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  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle defend Chris Jericho 100% for the incident in Victoria (Canada). We don't condone hitting women. But when someone charges you with your back turned, Y2J had every right to pie face her. What if this stupid bi*** had a knife?..
  • We have to laugh at these geek news sites that interpret impatience for news. Because Christian hasn't debuted YET, they report his WWE deal fell through. Our show was the first to report Christian to WWE and we will say it again. He is signed. He will debut soon. WWE wants to throw people off online and surprise the fans when he appears. Bank on it..
  • Message to Dixie Carter and TNA. Release some of your lower talent. Bring in others and try them out. Throw some sh** on the wall and see if it sticks. You need to do it now..
  • Ashley Massaro and her lame attempt on Myspace to create false buzz. We could say 'how the mighty have fallen'. But she's never been 'mighty'. And with WWE being PG now, a 'Dirty Diva' is not in their plans. No matter how much this genius wants to tease..
  • Comparing Obama to William Regal..
  • Eric Bischoff discusses how he and Hulk Hogan turned down TNA and rips them apart for their lack of vision and poor management. Yes Jeremy Borash, he's talking about you too Girlie Man..
  • So far every wrestler DT and KC wanted in this year's WWE Hall Of Fame has been picked. Dory and Terry Funk are in. Who will be next?..
  • The ending of Raw was lousy. Moments before, Lawler and Cole are speaking how Randy Orton was not intimidated by Undertaker and Shane McMahon. Then Orton is too afraid to run ringside and save Ted Dibiase Jr from a Van Terminator by Shane..
  • Don Tony shows respect to Ring Of Honor fans in Florida for accepting Dlo Brown. However Philly and New York ROH wackjobs? Im not so sure..
  • A small message to Gabe Sapolsky. You were fired from ROH. Move the f*** on. You look so pathetic online with these daily attempts to make yourself feel you still belong..
  • And a small bragging note. The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show has more wrestling fans visiting the site than ROH's..
  • Brooke Hogan tattoos 'Redemption' above her ass. When you think about it, Nick Hogan should have that on his ass. Not her..
  • Speaking of Nick Bollea. Week two and no proof that his 'The John And John Foundation' is legit. Hey TMZ, this may be news..
  • The Dudleys before their 4 way main event on PPV tell Sting to 'Do The Right Thing'. Sting is the champion. The right thing is to retain. Who the f*** writes that dopey sh**?..
  • Rhino is right smack in the middle of TNA's Against All Odds PPV poster. He wasn't even on the show. And the Fatty With Face paint wasn't even in the building..
  • Nice to see Ric Flair on Raw. DT and KC discuss the talk that he may return to the ring. Big mistake WWE if that happens..
  • Low Ki (Kawal) debuts for FCW next week..
  • At the 8PM hour Monday, news channels had Obama talking Stimulus. The MLB Network talked A-Rod and the steroids story. Can you guess which one Don Tony tuned in to?..
  • Chris Brown beats up Rhianna. Don Tony says thank you. Because if it wasn't for that assault, Al Green wouldn't have performed at The Grammys..
  • Paul London during an interview calls Matt Hardy a di**. You'd think the interviewer would ask a follow up question and find out why. LOL Nope. So we will stir it up. Could it have to do with Crackhead Smurf?..
  • Son of Haku, graduate of Team 3-D Wrestling School signs with WWE..
  • Jeff Jarrett is drooling at the idea of signing Bob Hardcore Holly..
  • Don Tony thinks Alex Rodriguez will be inducted into the MLB Hall Of Fame after his career is done. Kevin Castle disagrees..
  • Showing love to 1980's WWF TV enhancement talent..
  • Randy Orton's physique is near perfect. Its so perfect, you can't help but to think of the possibility he's 'using' again. Let's hope not..
  • Umaga is back on Smackdown. Yet it seems like he's missing something. Looking at what could be the problem, and the idea of putting him of Sim Snuka and Manu. Even though we think Manu should be released, he's Afa's son. And Afa trained Mickey Rourke for 'The Wrestler'. So right now, Manu's job may be safe. Then again...
  • Plus our .02 on Gorgeous George leaving wrestling.. R-Truth and his 'blackness'.. Undertaker vs HBK by JBL.. SMC still milking Tom Bosley.. Samurai Delicatessen!.. Plus e-mails, chat room questions, and more..

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