWGP belt. Credibility means sh** if he gets his ass kicked in his MMA match..
  • Speaking of Brock, did he use Japan to help settle his WWE lawsuit then spit on them once he did?..
  • 'Dvon, get the steroids!' And speaking of Dvon, has anyone noticed he's the only person that goes to the ring without a shirt on, and puts it on during the match!
  • No Raw mention of Bob Orton Sr passing because of Randy Orton..
  • Speaking of Orton, anyone notice Randy staring at Brooke's pu***?..
  • TNA Senshi: Are his matches a bit too one sided?..
  • Lance Cade's new look: Tribute to Blackjack Lanza?..
  • Hey Mick Foley, if you like Melina that much, tell her her hairstyle looks like sh**..
  • Were we supposed to care that Candice Michelle and her 'face' decisions?..
  • You find it a coincidence Dvon's transformation has happened during the same period since Scott Steiner has been in TNA?..
  • Is it becoming obvious that TNA offering title runs in their talent agreements?..
  • Now ECW website mixing 'work' & 'shoot' comments & it's Extremely hokey..
  • Was SMNE the last time we ever see Mark Henry in a WWE ring?..
  • Funny story about Lex Luger mistaking Billy Jack Haynes for Randy Savage..
  • If WCW was around, Mike Knox would be a jobber on WCW Saturday Night..
  • Can Goldberg clarify what he means when he says he wants TNA to do to 'become serious' against WWE as a competitor?..
  • Is WWE hyping this Poontang Prison match w/ Khali / Taker too much?..
  • Discussing Indy Wrestling and their 'Cable TV deals'..
  • Why its so hard these days for a nationwide audience to support an Indy fed..
  • You Tube video clip Iron Shiek sh**ing on Brian Blair..
  • Was there something in the water this week with the funky callers to the show?..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown, ECW discussion and lots more!..


(Recorded Monday 7/17/2006)

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Minority Report Webcast 7/10/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • As a bonus, this webcast includes our WWECW Tuesday night hotline report!..
  • CM Punk: I dont drink or do drugs. But I break up marriages and promote infidelity..
  • Will MSG / WWF Classics outdraw ECW?..
  • If WCW was around, Mike Knox would be a jobber on WCW Saturday Night..
  • ECW is the Purgatory of Wrestling..
  • Introducing to ECW Fans, Balls Mahoney!..
  • Why didn't Orton have a 'Countdown to 18 Clock' for Brooke Hogan to heat up the Hulk Hogan storyline?..
  • Message to WWE: When Kevin 'Da Vampire' Fertig still green in the ring after 7 years, he's going to always suck..
  • Or have Orton grab his nuts after he cuts a promo about Brooke..
  • We debate that Legendary Wrestlers don't need to 'Pass The Torch' anymore..
  • WWE 24/7 now available in large part of Long Island, NY..
  • Why this Saturday's SNME will have an 80's feel & not disappoint..
  • Dustin 'Screech' Diamond the next Andy Kaufman?..
  • 27 Year Old Geek Threatens to sue WWE & Ken Doane..
  • Respect for Italy winning the World Cup 2006!..
  • Do you think of Eddie Guerrero when you now think about Kurt Angle?..
  • Doesn't this year's Divas Search airheads look alot like last year's contestants?..
  • A deep conversation about Florida Championship Wrestling, Memphis, comparing crowds of the 70's thru today..
  • Is it just us, but does TNA come up with shi**y names for wrestlers?..
  • Flair / Big Show match was great, but stop calling it 'ECW'..
  • Why Ric Flair should take a page from Harley Race and become a manager..
  • Why can ECW invade Raw & Raw invade ECW, but Smackdown can't?..
  • More reasons why to get the Billy Jack Haynes Shoot Interview!..
  • Can someone break Tommy Dreamer's fingers so he doesnt have to write stupid columns anymore?..
  • Why does Ric Flair get ECW Title Shot when ECW roster can't?..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown discussion and lots more!..


(Recorded Monday 7/10/2006 & Tuesday 7/11/2006

Direct download: MinRep7102006.mp3
Category:Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show -- posted at: 9:05pm EST

Minority Report Webcast 7/3/06 (Wrestling-News.com)


  • Somewhere, Triple H is saying 'I told you we should have never given RVD a World Title run'..
  • Somewhere, Scott Steiner is saying that Triple H is a piece of sh**..
  • Speaking of Steiner, give him the NWA World Title for a run..
  • Give it 2-4 weeks, watch how 'over' Edge ends up with the fans..
  • Call in from OH resident describes location where RVD was speeding stoned..
  • Get the Billy Jack Haynes Shoot Interview!..
  • Hulk Hogan vs Umaga, WWE make the match!..
  • 10 Years from now we'll say RVD finally got his chance as the #1 guy, and he blew it..
  • Joey Styles & Paul Heyman can never bitch about WWE 'disrespecting and not trusting' RVD before giving him the belt..
  • If you think just RVD & Sabu's jobs could be on the line, think again..
  • Wow we have lots of marijuana smokers that listen to our show! An education on how much weed RVD had, the debate over eating or smoking weed, weed muffins, & lots more..
  • RVD getting behind the wheel and driving stoned is what is doing him in..
  • Enterprise, Hertz, Alamo & others will soon 'Say No' to RVD..
  • Imagine if Edge was in the car? Remember Duggan / Shiek?!..
  • Blame WWE for not testing for marijuana in the first place..
  • Gotta love Tod Geeky Gordon writing a book about ECW bad behavior behind the scenes (that he allowed)..
  • Are the recent Sting interviews confusing you?..
  • Um Gabe, did you forget you were just a gopher who screwed up ticket orders?..
  • Vince's 8th Wonder of the World Penis..
  • We take notice of the lack of 'adult' interaction with DX, now we get blow jobs on Raw..
  • Gotta love the kid's reaction on camera when Edge won the belt. I wonder what his reaction was when the mustard jar shot a load.. 
  • America's Top Bisexual Model close to signing with WWE?
  • Who would win in a shoot fight right now? Tracy Smothers or Kurt Angle?..
  • Johnny Nitro not IC Material - Yet..
  • Wait until Mike Knox cuts a promo. Geek Squad here he comes!..
  • Plus TNA, Raw, Smackdown discussion and lots more!..


(Recorded Wednesday 7/3/2006)

Direct download: MinRep7032006.mp3
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  • Identity of WWE / ECW 'Schlong In The Thong'..
  • ECW Superstars, Wrestlers, Rebels, Extremists, Hasbeens, Pawns..
  • Gotta laugh 'hard' at the Marky Mark Mark wrestling news sites reporting as news (and posting pics) that Orlando Jordan is a homosexual..
  • Game 11 Of NBA Finals Causes This Week's ECW Ratings Drop..
  • After years of acknowledgment by fans, it will soon be uncool to chant 'ECW' at your local wrestling event..
  • Too much more DX will reveal two 40 year olds acting like idiots..
  • Who every ECW fan wants to see pushed hard: Mike Knox and Teen Kelly. Someone please cut their break lines in their cars..
  • Congrats to The Highlanders On Winning WWE Tag Titles..
  • Samoa Joe needs to lose a TNA match NOW..
  • Remember fans. WWE creative.. = ECW creative team..
  • Tommy Dreamer's latest column proves too many chairshots to the head. And if you think that's a joke, listen to 4 examples why..
  • Johnny Nitro good, but not IC Material - Yet..
  • I never knew the 'Old Joey Styles' wore a Spirit Squad Cheerleader Outfit..
  • One simple way to give 'ECW' feeling: Have Sandman cane Justin Roberts to death, and bring back Stephen DeAngelis..
  • I never thought Id see the day where something could be worse than the ECWCW Invasion angle..
  • Ric Flair vs Mick Foley - Hell In A Cell?..
  • Daffney returns to NY end of July..
  • Bye bye Freaking Deakane!..
  • Please wash your fruit before eating it..
  • Vince McMahon taking complete control of ECW Creative Control..
  • Wow, an entire show done and we didn't mention John Cena even once!..
  • Plus Vengeance, TNA, Raw, Smackdown discussion and lots more!..


(Recorded Wednesday 6/28/2006)

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