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Feb 24, 2009

  • A Wrestlemania tradition for Don Tony And Kevin Castle: Sh**ing on Hulk Hogan for not attending WWE Hall Of Fame and saluting your fellow wrestlers of years past. Unless he is inducted, on the roster, or receiving a payday, the Pr**k never attends..
  • Manu is released by WWE. Maybe JBL is right and there is a Wrestling God! Nothing personal to Afa Jr. But he belongs bouncing a nightclub in Spanish Harlem than appearing on WWE TV. Don't feel bad for Manu. We're sure he's having a burger somewhere and the comfort food will get him thru the night..
  • Another Night In Chyna XXX video with Joanie Laurer coming out. Before fans make fun of it, don't be surprised when you hear it sells well..
  • Don Tony predicted that pric* Sean Penn would win The Oscar. DT and KC both wanted Mickey Rourke to win. But there was no way Hollywood was going to give us a 'feel good' moment. Instead, they chose to give the award to Gay Marriage. And a message to Internet news geeks. Frank Langella was the one that was 'robbed' of an Oscar..
  • Looking at the tragedy involving Verne Gagne. Our sympathies to both families involved. Its an unfortunate event, and we hope everyone can move on without controversy. But Don Tony asks a question noone seems to be asking anywhere on the net. If both men are suffering from Alzheimer's related Dementia, why would a retirement home have them living together in the same room? And please don't tell us because of costs..
  • Bruno Sammartino disappoints DT and KC by accusing Mickey Rourke of doing steroids. He is slick on how he plays on words. But we don't think he was trying to be malicious. But Bruno needs to understand that nutrition and supplements are much different now than what was available in the 70's..
  • Move over Aesop. Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan should co write a Book Of Fables..
  • Candice Michelle complaining about her lack of WWE TV time. Message to Candice. Take a page from Mickie James and keep quiet. Be thankful you are still employed..
  • Looking forward to the Bob Backlund Shoot Interview..
  • Believe it or not, we'd pay to see an Ashley Massaro Shoot Interview. Hey Ashley, do it! And, RF Video will even let you dope up during it to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed..
  • Laughing at these websites ripping on Dwayne Johnson for turning down a wrestling themed movie. Did you ever think that maybe the script was sh**? And a message to everyone who bitches that he doesn't use the term 'The Rock' anymore. And, go pick up the March 2009 issue of Giant Magazine and read how Johnson praises WWE for his prior work..
  • It has been verified. The John And John Foundation that Nick Bollea is involved with is legitimate. More info in the upcoming weeks..
  • Mike Tenay vs Don West: TNA's newest feud. Who in the blue hell in TNA thinks fans give a sh** if Don West lives or dies? They better milk Sting vs Kurt Angle for months..
  • Ricky The Dragon Steamboat officially announced for WWE Hall Of Fame. One of the nicest, most genuine, and classy person to ever be involved in wrestling. Thank you for entertaining us for so many years..
  • Speaking of Steamboat, our continued praise towards Chris Jericho for his work. The show has sung the praise for Y2J way before this storyline. He is completely on his game right now..
  • Praise for how WWE is utilizing Edge and Randy Orton right now. WWE is allowing their talent to have more involvement and creativity in their character, and it is showing in these angles..
  • Travis The Chimp. Don Tony predicts that wild rumors involving a sexual relationship will hit the newswire soon enough..
  • Jamie Noble: WWE needs to realize he isn't ever going to be 'over' in WWE. He needs to be released. DT and KC's jokes about Noble were made before it was known he was 'stretchered out' on Raw..
  • Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania? DT and KC have been talking about that for 2 months. And the rumors have been flying. We hope this happens. The climate is perfect for her to wrestle albeit for one match..
  • Great Sasuke assaults a fan for taking a picture of him without his mask. Don Tony is tempted to plaster pics of Sasuke mask less all over the net..
  • Message to Gregory Helms. Push WWE to bring back The Hurricane gimmick. If there was ever a time to be the Superhero character, now is the time..
  • Our condolences to the Funk family on the passing of their mother..
  • Sonjay Dutt is gone from TNA. What will happen to So Cal Val? A message to TNA. We haven't seen a myspace page or website yet (except for 2 obsessed fans) that feature So Cal Val. You can feature her in photos teasing her nakedness all you want. She's still an unattractive woman with smooth silky skin..
  • Looking in detail the reasons behind Bobby Roode, LAX, and others re-signing with TNA. It's not as stupid as one would think..
  • TNA trying to save face with pissed off fans that competed in the âWin a Date with ODBâ contest who now learned it was rigged all along..
  • Matt Morgan mentions that Hulk Hogan gave him tips on his gimmick. After watching him lately, Don Tony thinks Morgan should knock Hogan out..
  • Career Death Watch Week Three: Eric Young still not fired from TNA..
  • Chavo Guerrero: The Hispanic Val Venis..
  • Looking back and cringing at New Edition, Gerardo, and Color Me Badd..
  • One Shoot Interview not recommended by Kevin Castle: The Nasty Boys..
  • Plus, our .02 on Mountain Dew Voltage.. Miz And Morrison At Wrestlemania.. Freddy Prinze Jr leaving WWE.. Talia Madison without makeup.. AJ's Replica Belts.. Ric Flair on CBS TV and The Masters.. Plus e-mail, calls, chat questions, and much more.

Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle