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Jul 23, 2008

  • Don Tony & Kevin Castle change TNA's Motto towards their talent to, TNA: We will treat your 'Shit' as 'It'..
  • WWE fans, take notice of Stephanie McMahon's 'unauthorized' comment. DT has an idea about how wrestlers could regain titles without having to wrestle..
  • Don Tony also changes Matt Morgan's nickname to "The...

Jul 15, 2008

  • Don Tony's idea on the Kane 'dead' storyline. Maybe Kane thinks Kane is dead, and the burlap bag will have the mask in it. Because he keeps losing, he reverts back to the sinister Kane under the mask. Not too bad of an idea eh?!..
  • Last week we ripped Ashley Massaro for the 'daughter' references and how she should have...

Jul 8, 2008

  • Ashley Massaro conveniently reveals she has a seven year old with an illness. Can you say diversion attempt from the Escort and repeated Rat allegations? Sorry Crackhead Smurf. Crying on myspace about a possibly terminally ill daughter then signing it 'Dirty Dirty'? Classless d***..
  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony debate a...

Jul 1, 2008

  • Team 3D, TNA Tag Champs. Samoa Joe, World Champ. Awesome Kong, Womens Champ. TNA certainly likes their champs plump..
  • Brooke Hogan downplays Randy Man Hulk rubbing her ass and thighs with oil. Pedophiles around the world can now tell their teenage kids that it's OK to touch. Remember, Brooke Knows Best!..
  • Kevin...