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Oct 30, 2007

  • Batista's 'Vacuum' comments: Did his lesbian mother teach him any respect? Maybe its a macho thing to do in the Philippines. But here Dave Bautista, it's classless. At times you do deserve respect. However other times sir, you are nothing but a jacked up nerd..
  • Message to Bret Hart: Market your 20 years of audio...

Oct 25, 2007


  • Candice Michelle is sloppier than a pig in mud. Every move is sloppy. Her injury was going to happen, and will happen again. We feel sorry for her, but those are the facts..
  • Advice for WWE & Candice Michelle: There are 1000's of players that try for years to make it to MLB but cant because they...

Oct 19, 2007


  • Shelly Ariel Martinez upcoming video. Laughing at wrestling geeks who dont know the difference between fetish videos and 'porn'..
  • WWE releases Teddy Hart. We called it that he'd be fired within 2 months. Teddy Hart is simply a bitch with wrestling talent. His behavior is cute at 14. Now in his...

Oct 10, 2007


  • How come noone has talked about how Kurt Angle was mixing alcohol and pills when he was arrested?..
  • Message to Adam Pacman Jones. Put down the Cisco. The Indo. The 40 oz. You have to be on drugs if you think the wrestling world thinks you are a 'good guy face'..
  • Kevin Castle has received news...

Oct 4, 2007


  • No matter how bad wrestling is right now, we should all be thankful to be alive during this era of wrestling. From NWO to World Class. AWA to ECW. TNA to Glow. 50 years ago, 50 years from now, wrestling was and will never be this entertaining and interactive..
  • Message to TNA. Concentrate on...