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Jun 24, 2009


  • Mass problems surrounding RF Video and the hoarding of thousands of dollars in orders. 3 days to ship is fine. 5-7 is slow but acceptable. 2 weeks is ridiculous. But 2 months?! Kevin Castle is one of dozens of people now exposing what RF Video has tried to keep quiet. We hope and think Rob Feinstein will fix the issue. But let's face it. Ever since Doug Gentry passed away, the business side of RF Video compares to Paul Heyman handling the finances of ECW..
  • Ultimate Warrior turns 50. It's a shame so many have sh** on this man the last several years. Here's toasting Warrior to live to be 100 so he can continue to ruffle the feathers of the haters..
  • Don Tony finally apologizes to Gabe Sapolsky, Vice President of the Dragon Gate USA Promotion..
  • Dragon Gate vs Ring Of Honor? Don Tony shares an interesting tidbit on why this isn't that far fetched - Even though 99.7% of wrestling fans could give a rat's ass about either fed..
  • Brian Blair arrested for alleged child abuse of his 17 year old and 12 year old sons. Before anyone jumps the gun and sh**s on Blair, DT and KC think the 17 year old may have instigated this incident. Don't be surprised if you hear his elder son is a punk..
  • Our thoughts and prayers for Jerry Brisco, who had several strokes over the weekend..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle called it early this year. Candice Michelle would be fired before the Fall of 2009. Dont worry about Candice's finances. She married a rich husband. And if that fails, there's plenty of men and film that will pay her a few bucks to suck her feet. Can't forget the rope and masking tape too!..
  • And for the idiots that thought WWE was wrong in removing Candice's 'Farewell Blog' on WWE Universe, there's a valid reason why..
  • Don Tony spends $1800 because of a box of cookies - Really..
  • TNA is now seven years old. Just about the same age as ECW ran its course. And even with big names on their roster, they can't break those dismal ratings and terrible PPV buyrates..
  • Has anyone noticed that The Miz is taller than John Cena?..
  • Don Tony is at it again with commercials. This time Just For Men and their 'tie' commercial gets ripped apart..
  • Remember when we laughed at Jason Powell and those goofball sites who reported how Morrison was in the WWE doghouse?. KC dispelled it then and called it all along about Morrison's rise. If you missed his match with Edge on Smackdown, watch it. Quite possibly the best (if not top 2 or 3) match of the Year (non PPV) so far..
  • Chris Jericho in a few recent interviews boasts that Smackdown is the better show than Raw. We agree 100%. However, why aren't fans taking notice? The ratings do not seem to be increasing..
  • Shi**ing on Travelocity. If you have ever had a problem using them, listen to the sh** they are doing to Don Tony at the present time..
  • Is the stock in Santino Marella about to be sold by WWE?..
  • Kevin Castle says it perfectly. Rosa Mendes has a killer body in WWE. But she wrestles worse than sh**.. Don Tony wishes to add the Bella Twins to that comparison..
  • Boy has the stock in Matt Morgan really dropped after watching some of his recent work in TNA..
  • Trina Michaels. If you follow our show regularly, you know what she's done, what she wants to do, and what she could possibly do. Now Mick Foley is name dropping TM. Is it possible we may see this beauty in TNA? Or is Mick Foley just name dropping because of his love for adult entertainment?..
  • Expressing our continued jealousy towards Hurricane Helms for Velvet Sky..
  • DT and KC said it for three years, that Daffney would be a 'knockout' if she could land a role in TNA or WWE. It's funny to see so many fans 'surprised' and 'shocked' at her work (in a positive way). From WSU to Shimmer. We're not surprised. Except for her sudden love for thumbtacks..
  • Samoa Joe loves Long John Silver..
  • Eric Bischoff rips apart Jeremy Borash and calls him 'horrible'. We've been saying that for years. It's about time someone substantial has said it publicly. Now only if Dixie Carter would get a pair of glasses and see how bad this clown comes off on TV..
  • TNA teasing Taz.. Angela Fong / Gail Kim.. North Korea / July 4th rumors.. WWE teasing all Hell In A Cell PPV.. Rey Mysterio's WWE future.. Justin Credible the promoter.. Smackdown DVD set coming.. Reviewing the Macho Man Randy Savage WWE DVD set.. Megan Fox.. Festus.. No belt for Cody Rhodes just yet.. Donld Trump on Raw.. Plus E-mails, Calls, Chatroom Questions, and more..
Running Time: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo