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Sep 28, 2007


  • Don Tony's idea to end Hornswoggle angle: McMahon family can reveal they 'fooled' Vince w/ phony Bastard Child papers since Vince 'fooled' his family that he killed himself in the exploding limo..
  • Taking a close look at CM Punk's WWE run and why he is such a disappointment and overrated..
  • Dont Taze Me Bro! guy or...

Sep 21, 2007

  • Kanyon's recent actions doesn't help with his complaints of being looked at as an outcase because he's gay. How can you be treated as a normal person when you dont act like a normal person?..
  • Eric Gargiulo without question is the biggest asshole Don Tony has ever crossed in wrestling. Eric bashes Konnan Kidney...

Sep 14, 2007


  • Michael Benoit is doing exactly what British Bulldog's father did. He's trying to sleep better at night. However Mr Benoit is trying to convince himself why his son was not a piece of sh** for killing his family..
  • Chris Nowinski. No matter what you find about brain issues with Chris Benoit or...

Sep 14, 2007


  • Did you know that Konnan was in US Navy for 7 years and fought in Lebanon?..
  • Konnan offers his sincere thanks to the fans for the donation drive that led to his Kidney Transplant Surgery..
  • Konnan explains in detail his 23 days in the hospital battling his body rejecting the kidney,...

Sep 6, 2007


  • WWE MUST offer a 'Grace Period' to their stars. Let them reveal the pharmacies they bought steroids & drugs illegally in the past, and they don't get suspended. Listen why this is an absolute MUST for WWE to do and do right now..
  • For all you CM Punk fans & marks online: Here's your chance to show...