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Mar 17, 2008


1/16/2011 - Here is one of the 'lost episodes' now found: 3/17/2008.

Oh you have to listen to the 19 minute mark when Kevin Castle speaks about Jeff Hardy. When you hear his analysis about Hardy's status in WWE at the time as well as drugs, you'll be amazed that this was talked about almost 3 years ago.


Mar 12, 2008


This week is our 2nd Anniversary on the air. Rather than giving you the typical synopsis, we'll let you be surprised at the content this week. After listening to the first 5 minutes of this episode, you'll understand why. Of course we talk lots of WWE, ECW, & TNA content. Add some entertainment and pop culture news,...

Mar 5, 2008



  • The only thing Floyd Mayweather will break at Wrestlemania is wind..
  • The sound of cows fu**ing is easier to the ears than hearing that Floyd Mayweather / Big Show verbal exchange on Raw..
  • Jeff Jarrett gets this week, maybe this month's Dopey C*** Comment for his press releases on Bobby...