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Jun 24, 2008

  • WWE Draft 2008: You have to feel bad for Jim Ross. You can see he was very upset at Smackdown move. But expect him to be professional, reluctantly accept the new role, and try to make the best of it for the fans and his love of wrestling..
  • Message to Alex Marvez and other Warrior haters. The threats against Warrior in...

Jun 19, 2008

  • Message to Nick and Hulk Hogan. If someone 'connected' puts a bullseye on your heads, Id worry for years. And we support Frank Graziano 1000% for his threats towards the Bolleas. If that were my brother in the hospital, Id want to blow Nick Hogan's brains out too after hearing the jailhouse calls..

  • Carlito's...

Jun 11, 2008


  • Message to Linda Bollea: That 19 year old is hitting your shriveled p***** for your bankroll and the attention of the limelight. Aww, she actually thought the 19 year old stud cuddles because he really cares about her!..
  • Don Tony explains why Dixie Carter and TNA should be thanking him and Kevin Castle. Why...

Jun 3, 2008


For those who enjoy our 'Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show' (Formally known as The Minority Report Webcast), we will be adding the entire show synopsis from our 6/2/2008 episode to the show page Wednesday evening.

However, if you don't want to wait and wish to download the...