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Apr 28, 2009

  • Jeff Jarrett publicly admits in an interview that Vince McMahon was right when he said TNA was reprehensible..
  • The Swine Flu hits St Francis Prep High School in Queens NY. For those asking, yes that is the same school Don Tony graduated from. And no he didn't plant X-Pac's Bag O Sh** from Mexico in the school to...

Apr 22, 2009

  • Rumors are rampant that Jeff Hardy may not resign with WWE when his contract expires in a few months. Don Tony and Kevin Castle discuss how WWE is totally mishandling this situation..
  • Bobby Lashley joins TNA and the MMA world is acting surprised. There is no fu**ing way MMA is going to allow Lashley to risk possible...

Apr 16, 2009

  • Juventud Guerrera plays footsie with In Your Head Radio. LOL. We don't know which is worse. How Juvi was caught by Don Tony for several changes in his story? Or how pathetic and idiotic IYH comes across for not catching this themselves..
  • A huge F*** You to IYH for sending recaps to websites, making Konnan look like...

Apr 7, 2009

  • John Bradshaw Layfield retires. Don Tony and Kevin Castle look back at what JBL will be best remembered for รข being an assh*le towards fellow wrestlers..
  • Anyone notice the two things WWE copied from TNA this past week? Don Tony noticed, and doesn't like it at all..
  • HBK vs Undertaker from Wrestlemania. Not only the...