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(Running Time: 1 Hour 12 Minutes)

Hey everyone, Don Tony here. Here's another retro episode uploaded going back to November 10, 2005. Back then we did episodes in '05 and '06 thru Chris Cash and 'Fan Talk Live'. However I believe we did this one on our own to see if we really needed to do business with the bastard :)

As I mentioned earlier, long time listeners will appreciate these episodes especially since these haven't been available since they aired. I was going thru some old hard drives today and found numerous Minority Report episodes going back to 2004 that were never published online.

Please keep in mind that these were done at a time when everyone did podcasting thru their phones. So the audio quality is primitive. You can either stream it above, or download the audio by clicking on the link below. (Running Time: 1 Hours 12 Minutes)


RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download our 11/10/2005 episode now.

CLICK HERE to listen to the 11/10/2005 episode online.


Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi, Kevin Castle, Joey 9:24 and Black Moses


Remember: This episode is from 11/10/2005; the infancy stage of The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show.  Don Tony and Kevin Castle as a duo had just started around this time. So obviously some 'chemistry' between the two can only develop over time.

Even though we will never be satisfied with the quality of the show and will always strive to improve it, I think the show (both content and audio) has improve nicely since this episode occurred in November 2005.

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