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Feb 24, 2009

  • A Wrestlemania tradition for Don Tony And Kevin Castle: Sh**ing on Hulk Hogan for not attending WWE Hall Of Fame and saluting your fellow wrestlers of years past. Unless he is inducted, on the roster, or receiving a payday, the Pr**k never attends..
  • Manu is released by WWE. Maybe JBL is right and there is a Wrestling...

Feb 18, 2009

  • Spike TV backs out on Mick Foley sitcom. When you think about the horrible sh** Spike airs, for them to reject this project it must have been the drizzling sh**s. If that's bad, wait until you hear what Mick Foley did to the director who busted his a** trying to make this project work..
  • Start the rumors now....

Feb 10, 2009

  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle defend Chris Jericho 100% for the incident in Victoria (Canada). We don't condone hitting women. But when someone charges you with your back turned, Y2J had every right to pie face her. What if this stupid bi*** had a knife?..
  • We have to laugh at these geek news sites that interpret...

Feb 4, 2009

  • Will Undertaker's appearance on Raw next week include an 'idea' by JBL? Don't understand what we mean? You will after tuning in to this episode..
  • Wanna piss of Candice Michelle? Call her 'Belly Belly'..
  • Can someone send us some proof that Nick Hogan Bollea's 'The John And John Foundation' is legit? Don Tony...