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Aug 26, 2008

  • Putting aside Don Tony's uncontrollable laughter and Kevin Castle calling him a Fat Funaki, some great analysis on Takeshi Morishima. The only way Fatnaki will ever have a possible successful WWE run, is if he becomes Morbidly obese or if he drops 60 pounds..
  • WWE storyline stupidity. Mike Adamle makes Kane surrender...

Aug 19, 2008

  • Don Tony is so happy with Paul Burchill. Tonight vs Batista, he took his first baby steps into jobber status and soon off our TVs..
  • Speaking of off TV, thank you WWE for ridding us of Colin Delaney. Nothing personal against the human stick figure, but WWE made an 'extreme' mistake hiring this type of talent..
  • Triple H...

Aug 12, 2008


  • LOL at Ashley Massaro. With her image tarnished, escort allegations looming, and her Immaculate Conception, you'd think she'd lay low. Then again, she did. And for the right $$$ Wednesday at a NY strip club, she will lay low for you - under a table while she strips naked..
  • Kane reveals the...

Aug 5, 2008

  • Chris Jericho vs HBK storyline reminds Don Tony of Rocky II..
  • Kofi Kingston is Jamaican Me Crazy!..
  • WWE and TNA wrestler nicknames. We discuss why TNA needs to remove 'The' from their vocabulary..
  • Discussing real reasons why Ric Flair departed WWE. We also confront the two most important questions from their...