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Jun 17, 2009

  • Randy Orton in a recent interview states he'd love to be a Super Hero in movies and have 'magical powers'. He doesn't realize that he has them now. Whenever he takes off his shirt, women, and Jeremy Borash magically get a very special tingling inside that would make Fonzie proud..
  • For the 75th time, advice to Cary Silkin and how to handle the Ric Flair situation. He must tell Ric Flair 'Best Wishes On Future Endeavors' and not have him do the remaining autograph signings. Cary will ooze 'Honor' with ROH fans by the move. We guarantee it..
  • Showing love to Jim Mitchell (aka Sinister Minister) and a huge Fu** You to Steve Keirn. Talk about total disrespect to someone who has been involved in wrestling for well over a decade. Even if you were never a Jim Mitchell fan, you will hope he lands a WWE stint - even if it doesn't work out..
  • Criticizing Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria) for blogs confronting a false rumor involving herself and Chris Benoit. Yes Daniel Pena is a schmuck. But she (and others) need to ignore these nobodies trying to get attention. Because even though the rumor is squashed, every Tom, Dick, and Harry that writes a geeky website will think they can get the same attention..
  • Dawn Marie and her Wrestlers Rescue foundation is now involved with Dragon Gate. DT gets sarcastic and reminds everyone that she helps wrestlers - not monkeys. Then again, she may not have a clue what is going on with the animal abuse story. Because and many others are doing their damnest to keep it swept under the rug..
  • Showing sympathy towards Debra Marshall (McMichael, Austin). Even though she fu**ed herself with TV interviews during the Benoit tragedy, we hear she bought into Marvin Ward's bulls**t that fans 'wanted her in TNA'. And we don't need to reiterate the farce we knew that would be..
  • Contrary to what the commercial portrays, DT got no love from the ladies after walking around naked with 80 lbs of melted chocolate and Axe under the pits..
  • Rest in Peace Misawa and referee Ten Tenabe. DT feels sorry for Akitoshi Saito (the man who did the suplex on Misawa). You juar know he probably feels guilt for executing the suplex. The tragedy was not his fault..
  • Kudos to WWE, TNA, Ring Of Honor, other feds and wrestlers for their tributes towards Misawa..
  • Does Vince McMahon realize how dopey it comes across when he's talking to a 'Pre-Recorded' Donald Trump?..
  • And with Raw being so subpar compared to Smackdown recently, what does a Commercial Free episode really do? It will give us more crap to sh** on during next week's episode. Unless we see more minutes of wrestling and not added skits..
  • Speaking of Donald Trump as the new 'owner' of Raw. Don Tony thinks this can go 3 ways. One will be that he 'sells' quickly. Two, its a way to bring Ric Flair into the foray. Three, if they don't rid of Trump quickly, he can be the 2009 edition of Jack Tunney - not saying that's a good thing..
  • WWE looking for a new female announcer who can sing. Could we be seeing the end of Lillian Garcia's career as a regular on Raw? Here's an idea. If she needs a lesser schedule, have Lillian work only PPV's..
  • So now we hear Umaga quit because he violated the Wellness Program and refused to go to rehab. DT says everyone should have great concern towards Umaga's well being. Did he choose addicition and denial over a career?..
  • Looking at the upcoming Slammiversary PPV. DT offers great advice for those in the Detroit area who may want to attend the PPV. And for everyone else, the PPV is a must see - as long as you don't have to pay for it..
  • Speaking of TNAâs latest PPV, why is Nash, Scott Steiner, nor Booker T on the card?..
  • Jason Powell: Give Unplugged his bowling shirt back!..
  • Speaking of wrestling reporters, DT shows respect to a select few including Dave Meltzer, Bill Apter, and Evan Ginzberg..
  • Laughing at the goofball who went nuts on You Tube over CM Punk beating Jeff Hardy for the WWE Title..
  • Our continued bashing of Jeremy Borash. We've been saying it for a long time now this guy should not be on TV. He doesnt have a face for TV. Now we start ripping into the behind the scenes business decisions that could be costing TNA lots of $$$..
  • Jake The Snake Roberts and Kizarny touring with The Circus?..
  • Hulk Hogan coming out with a new book. Don Tony's translation? A one sided story from Hulk's view to gain sympathy for being such a shi**y father and husband..
  • Looking at the lawsuit the family of Nancy Benoit filed against Dr Phil Astin. DT sees one issue with the lawsuit that will likely be thrown out..
  • DT predicts the future of Rey Mysterio. If he loses the mask, his current WWE career will go with it..
  • CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy could get interesting. And again DT says that if WWE plans on turning Punk 'heel', Jeff Hardy is the ideal opponent to do it against..
  • Ring Of Honor no longer running PPVs. Don Tony and Kevin Castle predicted a few months back they would be 86'd by the summer due to horrid sales. More people will attend someone's wedding this weekend than what they sold across the US for a PPV!..
  • If you are a fan of Paul Heyman and/or Tommy Dreamer, there's a must read blog online from Paul E himself..
  • Plus DTâs .02 on Luis Castillo and his Mets blunder.. Jamie Dundee.. Transitional Champions.. Rob Feinstein and RF Video's recent shipping issues.. Fudgepackers.. Billy Jack Haynes controversey.. Jonathan Coachman on ESPN and so much more!..
Running Time: 2 Hours 47 Minutes
Hosted by: Anthony âDon Tonyâ DeBlasi and Kevin Castle
Produced by: Anthony Thomas
Synopsis by: Tony Valvo