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Nov 29, 2007


  • Everytime we read Jim Ross talking about Shelton Benjamin depushed and lacking 'something', we think of Cade & Murdoch getting ZERO crowd reaction for 2+ years now. Yet they have belts. They must suck a great **** for someone in WWE..
  • Reason #114 why TNA remains a busch league company: Johnny...

Nov 21, 2007


  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony's Thanksgiving message to all of our listeners..
  • You want to stop the corny ROH esk chants at TNA's Orlando events? Charge these marks $$$ for their tickets. It's not meant to disrespect ROH. ROH fans chant it because they are passionate for their product. TNA fans do it...

Nov 9, 2007

  • Don Tony's Survivor Series match idea: CM Punk's 'Straight Edge' team vs Johnny Morrison's 'Drug Abusers'..
  • Hey WWE, would you answer our question? If you fire a wrestler for Wellness Policy violations, what timeframe before they can be rehired? One year? Two years? Lifetime ban?..
  • Harry DH Smith truly did dedicate...