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Dec 19, 2007

  • Hulk Hogan: "I am a Real American, fighting those big fat lesbians!"..
  • LMAO at Julie Hart thinking she's a celebrity.  Her having a reality TV series is like following Sara without Undertaker. And sorry Bret for this one. But who the f*** names their kid 'Beans'?..
  • Did anyone else notice Steroid abuser Harry Smith...

Dec 13, 2007

  • We've done nothing but praise Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson over the last few years. But there is no excuse whatsoever as to why he didn't appear on Raw's 15th Anniversary show. The fans were responsible for his instant acknowledgement in Hollywood. If he never was a WWE wrestler, he would have struggled to even appear on...

Dec 5, 2007



  • Dopey Cu** Comment Of The Week: Triple H: Says (in storyline) for a title shot he would pedigree his own grandmother. Yet in '07, making 'saves' and teaming with him, he never pedigree' d John Cena while he was champ..
  • Gee that was fast. One week later, Ric Flair 'retirement' storyline isn't mentioned on WWE TV,...

Nov 29, 2007


  • Everytime we read Jim Ross talking about Shelton Benjamin depushed and lacking 'something', we think of Cade & Murdoch getting ZERO crowd reaction for 2+ years now. Yet they have belts. They must suck a great **** for someone in WWE..
  • Reason #114 why TNA remains a busch league company: Johnny...

Nov 21, 2007


  • Kevin Castle and Don Tony's Thanksgiving message to all of our listeners..
  • You want to stop the corny ROH esk chants at TNA's Orlando events? Charge these marks $$$ for their tickets. It's not meant to disrespect ROH. ROH fans chant it because they are passionate for their product. TNA fans do it...