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Oct 28, 2008

  • Rest In Peace SD Jones. Looking back at his WWWF / WWF career, Don Tony saw him far from the 'Jobber' term people liked to associate with him. If you were into early 80's WWF, you'll love this segment..
  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle said it several times on this show. TNA is an 'NWO Storyline' away from getting better....

Oct 21, 2008

  • Its only respectful and proper that we announce right at the beginning that Big Vito Lograsso has been fully cleared of all domestic abuse charges in Florida..
  • Thank you Lance Cade. We'll say it here first. He mixed prescribed drugs with alcohol, had a seizure on a plane from it, and was fired by WWE. Now for...

Oct 14, 2008


  • Don Tony and Kevin Castle have been professing for a year TNA needed a secondary title. And it appears it will happen. Don Tony thinks Booker T will unveil himself as champion, and reveal that a Title will be in the briefcase he's been bringing to ringside..
  • Damien Demento keeps bitching how he...

Oct 7, 2008

  • With the Stock Market and the US Economy going into the shi**er, this is the perfect time for WWE to create a storyline where JBL goes broke and loses everything..
  • WWE stupidity. HBK chair bashing Lance Cade cause he 'sees' Y2J in the ring. Yet an hour earlier, the HBK vs Y2J was ended so Chris Jericho could feud with...

Oct 2, 2008

  • Jesse Ventura's new TV series is a joke. And we predict the tragedy of 9-11 will eventually be brought up on his show in a way that will piss of alot of people, including us..
  • Kurt Angle's lame attempt to try and subconsciously mend fences with WWE. We are starting to think Angle is legitimately Bi-Polar..
  • Last week...